Bilbo the Badger

Enjoying the sun from a comfortable seat by the window

sooo…. i made my first amv today! :D i hope you guys like it. as you may know from my url i really like shrek and i think he and macklemore would be… well, youll see!!! please reblog and show your friends and have a blessed day :) pictures do not belong to me and shrek and macklemore belong to eachother…! (well… i wish >///<) enjoy!!! music is benedictus by hayley westenra :) i thought it mixed shrek’s emotions with macklemores… if you want the idea i had it was kinda shrek has a crush on macklemore but since macklemore is famous shrek doesn’t notice him :/ oh well things will get better maybe in my next amv!!– 8X DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD???? anyway enjoy ^^