My E/J and M/H partner in crime @shockapella-sweet and I have something for you all :3c 

Jesse McCree and Erron Black are in a bar.

McCree: And why are you here?
Erron: My archer boyfriend’s cousin is looking for me so that he can cut off my head with his hat. And you?
McCree: My archer boyfriend’s brother is looking for me so that he can cut off my head with his sword.

Genji: And why are you here?
Kung Lao: I discovered that a fugly cowboy slept with my cousin, and now I’m looking for him so that I can cut off his head. and you?
Genji: I also discovered that a fugly cowboy slept with my brother, so now I’m looking for him so that I can cut off his head.

Hanzo: And why are you here?
Kung Jin: To prevent my cousin from killing my cowboy boyfriend. And you? Hanzo: To prevent my brother from killing my cowboy boyfriend, too.

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So that's not bed hair , that's ' my hair after taking off the hat i was wearing in those beach pics you're about to see ' ?? gotta love Louis

Haha that wouldn’t even surprise me.

@ Lucaya shippers, I may dislike your ship very much and I may have a lot of drama with some of you, but I take my hat off you to you all and any that you may have lost after GMSL2 unfairly demolished your ship. 

Anyone watching the show would be able to tell that Maya and Lucas had feelings for each other (at least somewhat) and we all know that the real reason Michael ended your ship the way he did is because he accidentally messed up his entire show by starting the triangle and then accidentally dragged it on for way too long and then he needed a quick way to end it and so he went after your ship.

Truly an injustice.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I hate this ship more than anything (sorry peeps) but there was a time where I did ship it and I get that you feel like you were treated unfairly (and possibly even led-on) because you were.

Sincerely, a Rilaya shipper

p.s Michael actually messed up his show soooo badly that he had to do that?? like daaaaang boy, and I thought you were smart lol like he literally turned it all around and said that Maya was ‘trying to protect Riley’, like guys, this benefits my ship SO much (cause like gaaaaay) but even I know that that was not the original plan and that MJ only did that so he could fix his horrible mistakes. That boy dun messed up and I’m sorry that you had to be taken out of the running because of it.

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on the topic of reviewers, and in an attempt to be positive: what sonic reviews did you like the most on youtube? Or well, are there any you would recommend?

Clement’s ‘06 review was absolutely dead-on in it’s judgment;

At approximately 3 and a half hours long however, it’s not exactly condensed. Which works in it’s favor since he nails everything and is incredibly objective. Which is the mark of a truly professional reviewer.

He also nails so much that is wrong with Chronicles. At the 7:00 mark, he coments on how horrible Sonic’s characteriation is;

I take my hat off to you sir. Best Sonic reviewer on YT period.

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I love how people think you were serious with that post. I just love that you took the time to back up an amazing character. This was really needed! How long did it take you to write all that, cuz peeps should be thankful.

Thank you! And thanks for the kind comment on my post, and for the follow! <3 

I wondered how many people would think I was serious. I figured anyone who already followed me would know me well enough to realize what I was doing. But I have to be honest, some of the reactions I’ve gotten so far from those who don’t know me, are quite amusing (unless they too are being sarcastic, in which case, my hats off to you, anons lol). You’d think my icon alone would give me away, but apparently not? ^^’ 

As for how long it took, honestly HOURS. The actual writing part wasn’t that difficult, but all those panels… UGH. -_-’ 

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Oh my goodness, A Good Little Girl Prequel was so fucking amazing I had to change my panties before continuing on to Chapter 1. Hats off to you lady! I salute you and all the smutty goodness you bring to my life :)

Hahaha, thanks so much! XOXO


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Sorry it took a while but I’m doing some major catch up on my blog. But this is me! My cousin got me this cool hat with a finger heart on it and it’s pink! 💖 I love it so much. It was my last day of summer classes so I’m free all summer now! I hope you guys are having a lovely day. Please stay healthy and take care of yourselves and loved ones!

“Let me take off my hat, so you can see my ugly face!” “SHUT UP UR BEAUTIFUL” I love that video lmao 💙

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You guys don’t have to do it but yeah haha. I tagged randomly to spread some love. Enjoy your day everyone!! ❤️

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I look your blog and it makes me happy. You give the characters such depth and your drawing style adds to the charm. I like what you have made of the fan base. My hat goes off to you, pretty lady, see you in the next life.

((OOC: Thank you so much ;;

However the art credit belongs to @illvilja ;D ))

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Sarah, I just have to say, WOW. I don't cry very much in books, (I teared up/light cried in ACOMAF, but not a full cry) but these last 3 chapters took me on a roller coaster. Not to mention the writing was beautiful and the plot Amazing. In my opinion these 3 chapters were on par, if not better in a completely different way, than the ending of ACOMAF! My hats off to you!! Btw, how many more chapters do you think there will be in ACOWAS? Don't know what I'll do when ACOWAS is finished!


I am so stunned and honored! Thank you so, so much! 

There are still a few loose ends to tie up, but perhaps my initial estimate of 75 total chapters will be just about right. 

Thank you so much for reading, and for the amazing compliment!

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I think your quips must be the most consistently witty that appear on my tumblr feed.

I have done my good deed for the week then. Hats off to you Anon.

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Steals his hat and plays with it. What a silly legendary creature oh my Gosh

The animals sure loved his cap, huh? Luigi doesn’t mind the ethereal blue
beast playing with it. He’s both amused and honoured. Just as long as she
doesn’t run off with it…

   ❝Oh, y-you like-a my hat? Maybe I should
   make-a them for all the cutie animals, ha-ha.❞