Carrie Bradshaw Lookbook

The five outfits my Carrie sim comes with!  Make sure you also check my speed build of her NYC apartment here where the download for both her and the apartment is! Details below the margin :*

(Double tap on phone to look closer)


{Outfit 1}

I Therion Chokers I @pralinesims

I Unbalanced Off-Shoulder Top I @sims4-marigold

I Accordion Skirt I @sims4-marigold

I Madlen Rea Shoes I @madlensims

{Outfit 2}

I Polo-Neck Sweater I @sims4-marigold

I Tom Ford Suede Skirt I @simpliciaty (SUBSTITUTE)

I Madlen Sentiro Shoes I @madlensims

{Outfit 3}

I Ruffle Blouse I @sims4-marigold

I Mermaid Line Mini-Skirt I @sims4-marigold

I Christy Flats I @theslyd

{Outfit 4}

I Off-Shoulder Summer Blouse I @sims4-marigold

I Reckless Jeans I serenity-cc

I Madlen Ciros Shoes I @madlensims

{Outfit 5}

I New Sweatshirt I @sims4-marigold

I Tulip Skirt I @sims4-marigold

I Madlen Rimini Shoes I @madlensims

^(Couldn’t find mesh, these are the original boots, though.)^


Kacy Catanzaro: the first woman in American Ninja Warrior history to qualify for Mt. Midoriyama.

EDIT: Thanks to this anon, I’ve been informed that Ayako Miyake was the first woman to qualify and finish the Female Japanese Ninja Warrior three times. While it’s not the same course, she’s another equally incredible woman performing a difficult feat.

EDIT 2: Thanks tomminorsetbackk, I’ve also been told that Chie Tanabe completed the first stage in Sasuke and attempted the second.  

It will be worth it. Whatever effort you are putting in right now, you will see results in the near future.
—  words of encouragement