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Deciding to have an abortion is an extremely difficult decision to make but it is even harder to talk out about it especially being someone who is judged for everything(seems like) shes done/said. Being put in that position at 23 is a life changing and scary thing, even more so when you’re finally starting a career for yourself. I’m not at all saying abortion may have been the right answer but put yourself in her shoes, what would YOU have done? My hat goes off to Naya for opening up about it cause that shit must’ve been hard. Her husband has obviously moved past it and continued to love her through that and all the big sean non sense so respect to him. The important thing here is that shes learned from it and chooses to help others who may be in the same situation.



Fanfiction Appreciation Day

Thank you, thank you, thank you to @fahrradmir, @technoelfie, @inklingforpace, @love-dria, @houseofrahl, @everyjourneylove, @hobbithorse19, @sweetfairy1, @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor, @averil-of-fairlea, and @snugsbunnyfluff for completely ruining my mascara by showing me so much love as to mention me in the same sentence with some of the most talented writers I know. Bless you for your encouragement and support!

My hat’s off to all of my fellow writers, whether you post three times a week or three times a year, or if you’ve never let anyone read your work at all. Your creativity is a wonderful thing that inspires the people around you, so keep up the good work!

Special love to the people I admire as writers and appreciate as friends: @a-lighthouse-a-man-a-city @agent221b @averil-of-fairlea @drabbletastic @fizzy-custard @flossskull @grufflepuff-writes-stuff @guhnerketeer @happlepie18 @heilith @kittenwritesstuff @immawriteyouthings @indomitablemegnolia @inklingforpace @lady-kaaesien @little-red-83 @love-dria @meganlpie @musamortem @princess-of-erebor1992 @reader-rabbit @snugsbunnyfluff @technoelfie @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor

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some days can get extremely, extremely challenging/grueling, so hats off to all of you! you make my days brighter every single day with your writing :D this goes out to @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow, @larmes-de-pluie, @doyoubeproudandlovelots, @iwanttowriteyouafic@paynefulperiods, @shiningdistraction, @englandziam, @irishpalatines, and many, many other writers that I get joy from every time they come up on my dash!

Happy Fan Fic Writer's Appreciation Day!

Thank you to everyone who sent me love today! I was out all day at graduation parties, and came home to all this love. I want to extend that love to every single fan fiction writer on this site, regardless of the fandom. You are all amazing. Thank you for putting your creativity out in the world and helping others. If you’re reading this, it’s for you. My hat is off to you all for making the world a bit brighter each day! ❤️

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I'm so close to unfollowing you I don't know how someone can be so annoying all of the time.

This genuinely hurt my feelings so hats off to you

Sam/Wanda, ER AU

for @nurselaney

A/n:  My sister is an ER nurse.  And while I don’t really know everything she went through, I do remember her pulling twelve hour shifts sometimes.  And honestly, my hats off to you people who are in the medical profession, particularly nurses.  The sheer amount of crap (sometimes literally) that you all have to put up with…I mean…just…*applause*.  

Sam caught the door to the employee lounge just before it slammed.  He’d spotted Wanda napping on the couch and after she’d told him about the twelve hour shifts she had this week, he wasn’t about to cut into her precious sleeping time.  

The throw blanket she’d thrown over herself was on the floor with her shoes.  Her hospital id badge was clutched in her hand so she wouldn’t lose it and she was snoring softly.  

He knelt and picked up the blanket, covering her again before taking a seat in the only other chair in the room to eat his sandwich.  

The ER nurse life was hard work.  But somebody had to do it.  And he and Wanda were two of those somebodies.    

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We're all a little concerned that she's gone silent. During the game, she chooses Genji and the game starts off normally before she just fucking puts the whole team on her back and carries us to victory like its nothing. The guys on the other team just go quiet, and stop shit talking and we're just fucking losing it laughing in voice chat, because holy shit, we were not expecting that. With the help of an Ana, she gets play of the game again. (3)

this is awesome, like I’m seriously so happy !!!! my hat goes off to you guys for taking her in and providing a safe space for her to play and enjoy herself. and she sounds like an awesome team player! this is just all around a beautiful ending thank you for sharing !

Jackson’s new hair. I asked during the VApp for him to take his hat off. Mark read my comment and Jackson did it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Thank you Jackson 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
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♫ A drabble about our muses inspired by the next song that comes on shuffle

Immortals by Fall Out Boy


Skylar grinned as she walked with Urahara to the underground training unit beneath his shop. It sucked that she had died but when she went to Soul Society and became a shinigami, she was desperate to get back and show the man just how far she had come. After all, she really cared about Urahara even though she didn’t really show it. He was like…the father she wished she could have. But she wouldn’t dare say that out loud unless she or Kisuke was dying

.All she followed the man to the rocky area, she couldn’t help but grin when he instructed her to unsheath her zanpakutos. Doing as she was told, she was confused when he told her to try to take his hat off with them. Why would he want her to do something as dangerous as that?

“I want you to take my hat off with your zanpakutos.”

He repeated and Skylar gripped her swords tightly before nodding. However, as she charged, she didn’t expect the old man’s cane to turned into his….zanpakuto..and he was coming after with it?!

“Wait, this wasn’t apart of the plan!”

“Oh, it was. I just didn’t tell you!”

He said with that shit eating grin on his face. Skylar could only give a panicked cry as he swung with such speed and grace.

She was officially fucked.

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Wow, you're so smart. 0_0 I can't believe you are studying all that, it's really cool and definitely important. You really sound like you know so much about all of that and that's so cool. I'm computer science and can't do psychology for shit. you'd be a great counselor/psychologist and it's awesome you respect education like that. My hat off to you!

Thanks so much! That’s really a fantastic compliment and I really appreciate it! I’m definitely someone who LOVES learning and I’m very booky and into school and such haha. Social Sciences/Science in general happens to be my niche so I really pour my soul into it! Thanks so much for such a great compliment! 

Computer science is an awesome major and it’s totally something I struggle to understand, so I really think it’s cool when people are studying it! Good luck with your studies and thanks again for the message!