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Edward Nigma smirked a little as he twirled his cane and approached you. He used the hook part of it to pull you right up to him and he nuzzled a little into your neck. "Riddle me this, kitten. Who's adorable, full of mystery, and my favorite leading lady?"

oh gosh um it is me?? nah no way it’s me it can’t be right? right??

this is my favorite locker room celebration picture  


for one you have the veteran faces of cap and boxxy just peeking out from the back

then you have arod alex and kelley, their goggles and their incredible faces

you’ve got carli in the front who you know is low-key smug af holding her world cup

then there’s HAO and moe who are completely smudged out which just signifies how crazy everyone got 

you have kriegs who’s celebrating like it’s 1999 in just her sports bra

pinoe over on the right right in the process of popping another bottle

then you’ve got kling over on the left who looks like she just peed into that powerade bottle

and lastly you have syd, hair protected and chugging straight from the bottle