Bento Boxes and Pepero Sticks

Hello Everyone! 

The wait is finally over and Bento Boxes and Pepper Sticks is finally finished! Reminder, there is art included within the fic that will not be posted elsewhere, so please go check it out. It’s exclusive! If ratings are high, there will be a sequel and the art will be doubled (Hint: There may be some really fluffy scenes)! If you would love to see more yoonmin action, please please please support her work by leaving comments and kudos!

Note: I also wrote a bit of it, so I’m pretty nervous myself, haha. I’ve never written part of a fic in a my life!


Author: agustmiin

Length: one-shot

Rating: general audiences

Read on: Ao3


“I had always hoped you’d come looking for me~”

Ayyy, Halloween is drawing closer each day, and so I felt inspired to draw some vampire Frost! I felt it would be appropriate for the month and because I’ve posted a bit about vampire Frit recently.

Speaking of Frit, if anyone is curious as to who he is speaking to (hinting at the bolded dialogue above), this actually is more of an illustration for an idea that an anon gave me, which I talked about with the wonderful @bunny-carrothunter! Basically, it’s part of an AU where vampire Frost has been found by Hit, who is a highly experienced vampire hunter (since he’s a legendary assassin in the anime) who’s had a life goal to find Frost, one of the most sneaky and elusive vampires there has ever been. ;3

(You may have to click/tap on the doodle(s) for better quality ^.^)

| Day 17 | Forest Spirit Witch |

She who watches over the forest, who keeps it save and sound. And any who wonders in and dares to hurt even a single leaf will have to face her wrath.

Everyone who enters is given three chances to see the beauty of the land. But there are rules to be followed, don’t take anything, don’t leave anything that came from outside of the forest, and don’t hurt the land or those who call it home.

And anyone that broke any of these rules three times, are never seen again…

Everyone would tell you that they don’t believe in the story, but even so they all stay away from the forest. In fear of the small chance of the story being true, that there really is a magical spirit that watches over the forest that’ll kill you if you hurt her land.

So this took like… all day to draw.