Aries: And the cosmos said to Aries
“To Aries, I leave to you in my will, my exuberant spirit, my sword crafted in crimson rubies and heaven’s bleach
It can win any battle
I bequeath my fascination and awe with everything and and anything
and every happy memory from my childhood”

Taurus: And the cosmos said to Taurus
“To Taurus, I leave you to you in my will, my talent for making music in every form, from dance to piano and the creativity that gives light to the stars
I leave you every moment of pleasure I ever experienced and my many fortunes”

Gemini: And the cosmos said to Gemini
“To Gemini, I leave to you in my will, my beautiful mind, the intellect that can grasp anything in a moment, a golden notebook that can contain a thousand thoughts a minute. How perfect for you..
Now you will have the ability to be nourished by reading so you do not have to eat or sleep”

Cancer: And the cosmos said to Cancer
“To Cancer, I leave to you in my will, my ability to dream the dreams of the whole night sky
A home to you by the sea, so the ocean will sing you to sleep every night while your loved ones are close by
I leave you my divine child to raise and love, nobody can
nurture like you”

Leo: And the cosmos said to Leo
“To Leo, I leave you the complete paintbox of my creative genius, the colours and design that brought the universe to life
I leave you the Sun, so that even when you feel sad, you know that the light is yours forever
And the crown of the cosmos is yours, you are the sovereign heir, the world is your stage, so remember to always perform for me”

Virgo: And the cosmos said to Virgo
“To Virgo, I leave you my intelligence and eyes, that which conceives beyond material into every finer design. Nobody else will see what you see
And my finest handiwork will be yours, I will leave you the hands I crafted with for centuries by starlight. These are filled with the minerals of healing and therapy, these can fix anything”

Libra: And the cosmos said to Libra
“To Libra, I leave you my heart, it is the most striking of all, capable of consuming and generating all love and harmony
I leave you a life of peace, one free of treachery, unkindness or dishonesty. My eye for design will be yours, the ability to bring worlds together, turn colours into rainbows, and language into poetry”

Scorpio: And the cosmos said to Scorpio
“To Scorpio, I leave you my sacred power, that which originated at the beginning of time, and you will visit this place often
and become acquainted with the beauty of nothingness
The most powerful healing tonic of the cosmos will be yours, ready for you when you become enlightened and aware
I leave you the ability to be reborn, like me, again and again, so you will eventually fly on this dimension”

Sagittarius: And the cosmos said to Sagittarius
“To Sagittarius, I leave you my stories and my archives, my records and my guides, my books and libraries
All the knowledge of the cosmos will be yours
I give you every drop of bottled laughter and joy
You will hardly recognise a moment of sadness amongst the sheer delight”
Capricorn: And the cosmos said to Capricorn
“To Capricorn, I leave you my greatest talents and skills, I leave you my wisdom and my secret insights
My magic and mastery, and the strongest backbone at all, then you will ability to stand tall amongst any obstacle you face down there”

Aquarius: And the cosmos said to Aquarius
“To Aquarius, I leave you my genius, my intellectual brilliance, my ability to create worlds from pure imagination
I leave you the heavenly knowledge that you will relish to share
And I leave you the whole world to protect, every dolphin, and baby, and rainforest tree. You are my sovereign guardian. Mother Earth is your mother”

Pisces: And the cosmos said to Pisces
“To Pisces, I leave you all of my dreams and vision, the canvas and paintbox that mused the universe, the ability to make art out of emotion
The whole ocean is yours, and when you submerge you will feel home, it will be nice to know, you can always visit home
I leave you everything, and most importantly, I leave you the ability to see me everytime you see yourself, so you will know that you are forever”


anonymous asked:

More gay divorcee au pls bc I wanna see how it goes when Tony meets his Army neighbors (also I want someone, preferably Pepper/Tony, punching Ty)

Tony was trying very hard not to cry.

Last night he’d gotten a call from Ty—from Stone. He’d been too scared to pick it up, had let it go to voicemail. When he’d finally gotten the courage to listen to the message, it had been nothing but vitriol, telling him that he was nothing, that he’d regret leaving, he’d never make it alone and he’d ruin Peter just like Howard had ruined him. Tony had saved the message with shaking fingers and sent a text to Pepper about it to tell his lawyer for the restraining order, because she—she was being an amazing friend and handling that for him while his world fell down around his ears.

With the voicemail, he hadn’t been able to sleep well. He’d tossed and turned with nightmares of Stone getting custody of Peter, of Tony only being allowed to see him sparingly, of seeing bruises on Peter’s little body and Peter’s accusing eyes, as if to say ‘you could have prevented this.’ And then those nightmares were interspersed with memories of the gaslighting Stone had had made him suffer throughout their entire relationship, telling Tony he was being silly or overreacting and laughing about it, and memories of the times Stone had hit him and then apologized and made Tony feel like it was his fault, like he’d been asking for it.

Then Peter had woken up with an earache and Tony had had to give him medicine and Peter hated taking medicine. Peter would spit out pills if they were given to him, and any attempt at giving him liquid medicine ended up with more of the dose on Peter’s clothes than in his mouth. Tony had finally had to cave and mix it in with some chocolate milk, and Peter had eyed him suspiciously the entire time he drank it because he knew he wasn’t supposed to have chocolate milk except for as dessert.

Once he’d set Peter down to play in his playpen, Tony had realized that he hadn’t done any yard work the past two weeks and stressed about that until he could put Peter down for his nap. He didn’t like to leave Peter alone but he knew he’d never be able to get anything done if he had to watch Peter outside, that dread that someone was watching them and reporting back to Stone always leaving him short of breath and with a cold sweat.

And now the fucking lawnmower wouldn’t work and Tony should have been able to fix it but he just couldn’t figure out what was wrong and Peter would surely wake from his nap soon—Tony took a shuddering breath and lifted his arm to press the back of his wrist against one eye, fingers covered with oil and muck. He would not cry. It was just a fucking lawnmower. It was just fucking yard work. He had bigger problems, like his divorce and getting custody of Peter and designing the next big thing for green energy.

“…Why me,” Tony whispered to himself, deciding that he could feel sorry for himself just for a minute.

“Hey!” someone called, and Tony leapt to his feet, skittering backward. He took a moment to wish he had his handgun to protect himself with and nearly crumpled with despair at the thought, because he hadn’t—he hadn’t used to think of protecting himself first thing, especially not with deadly force.

The blond guy from across the street stared at him, wide-eyed. “Oh my God, I’m so—I’m so sorry, I thought you heard me coming up.”

“Oh.” Tony hunched his shoulders, embarrassed, wanting to scuttle back inside and hide. “No, I—I didn’t.”

“I can see that,” Blond Guy said, still looking very apologetic. “I just noticed you’d been out here a long time and—Oh, is this Colonel Rhodes’s lawnmower? It hasn’t worked in months.”

“O-oh?” Tony asked hopefully, because he’d worried he’d just—been too stupid to figure it out. Logically he’d known better, but after years of Ty telling him he was—well.

“Yeah, he’s been borrowing ours,” Blond Guy replied, shrugging.

Tony could probably fix it, if he had the time to worry about it instead of worrying about when Peter would wake up and if Ty had sent anyone to keep an eye on them. Hell, if he’d known about it before Rhodey left, he would have been able to fix it while Rhodey kept an eye on Peter. Tony sagged a little, feeling defeated. He didn’t have the mental stamina to deal with this now.

Blond Guy frowned at him for a long moment before thrusting his hand out. “I’m Steve, by the way. Steve Rogers.”

“Tony.” Tony held his hand out, saw the oil still smeared on it, and shame-facedly began to draw it back. “Oh, uh, sorry—”

Steve grabbed his hand anyway to shake it. “’s fine. I’ve had worse on my hands. It’s not like I wow that was a bad idea this is so much oil.”

“Yeah,” Tony said, reluctantly amused.

“My friends tell me I’m uselessly impulsive,” Steve offered. “Listen, I usually mow Colonel Rhodes’s lawn for him while he’s gone anyway. I’ll just keep doing that, okay?”

“Oh, um, okay,” Tony said, torn between the desire to insist he could do it himself and the relief that he didn’t have to worry about this particular responsibility. “I, um—Rhodey left me some money, I can pay you—”

“Nah,” Steve said immediately. “No, it’s fine. I was gonna do it anyway. Colonel Rhodes lets me sketch his hydrangeas sometimes so I figure it’s only fair.”

Tony stared at him for a moment. “Is. Is that a euphemism?”

“What,” Steve said blankly, and then turned as red as a blotchy tomato. “Oh my God, no! I mean, no. I’m an artist.”

“Oh,” Tony said, because he never would have guessed. Steve looked more like someone who punched Nazis in the face and then bench-pressed a wheelbarrow full of kittens with each arm when he was finished than a guy who liked to draw flowers. Tony found that… rather charming, actually. “I see. That’s nice.”

“Yup, I love working on florals,” Steve agreed proudly. “My boyfriend has some of my handiwork on his body, too!”

Oh, a boyfriend. Steve looked so happy. Tony felt a jealous pang, sick and bitter, at the bottom of his stomach. Tony wished he could be happy like that. Looking back, he’d never been as proud to say ‘my boyfriend’ or ‘my husband’ when he talked about Ty as Steve did talking about his boyfriend right now. Maybe he’d known, even then, that Stone wasn’t good to him. Maybe Howard had damaged him more than he’d thought.

“I—” Tony cleared his throat. “I have to go check on Peter. Maybe—maybe you’d like to do art together sometime?”

Tony wanted to throw up as soon as he’d suggested it. Steve was—Steve was probably busy. And he was an actual artist, not someone who finger-painted and drew stick figures. Steve was a young handsome guy with a boyfriend. Why would he want to spend time with a soon-to-be-divorcee and a toddler when he probably had an equally handsome boyfriend and an apparently lucrative art business? God, Tony didn’t even want to be friends with himself right now.

“Sure,” Steve said brightly. “I love doing art with kids. They’re so creative.”

Tony couldn’t help a smile. That was so nice. “Yeah, Petey-Bird’s the next da Vinci.”

Steve raised his eyebrows, impressed. “Really? Wow. Peter must be really smart.”

“Y-yes?” Tony fought the urge to shrink again. He thought Peter was smart, but he was his dad, it was probably—he was very biased.

Steve beamed at him. “I’d like to meet him sometime. Just let me know when a good time is and I’ll see what I can do!”

“Okay,” Tony agreed cautiously. “…Okay, yeah. Not—not this week, but, um, maybe next-?”

“Sure! Just go ahead and give us a knock when you decide on a time, okay? Bucky might answer and he’s got a bit of a resting bitch face but he’s actually—well, no, I’m not gonna lie, he’ll probably be a little gruff when he answers the door. He’s got a gooey caramel center in there somewhere.”

Tony did not say ‘that’s horrifying’ but only because he was literally too horrified to do so. “Okay.”

“Great!” Steve enthused. “I’ll talk to you later, then!”

Tony smiled awkwardly, nodding, before putting the lawnmower back together as best he could and shoving it back in the garage. He promised it that when this was all over and his life wasn’t in shambles anymore, he would spend some time fixing it.

Tony was giving Peter some peanut butter crackers when he heard the roar of a lawnmower. He smiled. “Steve’s mowing our lawn, Pumpkin Eater.”

“D’eve!” Peter garbled around the crackers, throwing his arms up cheerfully.

“Yup, Steve,” Tony repeated, walking over to the window so Peter could see him and put a name to a face.

He choked when he saw that Steve had foregone a shirt in the heat. Jesus Christ that was a lot of muscles.

Bucky sighed and flopped onto the couch face-first.

“Hi,” Steve said, looking up from his sketchbook. “Long day?”

“Fuck off.”

Steve frowned and set his sketchbook aside to walk over to him, beginning to rub his back. “What’s wrong?”

“Fucking Rumlow tried to hire me to keep an eye on his asshole client’s husband.”

“You don’t work with Rumlow anymore,” Steve pointed out calmly, still heated about how Rumlow’s checks for Bucky’s prior work kept conveniently getting lost in the mail. “Tell me you turned him down.”

Bucky jerked his head up. “I said he tried, not that he got me to do it.”

“Good,” Steve began, then frowned. “Oh.”

That meant he didn’t have a job then. Rumlow was doing his level best to make sure no one else hired Bucky as a private investigator. Bucky was the best at what he did but when he realized that Rumlow was using his information to hurt other people, he’d stopped working for him. Rumlow hadn’t taken that particularly well. Steve’s comic was selling pretty steadily but without Bucky’s paychecks their monthly budget was getting kind of tight. Bucky would probably be pissed that Steve had turned down Tony’s offer of money for the lawn—

“No, I got a job,” Bucky grumbled. “It’s from Natasha though. She’s the only one that hasn’t hopped on the ‘Barnes is a menace and a liar’ train.”

“Well,” Steve began, then stopped awkwardly. Sometimes Natasha and Bucky were the best of friends and sometimes they were at each others’ throats. He didn’t really understand most days, and he didn’t know what their relationship was right now. “Well,” he said again. “That’s something, right?”

“Protection detail,” Bucky whined. “I’m supposed to keep anyone her client’s husband might hire away from her client’s house.”

“Oh,” Steve said. Bucky hated protection details. He had been to jail for protection details and had sometimes failed to be bailed out by his clients. “Oh, well—you can, you can still say no—”

“No, I took it,” Bucky sighed, sitting up. “I need to do something. And Natasha said it’s for a personal friend of hers. If she thinks one of her friends needs protecting, then…” He tilted his head a little. “Well, she’s paying me good money for it. And she said she’ll owe me one for it on top of that.”

“Oh wow,” Steve said, because Natasha owing them one? That would be good for a rainy day, honestly. “Okay. Who are you protecting? How long is the detail? Will you be gone long?”

“Honestly after the shit day I had I was kinda avoiding looking at it,” Bucky admitted.

Steve got up to grab his satchel and pulled the thick case file from it. “Gotta love how thorough she is.”

“I guess. Can you read it to me, hon’? I’d really like to just lie here a little while longer,” Bucky sighed, flopping back onto the couch.

Steve nodded. “Yeah, sure.”

“You’re the best, babe,” he murmured, smiling a little. He waited a few minutes for Steve to start reading to him, then frowned when he didn’t, opening his eyes to look at him. “Steve? Doll? You okay?”

Steve stared at the file a little longer before dragging his eyes up to him, horrified. “This—this is Tony. The neighbor that Colonel Rhodes wanted us to keep an eye on? Because his husband’s a huge dick and might go after him because of his divorce?”

“Gimme!” Bucky barked, holding his hand out for the file, and didn’t bitch when Steve tucked his chin on his shoulder so he could read it too.

Tony Stark owned an electronics company that was branching out into green energy, a very lucrative business. He also had various stocks and bonds left to him by his parents’ estate, and an adorable two-year-old named Peter of whom they’d just finalized their adoption. Tiberius Stone had signed a prenup, and when Tony had served him with divorce papers, had decided to do his level best to drag it out and drain every inch of money he could from Tony, finding a judge either sympathetic enough or easily bribed enough to entertain it.

Natasha had been brought in by Pepper Potts, Tony’s assistant-slash-business-partner-slash-best-friend, the moment she caught wind of it. That was good, because Natasha already hated Rumlow, Stone’s lawyer, and loved going at it in the courts with him. Bucky felt his heart sink in his chest a little, because for all intents and purposes, the only thing Tony had ever done wrong was marry the wrong person, but Rumlow was going to hire someone to get information to make Tony look unfit and awful—Bucky knew that from experience.

“I’ll just hafta stay on my toes, ‘s all,” Bucky decided firmly.

Tony had enough cards stacked against him, but if Natasha thought he was worth protecting? If Colonel Rhodes thought he was worth protecting? He’d do it. Natasha was morally gray sometimes but she was freakishly protective of her friends, and Colonel Rhodes was a good man—if he thought Tony was worth protecting, Bucky believed him.

Besides, Steve had already told him how much Tony obviously loved his son. Bucky had always been pretty weak when it came to parents that loved their children anyway.

Chapter 55 - Rhys POV

Last week, a kind soul asked me to write Chapter 55 from Rhysand’s POV and although TERRIFIED of the idea, I’ve had so much fun writing these fics that I figured, why the bloody hell not? Heh, you only live once…

So here it is! Obvi NSFW. I hope any of you brave souls reading it like it. As always, I think it’s awful and I struggle to get the voices right at all, but I had fun writing it and welp, here it is.

I take NO CREDIT for the dialogue written in this fic. All of those beautiful words and the ideas for the scenes themselves belong 100% entirely to the talented Sarah J. Maas.

Chapter 55 (Rhysand)

It was about half a millisecond before I grabbed the spoon and started eating. I would never look at soup in the same boring, bland way again.

Feyre was accepting the bond. She was choosing me.

But she hadn’t said anything and it took every ounce of power I possessed within my 500 year career to steady my hand as I lifted each spoonful to my mouth and watched her from across the table.

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Airman First Class | ED

Originally posted by x-sempre

June 7, 1941 | Tripler General Hospital — Oahu, Hawaii

Seaman Apprentice Harvey Clark was horribly sunburnt, most likely the worst case I’d ever seen. His skin was as red as a lobster, and he was cryin’ like a newborn baby just whipped on the behind. Those Navy men never knew when to put their shirts on, and mister Harvey was surely one of ‘em. “Now you’re just gonna have to go on and lay there for a while, mister Clark. You’ll be alright, but if you keep rollin’ around them bedsheets you’re gonna peel that skin right off.” His grunts and groans were of a little boy, you’d think a man in the military could take a sunburn every once in a while.

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rayrayswimusic  asked:

May I please request Ouran AU for Yoi pleaseeeeeeeee

s/o to discord for prompting! this is a bit hasty lol. for the purposes of this ficlet let’s say they’re all high school age. all of them.

“Terrible! Absolutely atrocious! Not refreshing at all – minus fifty points!”

“But Hana!”

Yuuri turns away from the window where he had been sweeping. So much for spending golden week tucked away at a different resort in order to get away from the Ice Castle Host Club. No, the rich kids of the host club just can’t get it through their thick heads that their presence is not always appreciated, especially not when it comes roaring in overhead from a helicopter and then insisting on a competition to see who gets to stay in the last free room at the Paradise Bed and Breakfast.

Of course a part of him is a little glad to see familiar faces – Christophe, the Crispino twins, Yurio and Otabek – but the happiness is tempered somewhat by the beautiful and loud presence of one Viktor Nikiforov, who is currently being yelled at by Hana for doing a cruddy job at fixing a broken fence.

Honestly, there was no need for him to show up in a helicopter, thinking Yuuri had been kidnapped. It was sweet, but embarrassing. As are a lot of things that the beloved co-founder and president of the Ice Castle Host Club does.

(Yuuri hates being embarrassed. It really drives up the anxiety.)

He heads out after finishing up his sweeping with a couple glasses of lemonade, intending to deliver them to the host club members who are working outside. He finds Christophe first, lounging at a table drinking a cappuccino while surveying the mayhem that is a pack of rich high school kids trying to do manual labour with an amused expression.

“You’re not joining in on the competition?” Yuuri asks.

Christophe shakes his head. “The Giacomettis have a summer house here!” he replies. “Why bother with a hotel room when I can sleep in my own? Far more comfortable, at least.”

Yuuri resists the urge to roll his eyes. “I bet,” he remarks. “Lemonade?”

Christophe nods, so Yuuri pours him a glass. “You know,” the Swiss man remarks as he takes it with a grin, “it won’t be a big deal for the people who lose this, right?”

“Yeah, they can find lodging in other parts of town,” Yuuri replies.

Christophe laughs. “No, they’ve all got summer houses here.”

Yuuri resists the urge to groan. “Then why are they all fighting over the last room here?”

Christophe shrugs, almost carelessly. “Maybe one of them really does care about you, and just has a terrible way of showing it?” he wonders innocently. 

A couple paces away, Viktor accidentally hits his thumb with the hammer and screeches. Next to him, Yurio starts yelling at him to pull himself together and get over it.

“Want to bet on who’s going to win?” asks Christophe.

Yuuri raises an eyebrow. “Does this come out of my debt?”

“Maybe,” says Christophe.

“What are the odds?”

Christophe shrugs. “Well, at the current pace, His Majesty won’t be winning anytime soon,” he says, pointing to Viktor’s current slumped position by the fence. “The twins only really work well when Sara can stop Mickey from yelling at any man who bothers to smile in her direction. Yuri is clearly not interested in winning this, either, which means that Otabek, even though he’s clearly been the most helpful one so far, won’t be accepting a victory if it means he can’t stay with Yuri.”

“Those are just your observations,” Yuuri points out.

Christophe shrug again. “You can tell who my best contender is, though,” he points out. 

Yuuri huffs. “If I win this wager, then what?”

“I’ll knock half of the remaining balance off your account. If you don’t win, nothing happens. You’ve nothing to lose in this, really.” Christophe’s eyes twinkle. “What do you say?”

Yuuri sends a look over at Viktor, who is trying to convince a deeply disturbed Yuri to kiss his sore thumb better. 

“Deal,” he says, and steps away with the lemonade tray.

As much as the president of the host club mortifies him on a regular basis, it doesn’t necessarily mean Yuuri doesn’t want to see him win. After all, Viktor’s genuine, not-for-the-clients smile is actually quite a wonder. There really is no point to doing things like calling up an entire horse-drawn carriage to take Yuuri to campus or custom-ordering him fancy outfits (especially dresses. It’s not that Yuuri doesn’t mind dresses – gender is fake, after all – but the ones Viktor tries to buy for him are just a little too much) or showing up at his holiday workplace in a freaking helicopter, for god’s sake. Not when all Viktor really has to do is smile, truly and genuinely, and be himself.

Not the president of the host club, not the bastard-turned-heir of the Nikiforov dynasty. Just himself.

“I brought you lemonade, Viktor,” Yuuri says.

Viktor looks up at him with wide, adoring eyes. “Lemonade, served to me from the delicate fingers of Yuuri Katsuki himself? What a delight!”

Yuuri resists the urge to groan. “You know you’re just wasting away your potential out here doing something you’re not even good at, right?” he asks.

Viktor pouts. “You don’t like my handiwork?” he asks, gesturing to the fence. For a moment Yuuri’s half-convinced he’s looking at a Salvador Dali painting instead of a picket fence.

“No,” he says. 

Viktor’s pout grows. Yuuri pushes the cup into his hands.

“Clearly carpentry isn’t your calling, Viktor,” he says. “Maybe you should… find a better tune.”

He steps back towards the inn after that, leaving Viktor out by his Surrealist fence, and hopes his hint had been enough. 

When the lovely strains of a violin begin to emanate from the dining room moments later, he knows it had. 

Party in the Wavering Wood

Genre: Angst and Fluff

Word Count: 5427

Read on AO3

Summary: 15 year old Simon Snow gets an invite to a party, where his longtime crush will be. Unfortunately his longtime enemy decides to make an appearance too.
Based on “spin the bottle” kiss prompt

AN: So sorry this one took so long! I wrote a lot of it at 3 am, and 3 am Theo is an even shittier writer than usual. So I had to go back and redo most of it, after building up the courage to even look at my terrible handiwork. It was still fun though. Enjoy! :)


“‘Party in the Wavering Wood, 9pm, definitely not dry’?” Penny reads the invite like it’s a written in an alien language. She’s sitting cross legged on Baz’s bed (Crowley I hope he doesn’t notice) staring at the paper with her eyebrows all scrunched up. “Simon why are you showing me this?”

“Because I think we should go,” I say.

“You’re serious?”

‘Yeah! It could be fun…”

Penny looks up at me with a single raised eyebrow. “Is Agatha going to be there?”

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anonymous asked:

Hiiiiiiii can you do 75 for a shippy solangelo please???

I can indeed anon!

#75- Mirror

Nico twirled slightly in the mirror. It was cracked in places and the metal was bent, but it was all they had so he had to make do. He didn’t really like what he saw. Bruises and scars ran up and down his arms and across his bare chest. A startling contrast of dark blues and purples to pale white and raw red.

He stood still, following the trail of one long scar that ran diagonally from the left side of his pelvis to his collarbone with his eyes. It was healed by now, the dark colour subsiding and leaving way for the baby pink it was now. He remembered how he got it, the pain of the knife plunging from one end of his body to another.

Long tan arms snaked their way around Nico’s middle, the freckles reflecting on the glass. Nico watched them as they hugged his sides, only looking up when a head of blond popped up from behind his shoulder. “Hey you,” Will greeted, smiling into Nico’s neck. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Nico lied as he placed his hands over Will’s. “Just looking in the mirror.”

“I see that, sunshine.” Will joked. He kissed along Nico’s jawline. “But you usually avoid mirrors like the plague and I should know. I studied the plague.”

Nico sighed. “Talk to me.” Will whispered.

“I was looking at my scars,” Nico mumbled, looking down.

Will moved his hands from where they rested and traced Nico’s scars with this finger. “This one was from a cyclops.” He whispered in Nico’s ear. “This one was a harpies’ claw. This was from a sea serpent. This was from the wolves. This one was because Clarisse tripped you and you fell down the hill. You nearly impaled yourself on your sword. I had to fix all these up, my handiwork, my stitching, my careful eye. I love you whether you have scars or not.”

Nico didn’t speak. Just watched Will’s hands move across his chest in the reflection of the mirror.

“Besides,” Will said, a smirk playing on the edge of his lips. “Scars are sexy.”

Nico spun around in Will’s arms and cupped his face in his hands. He grinned.

“Shut up and kiss me.”


Because @cupnoodle-queen is the best enabler and Ignis’ pompadour is something to be celebrated

“Raine, darling,” Ignis quipped, sipping his cup of Ebony. “You’re staring. Not that I mind, but I’m rather curious this morning about what it is that has captured your attention.”

Raine sat beside Ignis at their dining table, her chin propped up on her fist, examining him with squinted eyes.

Finally, she declared, “You need a haircut.”

Ignis lifted his head in surprise. He hadn’t thought of that. It had been some time that he’d done anything with his hair. He’d allowed Prompto to come by and trim it every now and then, but since he was frequently taking trips out to Hammerhead to check on Cindy, he hadn’t had the chance to call him over.

He’d worn his hair in the same style for a few years now. Spiked at the front and slicked towards the back. But now that Raine had mentioned it, the back had gotten a little longer than he’d have liked, and his bangs were starting to become a bit of a nuisance.

Lucas cooed from his high chair. Raine turned to her son with a nod.

“So you agree, Daddy needs a haircut. Do you think he’ll let me if I ask him nicely?”

“Da!” Lucas gurgled.

Ignis set his coffee mug down on his coaster. “Well, my fate is sealed.”

Raine swatted at Ignis’ arm. “I cut Lucas’ hair all the time.”

Ignis turned his head to her, his glassy eye blinking slowly. “My love, not that I am questioning the quality of your work, nor your ability, but as a blind man, I cannot tell the difference.”

Raine rolled her eyes––although she was sure that he somehow knew––and tugged on his arm to get him to stand. She picked Lucas up and placed him on her hip as Ignis followed her upstairs to their bedroom. She put the baby down in his crib and brought a chair for Ignis.

She fetched the scissors from the medicine cabinet of their bathroom and set to work at trimming her husband’s hair. It was soft between her fingers as she snipped away the beginnings of a mullet, leaning back every now and then to check her work.

When it came time to trim his bangs, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. There was something about the longer hair in the front that made her bite her lip. And then she had a brilliant idea. Raine scampered away to the bathroom again and returned with a small jar of pomade. 

She slid onto Ignis’ lap, straddling his thighs. His hands instinctively came up to rest on her waist, holding her flush against him. “What, pray tell, are you doing, my dearest wife?”

Raine dipped her fingers in the pomade and warmed it on her palms and fingertips. Then she ran it through Ignis’ hair, styling it so it rose into a sleek pompadour, allowing a few strands to fall against his forehead.

“There,” she said once she was finished, placing her hands on his shoulders. “Shame you can’t admire my handiwork. You look so sexy.”

Ignis’ eyebrow raised over the rim of his protective shades. “Is that so?” His fingers tightened on her waist, and when she moved to get up, he held fast and wouldn’t allow her to budge. His lips found hers briefly before trailing down her neck to her collarbone, the tip of his nose tickling her slightly as it ran along the curve of her shoulder.

“Iggy, stop,” she urged half-heartedly, her hands gripping the material of his shirt. “Not in front of the baby.”

“If I don’t see him, he isn’t there,” came Ignis’ snarky reply as he nudged open Raine’s blouse with his nose and pulled a bruise over the curve of her breast with his lips and teeth.

Raine let out a breathy sigh as she arched into him, unable to stop herself. “At least let me put him in the nursery,” she insisted, his mouth never ceasing to tease her as she made no effort to move. Ignis seemed to weigh his options, finally loosening his grip on her waist.

“Hurry back.”

Raine had never put Lucas down for a nap so quickly in her life.

Nymph Series: The Art of Fellatio

I believe that sucking dick and eating pussy is a form of art, it takes a special kinda of person to do it. It has to come from the heart. You have to love the taste of your partner, the look they have their eyes when up look up at the them. Ladies the way he softly runs his fingers through your hair when he’s ready to fuck your throat. Fellas the way she pushes your head further into her crotch when you keep teasing. I loved giving head, enjoyed more than actually receiving it. My husband made sure that all my needs were always satisfied.

Right now all I could think about was being on my knees, with my husband stroking his long, brown dick. My tongue patiently waiting his thick gooey nut. I slying put my phone under the conference table and sent him a text; “I’ll have a naughty treat for you when you get home 😏😏😏.” I pressed the send button and waiting for hubby to text back. I had completely zoned out of my meeting thinking about how bad i wanted his dick in the back of my throat. I looked down when my phone buzzed and hubby texted; “Dayum! I can’t wait, my dick is hard already 🤤🤤🤤.” I smiled as we continued to text back and forth.

I felt my panties become soaked as our texting became nastier. My swollen clit and panties were rubbing against each other, causing friction. A gasp escaped my mouth. “Is everything okay Mrs. Collins?” My boss asked. “Yes everything is fine,” I said. About five minutes later I asked if I could be excused. I left out of that boring ass meeting and was ready to focus on what was important.

Later that night…

I was standing in my closet, looking at myself in my full length mirror. I was pleased with my look. I already had Tommy blindfold and his wrist and ankles tied to the bedpost. I knew he was impatiently awaiting his surprise. To make sure my baby busted a river load tonight, I started a petty lil argument the beginning of this week. Now I was about to relive him of all the stress I caused him. I picked up my trick of the night of my shelf and seductively walked out of my closet like he could see me. “Are you ready daddy?” I purred. “Hell yeah I been ready. Baby is that a new perfume, because you smell delicious,” he said. I looked down at my hand and smiled. Yeah tonight was going to be magical.

I walked over to our California king sleigh bed and kissed his feet, his legs and thighs. Purposely forgetting about his dick that rested on his thigh. I licked and sucked on his hard stomach, licked and sucked on his nipples, ran my tongue up and down both sides of his neck, then ran my tongue across his thick lips. I slowly pulled on his bottom lip and sucked his tongue. He slid his tongue in my mouth and pulled on my lips. We kissed for about ten more minutes, but now it was time to get this show on the road. I went back down between his legs, arched my back, and spread my legs wide. The smell of my wet pussy wafted around the room, causing my eyes to roll to the back of my head. I lifted his dick up and just admired it.

My man had a beautiful dick, it was all one color a cocoa brown, it was long with a slight curve to it, and it had the prettiest mushroom head, there was this thick vein that ran from his tip down to his base. As he was hardening, I slowly slid the grapefruit down his shaft. “Dayum baby you so wet!” He yelled. I let the grapefruit sit there for a minute as I kissed my way up back to his tip. I sucked on it to taste his sticky precum. I licked up and down his shaft, I let him slid down my gagless throat one time so his pipe was already wet. I wrapped my hand tightly around the grapefruit and slowly started moving it up and down the length of him. “Oh shit baby why it feel like you fucking and sucking me at the same time?” He asked. I ignored him and kept my focus on the task at hand.

I licked, sucked and slurped all of his lenghty dick, which was making my mouth wetter. If I moved my head one way, I made sure to move the grapefruit in the opposite direction. I kept my grip on the fruit and used my other hand to play with and massage his heavy balls. I slowly deep throated him as spit spilled out of both sides of my mouth and down my chin. I wrapped my lips around it and did a bobbing motion with my head. I could tell that Tommy was enjoying this especially being tied and blindfolded. As I continued to use the grapefruit to move up and down, I felt his body jerk serval times trying to break free.

I quit sucking for a moment but continued to jack him off as i popped his swollen nuts in my mouth. I licked and kissed up and down his muscular thighs. Then I kissed his abs and chest again. Slid my tongue in between his lips. “You want me to untie you baby?” I whispered in his ear. “Yes I do Naughtya! You driving me fucking crazy,” he growled. Ignored his plea to be untied and went back to sucking. I extended my tongue all the way out and let him fuck my mouth; rough and hard. Spit was now flowing out of my mouth as he kept hitting the back of my throat.

I closed my mouth around his pipe and began to suck like my favorite lollipop; caramel apple to be exact. I wished Tommy could see my handiwork, but his jerking around and moans and groans let me know I was doing excellent. It was time to focus on the head; I pulled the grapefruit up that way it slowly grazed his tip and swirled my tongue around it like an ice cream cone. I wiggled my tongue into his piss slit. “Ffffuck girl this feels so good! ” he yelled. I went back to bobbing up and down his length. When I suctioned my jaws around his dick, his toes curled and his dick thumped inside of my mouth. “Shit I think I’m about to cum,” he growled.

I wasn’t ready for him to cum just yet, so pressed down on his side vein, that way he could feel my throat with his gooeyness. I sucked on his nuts as I continued to jack him off with the grapefruit. His balls became tighter as I kept working my magic. The fruit and just about run its course. “Baby please c'mon let me bust,” he begged. I let the fruit sit on his pelvis, as I let him in the back of throat, I released his vein. Not long after that he was thrashing against the headboard and releasing all of him down my throat. It was so much of his delicious cream that it overflowed my mouth. I continued to suck to make sure not one drop went to waste.

I pulled the grapefruit from around his shaft and threw it in the trash can. The thick curly patch of hair the surrounded his base was now soaked with spit, cum and fruit juices. My pussy juices had soak our 4500 dollar sheets. I climbed on top of him and sandwiched his semi hard on between my fluffy cheeks. I put my ear to his chest to make sure he was still alive. I untied him and he had this lazy look in his eyes and crooked grin on his face. His cum still clung to my chin. As I leaned down to let him taste the fruits of my labor. “Naughtya baby Imma get you back.” Were his last words before he fell into a coma like sleep.

Give Me What I Know Is Mine (Part 1)

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean, Nick (OMC)
Word count: 1126
Warnings: A little witchcraft, a little fluff. And smut. Shameless smut. (To be specific,  the following kinks are highlighted: bondage, blindfolds, pain play, breast play. Don’t play in the rain if you don’t have proper protection, kiddies! Also, safe, sane, and consensual play is awesome.)
Challenge:  This was written for @mamaredd123 and @atc74‘s Fabulous 300 Challenge. Apologies for the late entry, but thank you so much for your patience!

A/N: Hello hello! So my prompts for this challenge were “a talisman”, the emotion of Lust, and Queen’s “I Want It All”. I’m fascinated with dream catchers, which are shamanic talismans within Native American culture. Yes, they’re known for catching bad dreams…but what if they were woven with additional intent? That idea is what inspired what you’re about to read. Hope you enjoy it.

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Something In My Drink

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Oswald x Reader

Warnings: violence, suggestion of date rape (none occurs)

Summary: based on the prompt: ‘I feel weird, what’s in the drink’

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You had been enjoying yourself at Oswald’s club for a couple hours now, just listening to music and having a nice drink while you watched him handle business deals and customers.  He glanced over to you a few times, smiling at you each time and giving you a nod.  You weren’t sure exactly where this flirtation was going but it had been going on for weeks now and you were going to take the next step tonight. You ordered one last drink, glancing over to him again before taking a few sips of your drink.  You got up, heading to where Oswald was sitting, him finally being alone, but you suddenly felt lightheaded.  You tripped some but caught yourself.  Oswald looked up as you stumbled against the table, gripping it tight.  He stood as you fell forward, catching you in his arms.                

“I feel weird, what was in that drink?” you said, words slurring some.  Oswald glared, looking around and seeing a man watching you closely.  He motioned for some of his men to grab the guy and take him out back.  He stood, helping you to his office and setting you on his chair, locking the door behind him.  He would let you sleep off the drug while he dealt with the man who did it.               Outside the club Oswald looked at the man, a rat of a man who smirked at him.  He said something under his breath and Oswald put his cane under his chin.             

“What was that?” he asked, voice even but there was a rage buried in there.  The guy laughed.             

“She is a hot little number right?   You going to have fun with my handiwork?” he said.  Oswald’s eyes burst into flames before he swung his cane over and over.  Once he was finished he sent his guys to dispose of the body before going back to his office.                

You slept for several hours under Oswald’s watchful eye, the office door locked and no one else allowed to enter.  He didn’t move from the chair nearby, making sure you were still breathing and that the drug didn’t have any unknown side effects.  When you stirred he stood, moving to you.               “Os…Oswald?” you said softly, eyes clearing so you could see him in the dim light.  “What happened?”              

“Someone drugged you, lucky for you I got to you first, and he, well he won’t be found,” Oswald replied.  You nodded, the fog in your brain slowly fading.  You looked up at him and smiled softly.             

“Look at you, my knight in shining armor,” you said.  You grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer to you, kissing his lips softly.  Oswald froze for a moment, unsure of what to do before finally kissing you back.  

To Love A Winchester

Okey dokey so this is my first ever piece of fanfiction done for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing favourite things challenge!! My prompt was friends to lovers so guess how this story ends!!

Word count: 2,838 (not including all of this and the rates at the bottom - all spelling mistakes etc are all my own handiwork)

Characters: Reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, un-named demon, mentions of Castiel, Jody Mills, various monsters

Warnings: like one swear word?, brief mentions of torture/injury

This particular day found the Winchester’s returning to the bunker from yet another small nondescript craphole which a nest of vampires had decided to turn into their meal ticket; at least they had until one of the newer members had gotten sloppy and put the nest onto the Winchester’s radar… They were a few miles out when they drove past what had when they’d left been a construction site but now sat a small diner. “Well that’s new” “Sure is Sammy” replied Dean as he pulled his Baby into a parking space. “But this is good. Store’s closed and I’m starving”. It was by this point gone 10 at night, the hunt not being particularly violent but they had been unfortunate enough to have to wait several hours for all of the vamps to be in one place.

Pushing open the door the boys were greeted by the decor of a classic 50’s style diner – 4 small booths took up one side while the other was a chrome bar with a number of stools lined against it. “Take a seat, I’ll be right with you” came a woman’s voice from behind the bar. Opting for two of the stools, the Winchesters sat and waited. A minute passed and then up popped the girl who’d spoken, hair thrown back in a messy bun and an apron round her waist. “Welcome to The Hideaway” smiled the girl.

“The Hideaway?” queried the taller of the two men sat in front of you. “Yeah ever since I was younger I’ve always loved classic movies and the inevitable diner scene you’d get in them. They were my very own hideaway from the real world. So when this opportunity came up I already had the perfect name in place…and I’m rambling sorry! I’m Y/N by the way” “Sam and this is Dean” replied the first man. “Well here’s a couple of menus and give us a yell when you’re ready to order”.

Waiting until the girl had walked away Dean turned to his brother “Really Sam?” Our real names?” “Come on Dean I hardly think she’s a threat.” “Yeah well” murmured Dean, turning back round in his seat to have another look at the girl “can’t be too careful in this line of work.” If Y/N knew she was the subject of their conversation she didn’t show it. Indeed she showed nothing, even when Dean subtly found a way to test her against holy water (knocking over his glass as she leaned to pick up their plates), silver (Sam having noticed the locket hanging round her neck) and salt. That last test had seen Sam head towards the bathroom, muttering under his breath as he went. “Sorry for the mess” Y/N heard as she bent down with a dustpan and brush “I’m not usually so clumsy.” “I think a few spillages are to be expected in this line of work” chuckled the girl. A moment of silence passed between the two and then “So, do you fancy dessert?”.

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Like She’s Mine (part eight) - Stiles Stilinski

warnings: swearing

Eight months later (one year after Madi’s birth)

“No.. no no no no no they spelled her name wrong how hard is it to spell Madison!?” I was screaming my head off as I glared down at the birthday cake made out to Maddison.  “One d! Come on! I made a whole separate note!”

“Alright tiger take it down a notch” Allison rushed over to me, putting her hands on my shoulders.

“No! Lydia is bringing Madi over here in an hour and a half and this cake is ruined!” My hands flew to my hair, running stressfully through it.

“Hey, hey take a breather” I nearly glared at Stiles, but his expression was so soft that I couldn’t keep the anger in my eyes.  “Come on, I’ll drive you back to the bakery, we’ll order a new cake, and then boom.  One cake for the party, one cake for just us to eat.  That’s two cakes!” I laughed slightly, feeling the fury in my in veins begin to dissipate.

“Okay… okay this is manageable” I said, taking in deep breaths as he moved his hands in sync with me.

“Alright, come on then let’s go down to the bakery” He said, and I made my way to the door.

“I’ll stick around here and finish making lunch for the party” Allison called.

“And I’m still on decorations!” I looked over to see Scott with streamers wrapped all over him, three party hats stacked on his head, and maybe ten balloons in his mouth, none of them blown up yet.  I smiled at his ridiculous mess of my decoration box.

“Thanks guys, we’ll come back in a bit” I said as Stiles was shrugging on his red hoodie.

“Ready?” He asked, and I nodded.  His hand was on the small of my back as he lead me out of the apartment.  I took a deep breath, and Stiles chuckled.  “It’s gonna be fine, I already told you”

“I know it’s just.. It’s her first birthday I want it to be special” But he gave me a reassuring smile as we walked out of the building.

“And it will be, I promise you it’ll go great” He told me.  “She’s gonna have so much fun. Get so much attention and presents, and we are going to eat a shit ton of cake” I laughed a little, which seemed to make him relieved.

“Alright we gotta get to the bakery fast I don’t know how quickly they can make a custom cake”

back at the apartment

“Do you think that the balloons should be separated? Like all over the apartment or should we keep them all together?” Scott asked.  Allison looked over and shrugged her shoulders.

“I like it either way” She answered, then went back to her cooking.

“How about we put streamers along both sides of all the doorway-”

“Do you think they’ll ever tell each other?”  Allison asked abruptly, and Scott spun around.

“Who- what?”

“Stiles and y/n.  Duh” He chuckled at her response, but didn’t know how to answer.  “They can’t hide it from each other forever, right?” He thought for a moment, but still couldn’t find the words.  “Honestly, he was in deep before they even met, and it didn’t take her long either”

“Yeah actually he uh… he’s told me it started back in like.. The sixth grade” Allison’s brows rose as she stirred whatever batter she was making up.

“y/n hasn’t been able to admit it for a while, but I know it’s at least been since they met” Scott was smiling as he continued taping streamers everywhere.

“I hope for them that they get over this irrational fear of rejection and just-just pour it all out” Allison giggled at him, giving him a glance over her shoulder.

“I don’t think she knows anymore”

“Knows what?” Scott asked.

“Well… I think she used to tell.  I think she used to get the feeling that he liked her”

“He wasn’t the most discreet person in the world” Allison chuckled.

“But I think since… since Madi she doesn’t… doesn’t see it anymore” Scott nodded, hanging his head down.

“Should we do something about it?” He asked.

“What do you mean?”

“You know like.. Should we set them up? Get them to realize how in love with each other they are?” Allison seemed to ponder the idea.  “It could work you know”

“I don’t know Scott… I think y/n’s maybe got her hands full?”

“But that’s why he’s there, he’s there to help her with all of it” Scott said.

“Since when did you become a romantic novelist?” Allison muttered.

“Look Allison I just think they could use each other”

“I do too but…”

“I mean, he took off a year of school for her.”

“For us Scott-”

“Bullshit” They both laughed.  “You and I both know that he’s here for y/n” Allison turned around, discarding her brownies and wiping her hands with a rag.

“Yes… yes but I think…” Allison paused for a moment, wanting to be very careful about what she said next.  “Don’t you think that she should be able to choose something for herself?” She asked the question slowly.

“You think she wouldn’t choose him?” Scott replied, cocking his head to the side.

“No I think she would I just think it’s a decision that she needs to make for herself, you know?” Scott’s mouth opened as he realized what she meant.  “I think that she needs to be independent for a while… and I think that that’s what’s good for her right now” Scott nodded his head.

“Yeah, yeah that makes sense” Allison turned back to her brownie batter, picking up the bowl and pouring it into a glass pan.

“But have you seen the way he is with Madi?” She chuckled.

“Yeah, the kid loves him” Scott said with a smile as he went back to taping streamers.  Well, he was trying to.  The guy didn’t know the first thing about decorations or decorating styles.  The apartment looked like a funhouse, multi colored streamers taped to the most random spots on the ceiling.  (Allison hadn’t left the kitchen, she didn’t know her boyfriend was out there making the place look like Party City exploded inside y/n’s living room).

(back to the reader’s pov)

When I opened the door to the apartment, I gawked at the circus my living room had become.

“Do you like it!?” Scott asked hopefully.  He was tying a balloon to the handles on the tv cabinets.

“Wow” Stiles said under his breath.  “Allison didn’t help you, huh buddy?” Scott shook his head, still bearing a big proud smile.

“Nope!” He said, and walked over to us.  “I did it all on my own!”

“Yeah… yeah I see that” I said, laughing slightly.

“Is it okay?” Scott’s features fell, and I gave him a bright and reassuring smile.

“It’s amazing Scott, thanks for the help” He pretended to tip his hat at me, and went back to work ting balloons on anything he could.  Stiles gave me a look, and I just smiled and head into the kitchen.

“Hey sweetie!” Allison greeted.  She was putting chocolate frosting on a pan of brownies.  The smell was all over the kitchen and it made my mouth water.  “No!” She must’ve read my mind cause she smacked my hand and scolded me.

“Fine fine” I rolled my eyes.  “But seriously, you didn’t have to make all of this”

“I don’t mind” She shrugged.  “How’d the bakery go?”

“They couldn’t do the writing on it” Stiles said, sitting down at the table.  Allison raised an eyebrow, and I set the box on the counter to show her.  I opened it up, revealing the white frosted cake with a border of pink and blue flowers.  The whole middle was empty.

“Oh that’s an easy fix” Allison said, waving a hand in the air and opening up a cabinet.  “We’ve got these bags and all you gotta do is put some frosting in there and you can write any message you want”

“Really? I have those?” I asked, not knowing that we owned any.

“Well, I do.  I brought over everything this morning” Allison said.

“Thanks Alli”

“Not yet, I haven’t given you my extra batch of pink frosting” SHe handed me the bowl.  “Okay, now you can thank me” I giggled as she went back to her brownies.

“Thank you Allison.  I don’t know what’d I do without ya” I kissed her cheek quickly and got to work scooping frosting into the decorating tube.

“Still glad you’re spending the year here Stilinski” Allison asked as I began writing as neatly as I could.

“Yeah I am, Beacon Hills has always been much more thrilling” He answered.

“Yeah but community college can’t be that fun” She said.  I gave her a look, unsure of why she chose right now to have this conversation.  “What?” Allison asked innocently.  “I’m making conversation”

“It’s not bad.  It’s easier than GWU” Stiles said, ignoring our small side conversation.

“Oh I’m sure it is.  Besides your favorite pers- people- are here” Stiles chuckled, and I caught a hint of pink on his cheeks but he quickly looked down to his phone.  I ignored it.

“Yeah” Was all he said.

“Should I say ‘Madison Rose’ or just ‘Madi’?” I asked, trying to direct the topic of conversation somewhere else.

“Madison Rose” Stiles said.

“Wow way to make it easy on her” Allison said, and I could tell that she rolled her eyes, even though I couldn’t see her.  I just knew by her tone.  When she used it, she couldn’t help the sassy.  It was just Allison.

“Well at least I didn’t let my boyfriend turn this place into  madhouse” Stiles retorted.  I sighed, this little banter thing they had would never go away.

“What are you talking about you hoe”

“Allison” I scolded slightly, but she could hear my slight laugh so she didn’t listen.

“I’m just saying Scott might be like a were-clown or something.  Place looks like a circus”

“Stiles shut up before this spoon goes so far up your ass you’re choking on it-”

“I swear to God I’ll be at my wedding saying my vows, and you two will start fighting cause you thought one kicked the other’s seat” I said, shaking my head.

“Wrong” Allison sing songed pointing to me.  “One, I won’t be sitting in the boring crowd.  I’m your maid of honor don’t deny it” I giggled.  SHe came over to me, pretending to inspect my handiwork.  “And two, I wouldn’t want to pick a fight with the groom” I nudged her said, not so secretly checking to see if Stiles heard her.  But he was looking at his phone.  Allison giggled, walking back to her spot across the kitchen again.

“Why don’t you go see what Scott did to my living room?” I told her.  Allison shrugged a shoulder.

“Maybe I will” She walked towards the room.  “I’m sure he did wonder- SCOTT WHAT THE HELL!?” I slapped a hand over my mouth but Stiles didn’t even try to hide his laughter.

“Baby you like it?” I walked out to Allison, and Stiles followed.  Scott was currently upside down on the couch, legs sticking out wildly in the air as he was taping balloons all around the coffee table.  It was a cage of rainbow ribbons.

“Wow babe… I didn’t know you were so skilled at decorating”

“RIght? Me neither” I giggled slightly, shooting a glance to Stiles.  He had the same look on his face.

“You did great” Allison said, patting Scott’s shoulders and giving him a quick peck on the lips.

“Yeah Scott, you could’ve had a future career in this” Stiles said, and again I had to cough to hide my laughter.

“Thanks but I think I’m gonna stick to being a veterinarian” Scott said, and I went into the kitchen to secretly laugh.

“All good choices” Stiles said, more sarcasm in his tone.

“H-hey was he being sarcastic?” I head Scott ask Allison.

“No sweetie, he’s probably just jealous”

Oh poor Scott.

“Surprise we’re here-! WHAT IN THE FUCK!?”

And that’s how Scott realized we were all making fun of him.

By the end of the night, most of the streamers had been ripped down by Lydia, who claimed you just couldn’t walk through his place without getting it in your hair.  There was wrapping paper and tissue paper everywhere, and Madi’s face still had cake and frosting all over her face.  Thank God I snapped that picture in time.

“Are we gonna go over there and break that up?” Scott asked as he pointed to the corner of the room where Allison and Stiles were screaming their heads off.




“Nah.. I wanna see where this goes” Lydia said, and took a picture on her phone of Allison mid scream.

“Besides, he neighbors haven’t complained.  Why close up the entertainment now?” I said, taking a stack of plates to the kitchen.

“Here, let me” Scott said, taking them from my hands before I could set them in the sink.

“Thanks Scott” I smiled, and went to Madi instead.  “Alright time for a little bath you are messy” I said with a wide smile.

“Bath!? I’ve got just the toy!” Allison ran over, a pink mermaid doll in hand.  Stiles tripped her.

“Why don’t you let me take her?” Lydia chuckled, and I let her take Madi from my arms.

“Okay thanks” I said.  “I’m gonna go outside and get some air, but I’ll be back in a bit” I told her, and she nodded.

“I’ll hold down the fort for ya” I chuckled as I slipped on flats and grabbed my coat before walking out to the hallway.  I made my way outside.  This February has been a pretty chilly one for Beacon Hills, but at least tonight it wasn’t cold enough that I could see my breath.

It was a pretty night, the sky was pretty dark, and there were no clouds so all of the stars were visible.  It was the kind of scenery that you see photographs of and people use as wallpaper on their phones.  I was almost tempted to pull out my phone and take a picture, but it was much more beautiful in person.  I sat down on the curb of the sidewalk, clasping my hands together as my fingers got colder.  It was getting pretty late, so not many cars drove past me.  It was just me and the stars.  How poetic.

“There you are” I turned to see Stiles walking over to me.  I offered him a small smile as he grew closer.  “What’re you doing out here?”

“Catching a break from the craziness” I answered, and he nodded slightly.

“Mind if I sit?”

“Go right ahead, it’s a beautiful view tonight” I said.

“Yeah it is” He smiled, staring intently at me.

“Shut up” I mumbled, hoping my face wasn’t as red as I felt.  He didn’t say anything, but at least he looked away from me and at the sky.

“I think Scott’s is going to cry once he’s alone tonight.  Lydia laid it on quite thick on how her has striped streamers with the polka dot streamers” I giggled and brushed my hands through my hair.

“Yeah, he better stick with UC Davis, the guy’s got no sense of decor” I said, and Stiles laughed too.  I shivered and shuffled over closer to him.  “Thanks for taking me over to the bakery last minute today by the way” I said, and he nodded.

“No problem.  It was funny watching you scramble around anyways” I laughed nervously, looking down at my lap for a moment.  “But it was great, and Alli told me you took tons of pictures”

“I did, I was thinking of making a scrapbook or something” I said.  “I’ve been looking on pinterest and stuff for all those ‘baby’s first birthday’ and stuff, and a lot of people kept a scrapbook for the first year or so” Stiles smiled and nodded.

“Yeah I can see you liking that.  Especially later on in life when she’s older you know?” I grinned and nodded.

“Right! I think it could be really cute” I said, rubbing my hands together.

“Are you cold?”

“Sort of.  I didn’t think I’d need more than my coat but I guess-”

“Well that’s an easy fix, here” Stiles reached over, wrapping his hands around mine and holding them on his leg.  I looked over at him, studying his features while he was looking down at our hands.  There was a small and soft smile on his face, honey brown eyes looking as warm as his skin felt on mine.  His thumbs were brushing gently over the backs of my hands.  I think he caught my stare, because his head turned and his eyes were staring into mine.  And as cliche as it sounds, I’m pretty sure my heart stopped.  Our noses were only centimeters from bumping together.  My breath hitched and I swallowed tightly.

“Thanks” I said weakly, and dared a glance down to his lips.  God I wanted to kiss them.  Were they as soft as they looked?

“No problem” He responded, smiling just slightly.  I caught him when his lashes flicked down, and my heart sped up so fast he had to have heard it.  He leaned forward just barely, but enough for me to see and mimic his actions.

“Stiles! Tell Scott that drinking three bottles of Mountain Dew does not make you a badass!” We sprung apart the moment Allison came outside yelling.  She immediately looked guilty, but covered up the second I shook my head.  A small action, only noticed by her.  It was my secret message saying not to mention anything.

“What?” Stiles asked, standing and rubbing the back of his neck as he came over to Scott and Allison.

“I think drinking sugar in one day is pretty badass” Scott shrugged, putting his hands into his jacket pockets.  I shook my head, smiling sadly down to the ground as I stood up.

“Good for you Scott” I said, patting his shoulder as I walked past them.  “I’m gonna head inside and check on Lydia and Madi”

I went inside without any other words shared with my friends.  I stuffed my hands into my pockets in fists.  They were pushing against the fabric so hard I was worried they’d rip right through.  My head was buzzing with thoughts so fast it was beginning to hurt, and all I wanted was to see my daughter and Lydia.

Entering the apartment I kicked my shoes off randomly and dropped my coat to the floor.

“Lyd?” I called.

“Mama!” I smiled softly and went into the nursery.  Which I’m not sure could really be called that anymore…

“Hey y/n” Lydia was in the rocking chair, Madi on her lap.  She was in her pajamas, and her hair was dry and soft looking.

“Hi there sweetheart” I sat on the small rocking stool in front of them, facing Lydia and Madi.

“You okay hon?” Lydia asked, and I rose my brows, letting out  long sigh.  “Uh oh, what happened?”

“I think I just had an almost kiss with Stiles” I said, eyes wide as I stared at her.  Her lips pulled into a big grin.

“y/n that’s great” She said quietly but happily.

“No, no it’s not great”

“What?” Her happiness instantly turned to shock.

“I mean what would’ve happened if I kissed him Lydia?”

“For one you’d confess your love for one another get married and ride off into the sunset on a rainbow pony” I rolled my eyes, but it seemed to make Madi smile.  She probably thought it was a story.

“Mama” Her hands reached out for me, and Lydia lifted into my lap.  I bounced her on my knee and continued with Lydia.

“And what would happen even if we did like each other? We date?”

“Well that’s what most people who like each other do” Lydia said sarcastically with a giggle.  I sighed again.

“And what would happen if we stopped liking each other? Or we broke up? We’d never be friends again Lyd.  I don’t want that”

“If you’re going to look at all the what ifs of life, then what’s the point of doing anything?” Lydia told me.  I wasn’t sure how to reply to that.  Because I knew she was right, of course she was she was Lydia Martin for Christ’s sake.  But I still had the nagging feeling of worry in my stomach.  I didn’t want to lose Stiles.  “Just keep that in mind no matter what you choose to do, alright?” I nodded, and Madi leaned her head back until she hit my chest.

“Baby are you tired?” I asked, and she gave me a nod, recognize the word.  “Alright, let’s get you tucked in alright?” She nodded again, and lifted her arms for me to lift her.  I walked her over to her worn crib, setting her down and pulling the blankets over her.  She clutched onto her pink stuffed elephant, holding it close to her chest and nuzzling her face into it’s soft fuzz.  “Goodnight sweetheart, happy birthday” I said in a whisper before kissing her head.  Lydia followed me out of her room.  We found Allison Scott and Lydia back in the living room.  Allison and Scott in their coats and shoes.

“When’s your flight tomorrow?” Allison asked as she came over to hug Lydia goodbye.

“Early” The strawberry blonde sighed before pulling away.  “But I’m glad I could come here for the weekend for her birthday” She said, giving Scott a quick side hug.  “And see you guys” She hugged Stiles next.

“Yeah we’re glad we got to see you too” Stiles said.  Lydia turned and came over to me.  She hugged me tightly, rubbing back and resting her chin on my shoulder.

“I’m gonna miss you guys” She said, pulling away after what felt like a long time.

“We’ll miss you too” I told her.  “I’ll make sure to FaceTime you”

“Good.  With Madi too.  I might miss her more than the rest of you losers” I laughed softly and nodded.

“I’ll make sure of it” I said as she opened the door.

“Bye guys, see you in the summer” We waved and called goodbye.  Allison and Scott put on their shoes next, both hugging Stiles and I and saying their goodbyes.  I thanked them again for all of their help.

“And then there were two” Stiles said, and I laughed slightly.

“You staying here tonight?” I asked, and he shrugged, already cleaning off the couch.  I took that as an answer of yes.  So I went back to my room to get extra blankets.  When I came back he was already laying on the sofa, scrolling through his phone.  “You know” I said, pulling blankets over top of him.  “I could always get one of those couches that pull out into a bed.  Then you’d have something comfortable to sleep on” He looked up at me, and set his phone down, turning it off.

“Yeah but those are expensive, and I don’t think I’m here often enough to need a whole bed-”

“You’re here five days out of the week” I said with a chuckle, straightening the blankets out.

“Are you tucking me in?” He asked, and I flushed.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry I totally just mommed you it’s habit” He was laughing, and my blush stayed present.

“You’re fine, I like the special treatment” I beckoned for him to lift his head up, and slid a pillow under him.  “You gonna tell me sweet dreams and kiss me goodnight too?” I giggled, setting my hands on his chest and leaning over to press a featherlight kiss to his forehead.

“Sweet dreams Stiles” I said softly when I pulled back.

“Sweet dreams y/n” He whispered back to me.  I smiled slightly, and walked out of the room, flicking off the lights, and going to my own bed.

If you’re going to look at all the what ifs of life, then what’s the point of doing anything?

me: *skipping an singing* you almost kissed you almost kissed!

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I finished my custom Shepard Funko Pop yesterday! And then the moment after everything had dried and I was examining my handiwork… I dropped her on the floor and her arm broke off :| It’s precariously glued back on now (and you can see the crack) but I think I actually screamed at the time.

I used a Civil War Black Widow as her base and did loads of Fimo sculpting on top of her catsuit to make her Alliance armour. And then painted lots of fiddly details. Apparently my detail fixation does not stop at just drawing armour…

(I also made one of my Ryder!)

And with thanks again to @vorchagirl and her custom pops for the inspiration!

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I love you, and I love your Martian!Voltron crossover event thing happening rn... I would beg for more but don't you have a paper to write?... and if there's one thing Mark Watney and Shiro both agree on it's the importance of schooling...

“It’s a terrible thing to have my life depend on my half-assed handiwork.” –Mark Watney