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i hate this fandom's double-standards towards the women tbh, i tend to love sciency-lady types but b/c they don't physically kick ass fandom doesn't give two shits about them and is happy to let ppl rip into them, whereas you can't say even a slightly bad word about peggy, natasha, or sharon without getting people screaming MISOGYNY at you

My favorite Marvel lady is Claire on Daredevil, but I love science ladies! I liked Jane in Thor. They need more science ladies and other kinds of ladies instead of just super agent ladies with guns. I’m not really into spy/secret agent stuff. Kick-ass ladies are awesome, but so are other types of ladies (and men) but fandom has decided that Natasha and Peggy and now Sharon are the “correct” ladies to like and defend. I’ve seen reasonable-seeming male fans attacked for saying they would prefer a Scarlet Witch movie over a Black Widow movie. Tbh Peggy never really wowed me as a character. Hayley is really talented, but idk. Maybe because the MCU’s WW2 doesn’t feel like WW2 so it’s hard to connect to that aspect of her character. Kind of the same with MCU Steve.

But I really wish instead of crying misogyny and attacking other fans for not fawning over the “right” characters, people would just admit they want more of their faves and stop pulling the obnoxious “YOU HATE WOMENNNNNN” nonsense when they give no fucks that only white women are being included (in the movies anyway) and how real actual minority women/WOC might feel about that. It’s the whole putting fictional women (often created by men, to be an ideal of a woman rather than a person) over real women’s feelings that irritates me.