some monsters from Taiwanese folk stories

From top left :

芒神(魔神仔)Moo-Sin-A, evil creatures appear in the wild or mountains who love to prank ppl.

貓鬼 Cat ghost. They sneak inside the house and kill one month old babies. That’s why some old ppl believe we need to hang died cats on the trees to avoid they become this kind of ghost.

竹篙鬼 The bamboo ghost which will kill ppl or steal ppl’s spirit.

海中毛人 The fluffy monster lives in the sea, who points directions and creates winds for sailors

地牛 The underground cow which will cause earthquakes when she turns her body over.

Horoscopes and Tarot Overview for February 22, 2017


The Moon continues its stay in steady Capricorn, assisting in achieving firm ground to stand on during a busy aspect day in the universe. While we attempt to be productive and practical especially in work or career matters, our mind and emotions may be put through the paces with surprises and obstacles.

Overnight, the Moon squares Venus and sextiles Neptune pitting warm desirous fire energy against watery emotions. This may leave some messages in our dream time or we could be prone to receiving or making a 3AM call to someone we miss.

Also during the night Mars squares Pluto, plus there is a lunar alignment to Pluto and a square to Mars this afternoon, continuing the battle between common sense and passion. There is an intensity that can wake us out of a deep sleep especially when you are desiring someone or something you cannot have at the moment. Aggressive behavior is unacceptable at this point.  The best path to take will be channeling this powerful energy elsewhere. Reflect on the strong feelings that come up during the day and work on a better road to satisfying urges and the conquering the need for success.

The Moon semi-squares the Sun, then squares both Rx Jupiter and Uranus tonight foreshadowing Saturdays solar aspects and presenting us with a little light on some issues we may have put off. Patience may be tested as we are itching for new activity but may not have finished our present tasks. We can be bored with or over whatever doesn’t work. If something hasn’t brought the success, or responses expected, reflect on the steps taken, there may need to be tweaks.

Tarot Cards of the Day: The Sun, the 8 of Pentacles and the Page of Pentacles-tap into the day’s more positive, grounding energy when you feel a little overwhelmed by work or home life. Unexpected money may be coming your way, especially if you have been putting in the hard work necessary.

Chakras: third eye, solar plexus and sacral

Crystals: labradorite, yellow topaz and carnelian

Aromatherapy: lavender, lemongrass and ginger

Yoga: vinyasa practice with inversions and twists.

Aries- the energy surrounding you is anything but relaxing today so it’s quite possible to lose your center. This is not the time to begin anything brand new or even attempt an off shoot of a current project, have patience, a sense of timing and common sense then take some deep breaths.

Taurus- Consider your future plans, mull them over, write them down and reflect on their viability. Acting on half-baked ideas would not benefit you now. Dreams can hold important answers to situations you feel are beyond reach or less than viable. Pay attention.

Gemini-you may be less chatty than usual but that’s ok, it’s better for to be quiet and reflective about what you are thinking. It’s time to put your drive and determination into planning and creative activities that have meaning or are more personal to your growth and development.

Cancer- use your hard shell to keep your thoughts, dreams and desires safe while you formulate new ideas. Emotions may be a bit overwhelming but manageable. Carve some time out of the day to contemplate what you need most, and channel your desires.

Leo- today you need to hunt for answers to important questions that have alluded you. Your patience may wear thin as you try several different solutions to problems that are blocking your progress. Try to prioritize what you need most before tackling other chores.

Virgo- you may feel at odds with your emotions today, there are multiple tasks to undertake, so feelings can overwhelm your progress. It could be time to get in touch with what touches you deeply on a level you haven’t accessed yet. Don’t make any snap decisions or judgements just yet.

Libra- pay attention to all the spaces in between the business that you have been neglecting lately. It’s possible you have put all your needs on the back burner so you can support everyone else. Today you need to listen to your inner voice, it will guide you.

Scorpio- your brain is on overdrive which can make you feel obsessive or possessive. If you can get your mind off past mistakes or missteps it will help you piece together the puzzle you have been working on. Take a walk, clear your head and let go of expectations.

Sagittarius- it may be a confusing day as you try to calm your emotional reactions and define your goals today. There may be some scattered energy that can throw you off track or lead down a dead-end path if you are not centered. Find your equilibrium in the need vs want struggle.

Capricorn-the Moon stays in your sign, making you a little stubborn and maybe even impatient. The key to finding balance is all about flexibility in the face of obstacles. Expectations can cloud your judgement so look beyond what you desire and tune into emotional satisfaction.

Aquarius- your mind may be racing far ahead of your emotional capacity today so take some time to catch up to your thoughts and feelings. Relax and use meditation to calm your inner thoughts so what you are learning can catch up with what you are feeling.

Pisces- you may be daydreaming more than usual today, which can move you into an uneasy place, part of you enjoys this creative process and part of you wants results now. Use your intuitive powers to calm anxiety or worries about what the future holds, you cannot force change.

Man, I already had an idea for Phantom Fist but now I’m suuuuuper tempted to make it basically those crystal brass knuckles.


It had to have been…

“What!? Why meeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEE!?!? I m-mean, yeah, I smashed a botttle over her head! B-B-But I don’t know nothin’ about no poison! I swear on my crystal ball it’s true! Euggraaahh! That’s right, it was only a GLASS ball! Th-Then I swear on my glass ball! My broken, shattered, useless glass ball! You gotta believe me!”

Why is he so upset? It’s enough to make me suspicious…


anonymous asked:

I am a beginner witch and I was charging my crystals tonight and I felt them warm up in my hand? I have handled them plenty before so I know they are safe, and this has never happened before! I asked aloud if they could aid me and I felt them grow warmer???? Has this happened to you or anyone you know???

this has happened to my friend before but never me! my pendulum has done that though. that’s super duper awesome, I’d love to know which crystals they are and what you use them for!! it sounds like you’re destined to be a true Crystal Whisperer™ 💎