Klaus - the original hybrid - knew Caroline was the one for him when he met her. Despite his countless years on earth and multitude of life experiences, he knew she was the one for him and he made this clear with his proclamation to wait “however long it takes”; because no one else compared. 

And years later, Klaus reaffirmed his feelings with a new proclamation in the form of a letter. Even after leaving Mystic Falls in order to start life anew in New Orleans and experiencing new things, his feelings for Caroline remained a constant.  He is still willing to wait “however long it takes” to be with her. 

Because after a multitude of years on this earth and time spent apart from Caroline, Klaus knows that Caroline is the one for him. 

However long it takes. 

Get you a boy who loves you like renjun loves moomin, who smiles like jeno, who makes you laughs at your jokes like you’re haechan, who praises you like chenle praises the members, who would be as awkward and as shy as mark, who would burn you like jisung, and who would give you the biggest hugs like jaemin  

Aang legit in the comic called Zuko “Your Fireiness” as a nickname. It’s not a stretch that one day the gaang all hang out and watch Aang and Zuko banter(flirt) and Aang calls Zuko “Your Hotness”. When Toph barks out a laugh all “Careful Twinkletoes, your wife can see you blushing.” And Katara goes “I like it when he’s blushing. Besides, who wouldn’t call Zuko Your Hotness?” To the left Sokka is dramatically gagging, but Aang and Katara laugh and take turns bowing and ushering Zuko across the courtyard “Your Hotness” “After you, Your Hotness” “Oh mighty and regal lord hotness of the firenation” “Hottest hotness of the firenation dynasty” “The hottiest” and Zuko gets all flustered and ends up laughing.

One of my headcanons: Sometimes on her way to the bridge, passing the escape pod door, Ryder will stop when she sees Peebee muttering under her breath and tinkering with something. Can’t help but stare, she loves the faces she makes while she concentrates. She tries to be subtle by turning away and continuing to the galaxy map when Peebee finally notices but can’t hide how her face turns a deep red. Peebee says nothing, logging it in her memory to tease Ryder about later, and just smirks.