“This tender and heartening Norwegian gem tells the story of an anxious young boy who climbs into his father’s arms seeking comfort on a cold sleepless night. The two step outside into the winter wonderland as the boy asks questions about the red birds in the spruce tree to be cut down the next morning, about the fox out hunting, about why his mother will never wake up again. With his warm and assuring answers, the father watches his son make sense of this strange world of ours where love and loss go hand in hand.”

Brain Pickings has selected Stein E. Lunde and Øyvind Torseter's My Father’s Arms Are a Boat for inclusion on its list of “The 13 Best Children’s, Illustrated, and Picture Books of 2013.”

justineinsilver asked:

Turn left

Everything had changed when Thomas was born.  Lara’s position as her father’s favorite had been disrupted, though it made no sense to her.  Why was this boy different from the others?  Was it because of the cow that bore him?  Father seemed enamored.  

It simply wouldn’t do.

His little body had been so frail in her arms.  He was such a tiny thing.  He’d smiled at her when she slipped into the bathroom, splashing and playing with toy boats.  His caretaker had gone for towels, so she only had a few moments, but that was all she needed.

It didn’t take any of her strength at all to hold him under the surface of the bath water until he stopped struggling.  She kept holding until she heard movement outside the suite, then she slipped away through the servant’s hall.

The screams that followed made Lara smile.