bare minimum stuff i wish all cis people knew:

  • basic understanding of what transgender/trans means
  • what a trans woman is, what a trans man is, and what a nonbinary person is (and recognition there are identities under that umbrella even if they don’t know the specifics)
  • what (gender) pronouns are and why it’s important to respect them
  • why it’s good for cis people to normalize sharing pronouns
  • how to use they/them pronouns
  • why gender-neutral bathrooms are important
  • basic knowledge of what kind of jokes are transphobic
  • basic understanding that trans people face violence and discrimination

like i do not expect everyone to have a degree in Trans Studies but this is basic basic stuff you can learn to help us be comfortable and have a foundation for deeper discussions on trans topics. it would take maybe a few hours or less to get a general understanding of these things.

i don’t want to have to explain all of this every time i ask if we can do pronouns in introductions, add gender-neutral bathrooms to accessibility info, introduce someone who uses they/them pronouns, etc. if people took just a little time to learn this on their own it would be so helpful.

(cis people feel free to reblog this, and i encourage you to do some reading on anything here you don’t know about)

tbh the best thing about sanders sides is just the general disregard of fictional thomas. like, hes technically the main character but we’re like “anyways so i loved the sides, that clock and linda. thats it no one else”

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