I’ve been looking at cosplay resources for the past few hours because I wanted to know what materials are usually used to fake metal and holy shit I never knew how many options there were! Also, all the respect to the cosplayers who make armor and/or weapons, you guys are absolutely fantastic and I take my hat off to you!

All I’m hoping is that they work on the smaller doll scale I need for my project. So far, I discovered that EVA foam and clay might be the optimal materials for the stuff I need (like Cass Cain’s Batgirl suit or Wonder Woman’s chestpiece and weaponry, or simpler stuff like basic boots - although I did come across a tutorial for making boots out of pleather and I might attempt that), not just because they seem easy to use, but also because they might be easier to come by and y’know, cheaper. 



Drama expression translations (3)

1. You’re a tattletale: 넌 고자질이야

2. He got a time out: 걔는 반성 중이야

3. I was grounded: 외출 금지시켰어

4. She’s already attached to him: 벌써 정이 많이 들었어요

5. You’d better: 당연히 그래야지.

6. I ran some errands: 볼일 좀 봤어

7. Where are my manners?: 내 정신 좀 봐

8. Hats off to you: 경의를 표합니다

9. I have a family to support: 제게는 부양할 가족이 있어요

10. Well, how about that!: 정말 놀랍네요!

do u ever just listen to The Civil Wars and cry

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Can you perform disappearing acts with your hat?

“Of course~!” The charlatan fairly sang, a hand proudly pressing against their chest. “To make something disappear is one of the most basic magics, and my hat creates a vital bubble of space needed for the art~”

“People have a tendency to misunderstand my words when I say I’ll make something disappear and I’ve had to skedaddle after performing the act. I said nothing about reappearing. Honestly, it’s like they don’t take me seriously.”

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I just finished to kill a mockingbird and i never knew i could love a book so much! This book absolutely surprised me so much. I started off with the thought of the book being boring and pointless, but by the end of the book i was left completely wrong. A book i shall never forget about definitely! Im so glad i was made to read it in English, if it wasnt for that i would still be so clueless of what an exceptional meaningful book it is. My hat goes off to Harper Lee,truly amazing

Good for you, anon! It’s always a wonderful thing when we find a book we really truly love!

obscenelybefuddled replied to your post:Did I ever tell you about that time me and…

one time me and some pals just. straight up at the jelly squares. we bought them, and then we sat down on the grass outside ASDA, and we just…ate them. its was an experience

oh my god?? those things are really concentrated omg hats off to you and your mates 

  • I apparently come by my tendency not to photograph people honestly, because Mama Dvorah called on Sunday specifically to say that she had seen “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SPIDER!!!” outside the kitchen window, but that she couldn’t get a good picture because of where it was on the sill, so she went out and wandered around until she found another of the same kind of spider, and took a photo of that one. Ladies and gentlemen: my mother.
  • Dr. Americanist and I took a large piece of paper to our gelato meeting, and–much scribbling later–have more or less put together my committee. He was also very concerned about the presence of the supernatural in my life. On discovering I had not a single evil-eye amulet in my house, he presented me with a nazar. He also gave me a lift home post-gelato and, on clearing out the passenger seat of his car, plucked out a purple telescoping umbrella and said “Wait! Quick! Touch the umbrella!” Apparently our head music librarian had accidentally left it in his car, unaware of its latent spiritual significance. Having undergone the ceremonial Laying-On of Umbrellas, I am now sure to succeed in my librarianly pursuits–at least according to Dr. Americanist.
  • Judging by what they got me for my birthday, my relatives apparently think the main concerns in my life are: 1) limited availability of good Mexican food, and 2) likelihood of being run over by cars. I’m not sure I have enough humility to wear the neon yellow hunting vest in public, but who can complain about puerquitos by express mail?
  • Our chazzan and his wife–both of whom have become good friends and occasionally take it into their hearts to feed me and/or invite me over for chagim–are both on furlough for this academic year. He always sings Psalm 149 to a different tune each week (because “shir l’adonai shir chadash,” etc), usually one that ties into the parsha. As soon as he started singing this past Shabbat, Dr. Venice slid over to my pew and asked me “What is it?–What is it?” I was able to identify the tune as “Look Away Over Yandro,” but even enlisting the aid of the Federation president from the next pew over, we could not for the lives of us figure out how it was supposed to connect to the parsha. Over kiddush he explained that it didn’t–he’s just “going away, for to stay a little while.” He’s also an enthusiastic Sacred Harp singer, so we called his favorite, Billings’ “Jordan,” for him at the first sing of the year:

Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood / Stand dressed in living green;/ So to the Jews old Canaan stood / While Jordan rolled between. […] / Could we but climb where Moses stood / And view the landscape o’er, / Not Jordan’s stream, nor death’s cold flood / Should fright us from the shore. (Isaac Watts, from Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1707)

  • If you’re wondering why I so rarely wear my hair down, I innocently walked by the music stand a minute ago and the metronome got stuck in my hair. Took some doing to get it back out, too!