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You scowled as you ran out of bullets, not really wanting to have to worry about doing any dirty work today. Why did you ever agree to help the Avengers out every once in a while? Oh, right, because your Dad created them.

Sometimes you really hated him for having great ideas.

“What’s with you? One minute it’s highly believable that you’re Fury’s kid, the next you’re shitting rainbows and you could be the most unrelated person ever to him,” Tony spoke through the comms. You rolled your eyes - he had always questioned whether or not you were actually Fury’s child. Even if you weren’t related by blood, he’d still be the best damn father you could have ever asked for.

“Because,” you grunted out, smashing your elbow into the face of one of the agents, “you can’t be shitting rainbows while snapping people’s necks.”

“But you could put some humor into it! At least Natasha does.”

“I’ve been at this longer than (Y/N). Besides, they were trained specifically under Fury. Give it five more minutes and the humor will be there,” Nat cut in and you laughed, shaking your head. She was right - you just had to get into a certain rhythm before you loosened up enough.

“Eh, maybe less. I’m gaining inspiration from this guy’s attitude.” 

                                                          Captain America vs Iron Man
                                                           Steve Rogers vs Tony Stark
                                                                 Freedom vs Justice