I may have fallen off the wagon. I may have had to much pizza this week. And maybe I gained 7 pounds. But the point is I’m back at it and I bounced back. Don’t feel bad about falling down. Everyone trips up. The point is that you get back up and go back at it twice as hard 🏋️‍♀️ let’s kick some ass

Goodbye Scale

I gave my scale to a friend tonight. I was getting obsessed. I only wanted to weigh myself every month but once I put batteries in my scale and did my weigh in for January… WHAT A RUSH!! I got hooked on checking my weight every morning and it’s become a sickness. Over the last couple days I’ve fluctuated upwards, it could be anything that gave me that pound and a half…it could be nothing at all. But it affected how I felt in a really negative way. I stopped paying attention to how I feel in my mind and my skin. I stopped noticing the little changes. All that mattered was that number. I had to get rid of it. So, I’ve charged my wonderful friend Chris with bringing my scale to me once a month. Now I get to focus on more important things. Like the fact that I wore a pair of size 10’s today. A little snug but I got them past my thighs. Woo!

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Weigh In 3.26.17

Starting weight: 242.1
Last weeks weigh in: 212.4
Todays weight: 210.2
Lost this week: 2.2
Total lost: 31.9

I knew that the 3.4 lbs to go to meet my next mini goal would be a stretch to accomplish this week but I was still really hoping and aiming for it. A little bummed I didn’t get it this week but I’ll definitely have it next week with only 1.2 lbs to go. Still progress.


Start Weight: 197lbs
2nd photo: 178 lbs
3rd photo: 153 lbs
44 pounds down 30 to go
This is a difficult journey. I’ve gone through so many ups and downs in the past year. I still find myself wandering off my fitness path but I want to look like Sandra Prikker dammit!
Healthy eating and drinking 2 liters of water a day. Also 1-2 hours at the gym 6 times a week.
I love what I’m starting to look like and I feel so strong.
You guys should see my skin. I’m 29 but I look like a 22 yr old. Water is my bff!!


My mom was the person who really pushed me to take the weightlifting class that started it all. She’s my OG ~fitspiration~, my biggest supporter, and my best friend. She deserves the world and I’m determined to give it to her.


HIIT CARDIO 🔥. Give this a try. I included bloopers. Fam I just want you to know even the most seasoned fitness professionals mess up. We can too! The concentration for the agility ladders is UNREAL but it does get your heart rate soaring! Give it a shot. I messed up quite a few times then decided to dance my way through 🤷‍♀️
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