I think how close I came to never knowing you. If I’d done one little thing differently and we never met, I wonder how different things would be. Could it be that I’d care about someone else as much as I care about you? Or would I feel as though something were missing, even though I’d never be able to know what it was?
—  how did i get so lucky

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On the topic of Zarkon and memes, imagine them just sending "ZARKON YOUR STICKS"


The photo and its puzzling caption mocks Zarkon from where it’s displayed on his monitor. For a moment the ruler of the universe contemplates stabbing the offensive image, but the weight of Haggar’s gaze on him keeps his arms resting on his throne. He can’t afford to show weakness, even though all of his most trusted officers are also equally confused by the actions of those twice be damned paladins.

The photo in question is this: The Blue Paladin and Yellow Paladin are squatted in front of a few dozen containers of yellow quintessence. Both humans are wearing sunglasses and striking odd poses; the Blue Paladin has his arms hung at an awkward angle, almost like a scarecrow, with his fingers splayed wide. The Yellow Paladin looks like he’s mid sneeze, with his face buried in the crook of one elbow and both arms straight and pointing away from him. Their poses are bizarre; Zarkon had his cultural experts analyze the photo the moment his sensors picked up the transmission floating through space.

As he studies the picture, Zarkon recognizes the slightly blurry label on the sides of the containers- this quintessence is from his most recently attacked research station. The subtle insult stings.

Zarkon turns to his nearest officer. “Have we deciphered what this message means yet?” 

“No sir,” the Galran reports, shaking her head, “whatever code they’re using… It’s not like anything we’ve ever seen before.”

Zarkon hmms and narrows his eyes.

(Meanwhile, at the Castle of Lions)

“’Zarkon your quintessence-’ seriously, Lance?” Pidge looks at Lance with a gaze that clearly reads Your memes are weak and will not survive the winter.

Lance stuck out his tongue. “Hey, don’t hate! It was a tie between ‘Zarkon your quintessence’ and ‘Zarkon your sticks’ because I mean, I had to decide if I wanted the meme to fit the situation or if I wanted to stick to the original. And you know I’m a firm believer in memevolution.”

“I don’t know Lance…” Hunk said, rubbing his chin. “I kinda agree with Pidge… ‘Zarkon you quintessence’ is pretty good but ‘Zarkon your sticks’ is soooo out of left-field. It would confuse them even more, y’know?”

“Damn… That’s true.”

Haikyuu and popular fic themes


  • get the tissues because you’re up for some high quality a n g st
  • sudden 5 years later feelings realisation I’ve-always-been-inlove-with-him-haven’t-I Hajime
  • the different universities but shared apartments headcanon 
  • Tooru knowing of his feelings since he was in mid school™
  • that one girl that has a crush on Iwa-chan
  • hottest, most intense sex award goes tooo~
  • most prominent childhood friends trope


  • iwaoi and matsuhana go hand in hand (they once started a betting pool on when iwa and oikawa will realise their feelings)
  • funny and entertaining character interactions
  • they’re 10000% done with oikawa and iwaizumi’s pda
  • irony, smartness and 100% sarcastic comments
  • insight & sagacity
  • but have you seen makki’s hair and smile


  • I’m kissing this guy and we kind of got each other off once, does this mean I’m gay?
  • innocence and purity at its best
  • too flustered to kiss™
  • d-dumbass (let’s see who blushes harder)
  • braver hinata taking the first steps
  • accidental smut 
  • 99% of AUs include volleyball

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you’re laying peacefully in the hammock in luke’s parents’ backyard, watching the sunset as luke finishes helping his brother dry the dishes inside, and you’re off in your own little world, the quiet chatter of andy and celeste on the back patio acting as your anchor to reality. but it’s not until your body is hurled about, a frightful sensation of nearly flipping off the side, that you’re really pulled back to the Now - a Now where your boyfriend’s steady laugh is echoing above you, his hands quickly grabbing the netting of the hammock to swing you back to your previous position, before he’s already shuffling into place next to you, causing the hammock to drastically swing back and forth.

“luke, be careful,” you scold, laughter still ringing in the air with exposed teeth and a crinkled up nose as he rests his hand on your thigh, giving it a comforting squeeze.

“oh, relax baby. i got ya,” he assures you, tilting his head to the side a bit so he has perfect view of your face across from his, giving you a perfect view of the few more freckles adorning his nose after spending the day in the sun with you and his family. “you ready to go home soon?”

you nod, your eyes casting behind him at the pinkish glow emitting from the sun. “yeah in a few,” you agree, letting out a contented sigh, and luke lifts his head back to follow your gaze.

“such a sucker for a sunset,” he chuckles lightly and you give him a playful kick before he gasps and grabs your foot to tickle it.

“noooo oh my god no luke please no!” you squeal, catching yourself as the shriek echoes through the backyard, and you lower your voice, giggling and you tug at your leg. “baby, doooon’t.

you’re a little shocked when luke drops your leg almost immediately, usually one to push the limits with his teasing and taunting you, but before you can react, he’s shuffling out of the hammock and readjusting so he’s facing the same way as you, his arm open for you cuddle up to his side.

“well i may be a sucker for a good sunset,” you confirm, clinging to his side like a puzzle piece, a position of comfort and habit, adding, “but you’re evidently a sucker for your girlfriend.”

and you can feel him smiling, simply by the way he tightens his grip of you and plants a kiss to the top of your head. “well i can’t argue with that one can i, babe?” before you two fall into a comfortable silence and watch the colours of the kaleidoscope sky fade into a perfect backdrop for the stars to shine.

Wrong Locker Pt. 2 | Calum Hood



After a ridiculous night of planning with Luke and Michael, Calum walked into school the next morning feeling confident. At the same time he felt uneasy.

“Hey Calum!”

“Morning Calum!”

“What’s up Calum?”

People greeted him as he walked down the hallways of school. Calum didn’t consider himself popular, he saw himself of someone who knew a lot of people and a lot of people knew him.

Calum would politely smile at them and greet them back. The boy searched the hallway for a certain girl that he talked to yesterday.

“Hey Y/N!” Calum shouted when he spotted you, the uneasiness in his stomach going away. He pushed his way through the crowd of students and walked towards the you.

“Hi Calum,” you greeted the boy with your classic grin. “You here to drop something off in Mandy’s locker?”

You wiggled your eyebrows at the boy making him laugh. “No I’m just here to talk to you.”

He leaned against the locker next to yours and watched you take things out of your backpack and into your locker.

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Photography Class | Part 2

Jonathan Byers/Reader

a/n; oooooh my gosh, i love this boy so much! i’m really overwhelmed by the response of the first part, and i’m so excited to share this with you guys! enjoy, and please give me some feedback! @alexs-ummers @pagemaximoff, i hope you guys like this!

part one here

Jonathan doesn’t even notice that his cheeks are still tinged pink, until Will points it out whilst they’re driving to Mike’s house. Jonathan just shrugs; a small, uncontrollable smile tugging at the corners of his lips, moving one hand to turn up the radio.

“No, no!” Will objects with a grin, smacking his hand away from the volume button. “Is it because of a girl?!” His voice is laced with excitement, as he shifts eagerly in the passenger seat.

“Sorta,” Jonathan replies, as Will laughs with excitement. “but it’s nothing to get too excited over, it’s just for a project.”

“Yeah, right!” Will scoffs playfully, rolling down his window, sticking his head out. “JONATHAN HAS A GIRLFRIEND, JONATHAN HAS A GIRLFRIEND!” He chants, causing Jonathan to roll his eyes.

Alright, alright!” Jonathan interjects, leaning over slightly to tug Will back into his seat. Will just laughs heartily as Jonathan returns both hands to the wheel, pulling up to Mike’s house. “Get out of my car, squirt. I’ll be back to pick you up in a couple of hours!”

Will unbuckles and exits the car, closing it behind him. But before he leaves, he leans in with a smirk.

“Have fun with your girlfriend!”

The drive to Benny’s from the Wheeler’s house is a little nerve wracking for Jonathan; due to the fact that he’s never really hung out with anyone before, let alone a beautiful girl as yourself. Jonathan was in half the right mind to decline your request; because the one time a girl ever asked him out, it ended up being a joke, which made him hole himself up in his room out of embarrassment for two days. (Joyce wanted to call the girl’s parents, but Jonathan convinced her not to.)

But Jonathan could tell that there’s something different and genuine about you, when you had asked. He knew that you weren’t very popular yourself, and that you mostly kept to yourself, much like him. So needless to say, Jonathan getting out of his comfort zone like this, is a pretty huge deal for him.

When he pulls into the parking lot he already sees your car, and parks next to yours. He puts his camera around his neck and slings his bag over his shoulder, slamming the car door shut. Jonathan already can feel the nervousness prick at him, as he starts his way towards the small diner.

Don’t be a coward, Jonathan tells himself, attempting a somewhat motivational talk. Just be normal. You got it. You can do this.

He takes one final huff as he walks into the diner, the sound of a bell jingling. The diner isn’t that busy, a few usuals scattered about. Jonathan’s eyes immediately bounce to the back of your head, and he smiles to himself; walking over to the small booth you’re sat at. There’s already a few of your things on the table, including a side of fries and two milkshakes.

“Uh, hi!” He greets, voice a little smaller than he meant. “Sorry if I’m a little late, I had to wait around for my brother to get home from school,” Jonathan explains, sitting across from you.

“No need to apologize,” you smile, waving a hand. “I got a head start studying for my chemistry quiz. Hope you don’t mind, but I ordered some fries and milkshakes for us!”

Jonathan tries to fight back the smile that tugs at his lips, as you push the basket of fries towards him, along with his milkshake.

“Thanks,” he smiles, taking a long sip of the milkshake. “you didn’t have to buy it, y’know. I have cash!” He adds, as you laugh softly.

“Consider it my treat. I hate this class, and you’re pretty much a professional. If I was you, I’d hate to be my partner.” You joke, as Jonathan just shakes his head.

“I’m far from a professional,” he says, once more doubting his own talents. “and you’re not too bad. I mean, I already got some food out of it.” He teases.

You blush slightly, surprised that Jonathan has a secret humorous side to him. You’d be lying, if you said you didn’t want to see more of it.

The two of you sit at Benny’s and chat idly, just getting to know each other. He finds out that you love Bowie and The Clash just as much as he does, which makes him smile wide. (and god he’s so cute when he smiles; you’ve never seen him really smile at school before, and this is like a whole new Jonathan!) You find out that Jonathan is also a secret Dungeons & Dragon’s fan — in which he tries to play it off, saying that he only plays it for his brother; but once you tell him you play it with your dad, he feels a little less like a nerd.

The longer you chat with Jonathan, the more you feel like you’ve been longtime friends; he seemed so bashful — which he still is — but the more you talk, the more he opens himself up; like a flower, blooming in the Spring. It makes you want to fight everyone at school, who spread awful things about Jonathan and his family.

It’s about an hour before you realize that it’s nearing sunset, in which you wave a hand over to Benny for the check.

“We should probably start shooting some pictures before it get’s dark!” You suggest, as you hand Benny some cash. Standing up, Jonathan slings his bag over his shoulder once more, you doing the same.

“Did you have anything in particular you wanted to shoot?” He questions as the two of you exit the diner, and into the parking lot.

“Pfft, I was planning on following you,” you tease, causing him to shake his head in amusement. “after all, you are the one that knows what you’re doing!”

“There’s this little clearing through those woods,” Jonathan replies, pointing to the woods across from the diner. “we could go there and take some pictures of the fields?”

“Lead the way, Byers!” You exclaim, following close behind Jonathan.

The walk isn’t very far as expected, and the clearing that he takes you too is simply breath taking.

The orange and yellow glow from the sunset makes the forest line glow, and makes the little gossamer-like wisps in the air seem like fairy dust. There are a couple patches of pink colored flowers, which is rare for a place like Hawkins; that’s usually just filled with dead grass and dandelions. You walk ahead of Jonathan to take in your surroundings completely; in awe, that a place like this exists in a place like Hawkins.

“How did you find this place?!” You inquire, spinning around in the grass, moving your fingers to graze over the taller pieces of grass. “It’s incredible!”

And as Jonathan watches you twirl around and smile at the world around you, he can’t help but to pick up his camera to snap a picture of you. You barely even notice, as you continue to gush about the beauty and aesthetic of the clearing.

The next hour and half is a blur, as you photograph things with Jonathan.

It’s an effort for Jonathan to get you to be serious, as he tries to teach you how to not be afraid of taking risks to get the picture; in which he made you get close to a deer, that happened to be grazing!

(Jonathan Byers, if that deer attacks me, I’ll kill you myself!)

(Just hurry and take the picture!)

After that, Jonathan decides to let you take over the camera for a while, seeing that his little lesson did in fact make you more confident in taking photos! He watches you with fondness as you wander about, taking pictures of leaves and flowers; making silly little comments to him, about how you’re going to be the next Annie Leibovitz.

When you turn your attention to him to be a model, Jonathan objects profusely; until you hit him with the puppy dog eyes — which results in him lying in a patch of grass; eyes closed as he smells a flower.

“Alright, c’mon,” Jonathan laughs, as he stands up. “I think we got plenty of pictures!”

“Wait!” You object, dodging out of his grab for his camera, holding it to your chest. “We need one more.”

“One more of what?” He asks, with a raised brow.

“Of us!”

You’re quicker than Jonathan is, because in an instant, you’re running up behind him to jump on to his back; nearly sending him toppling forward, as you stretch your arm in front of his face, snapping the picture.

You hop off of his back with a proud smile, as you plop his camera in his hand.

There,” you tell him, beginning your way back to Benny’s. “now we’re done!”

And in that moment, Jonathan realizes that his feelings towards you are more than of friendship — he wants to be able to hug you and kiss you. He wants to make sure that you’re always this happy. It feels crazy, because he’s only known you like this for a couple hours; but when Jonathan sets his heart on something, something that makes him writhe in happiness — he can’t just let it go. He’s got to have it. He’s got to have you.

When you arrive in the parking lot, it’s empty and the moon is shining bright. You lean up against your car, feeling a faint hint of sadness in you. You’re not quite sure why, because you’ll see Jonathan for the rest of the semester. But that doesn’t stop you from vocalizing your feelings.

“I had a really great time tonight, Jonathan.” You tell him, wrapping your arms around your chest. “And I’m not just saying that. You’re a really great guy.”

“I did too,” Jonathan replies, feeling his cheeks heat up once more, shuffling his feet. “and you’re… you’re….” Beautiful. Funny. Genuine. But he can’t seem to find the right words, causing you to tilt your head in slight confusion.

“I’m what?” You ask curiously, causing Jonathan to laugh quietly.

“You’re just… you’re just….” He starts, clearing his throat. “you treat me different. You don’t treat me like a freak, I guess. And I really, really appreciate that.”

You look up at him and he’s just staring right back down at you with eyes that are filled with kindness and genuine happiness that it makes you want to tear up — because nobody, especially as kind as Jonathan, deserves to feel that way. You want him to feel wanted, you want him to feel friendship… you want him to feel like he has someone — someone who can love as much as he does, and someone who wears their heart on their sleeve like he does.

So you don’t really stop yourself, when you stand on your tippy toes to become face level with him, sliding your hands softly up his t-shirt. Jonathan tenses slightly as you lean in forward, breath hitching as you look into his eyes

“Jonathan Byers,” you whisper, lips ghosting against his. “you’re far more appreciated than you’ll ever know.”

And he’s about to ask what you mean, but he can’t — because you’re kissing him. You’re kissing him with all the softness in the world, and Jonathan dimly realizes that he should probably kiss you back when your fingers cares his cheeks.

So he does. He kisses you back. And yeah, it’s a bit tentative and messy but it seems to fit in with Jonathan’s personality. Soft, unsure, loving.

When you pull back, you step back from him, once more leaning against your car; but this time, you’re lacing your fingers with his, pulling him slowly back to you.

“I… um,” He stutters out with a laugh, trying to form a coherent sentence. “didn’t expect that.”

“Expect that a lot more,” you laugh lightly, pulling him down once more; wrapping your arms around his neck. “because you’re going to be stuck with me for a while.”

Your lips are on his once more as his hands find your hips, and your heart skips a beat when he pulls back; looking at you with a fond expression.

“I could get used to this.” He says, with a small smile.

“Good, because I could too.”

I was in the mood for some fluff. I’ve always headcanoned Nico as being a really good drawer idk. And this revolves around that hc. So, enjoy!

An afternoon sun lit up his skin and made him shine even more than usual, the wind was messing up his hair, the heat had dropped and he was a little chilly, but not too much to be really uncomfortable; it was a relief after the day they had. His duties for the day were over and that meant he had time to do what he wanted. Which was Nico. Okay, that came out wrong. (Not that he would mind, exactly.)

Right now, Will Solace stood in front of the Hades cabin that belonged to the dark-haired, Italian kid. Also known as Will’s boyfriend, which made him feel giddy inside whenever he thought of it.

He lifted his left arm and knocked on the door.

‘Come in’, he heard Nico answer and Will pushed the door open. Nico looked like he might have been lying down before Will arrived, but sat up when he heard the knock. The sheets were rumpled and his hair was mussed. But that wasn’t particularly surprising; Nico’s hair was always a mess.

‘Sunshine’, Will said as a way of greeting while closing the door. He pecked Nico on the lips and sat down on the bed, next to him.

‘I still think that nickname’s better suited for you.’, Nico said.

Will smiled. ‘I don’t. That would be too predictable.’

‘So? Who cares if it’s predictable or unpredictable? Who are you trying to impress?’

‘I don’t know. The world.’ They had moved and now they were leaning against the head-board of Nico’s bed, his head on Will’s shoulder. Nico had made a few changes to his room after the war, which had involved getting rid of the coffins and getting one enormous bed instead.

Will continued. ‘Anyway, we can’t both be Sunshine and since I came up with it, I get to use it.’

Nico huffed, but smiled lightly. ‘Whatever. You’ll just have to settle with ‘loser’ as nickname, then.’

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you’ve woken up my heart

summary: mini sequel to can you feel it right now?: a snapshot into Emma, Killian, and Henry’s life six months after their move to Storybrooke.

word count: ~8100

also found on: ff.net, ao3

an: thanks to everyone who flailed and wondered about more, I ended up writing this! Special thanks to @swans-and-pirates for reading this and for all of the emojis and flailing! <3

After the winter melts away and spring showers help Storybrooke’s natural beauty come alive, there is a warm summer breeze that gusts through town.

Summer is a time for a lot of things. It’s time for ice cream dribbling down chins and trips to the beach and to the harbor, on Liam and Killian’s pet project: The Jewel of the Realm.

It’s time for cookouts and summer festivals. There are fireworks and ice-cold beers and lemonade.

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"Are you implying that you want to kiss me?" Make it about Hartwin, perhaps? 😙

Harry never intended to listen in on Roxanne and Eggsy, but he found that he couldn’t help himself as he passed by the break room they were huddled up in, an empty bottle of whiskey on the table beside them.

“It’s not fair,” he heard Eggsy groan and stops just beyond the doorway, leaning towards the opening. Roxanne giggles while Eggsy continues to make soft whinging noises, and Harry realizes that they’re both drunk. Dear God, had they drunk the entire thing of whiskey?

“He’s our boss, Eggsy,” Roxanne whispers to young man, trying to keep her tone level but failing as she breaks down into giggles again while Eggsy sniffs.

“But he’s so pretty, Rox,” Eggsy tells her earnestly. “So pretty. And his face is just so…pretty.” Harry could almost hear the frown in Eggsy’s voice. “No, there’s a better word for it. He’s sexy.”

Eww,” Roxy responds, “Eggsy he’s old enough to be our dad.”

“But, like, a sexy dad. Like, the sexiest.” There’s a moment of silence. “Do you think he’d want me to call him Daddy?”

Harry flushes, his breath hitching as he considers if Eggsy is talking about him.

“It’s Harry.” Roxy confirms Harry’s thoughts, though he doesn’t quite appreciate the disgust in her voice.

“Yeah, it’s Harry.” Eggsy says, mimicking Roxy’s voice, “and I wanna put my face on his really pretty face and have his pretty babies.”

“Are you implying that you want to kiss me?” Harry blurts out, making himself known at the door. Eggsy shrieks and falls off his chair, looking up at Harry fearfully as Roxy snorts to herself.

“I’m not going to stay here for this,” Roxy announces, standing up and walking straight out the room. “Have fun with your face touching.”

“Traitor!” Eggsy shouts, but Roxy ignores him as she disappears from view. 

Harry and Eggsy look at each other in silence.

“I do wanna kiss you,” Eggsy admits, collecting himself to a sitting position as Harry steps forward.

“That’s quite the coincidence,” Harry says with a smile, “I also want to kiss you.”

Eggsy’s eyes shine bright with anticipation, but Harry tilts his head out of the way as Eggsy lurches forward to kiss him, lips landing on Harry’s cheek instead.

“Thought you wanna kiss,” Eggsy pouts and Harry laughs, sitting beside the young man.

“When you’re sober,” Harry clarifies, carding his hand through Eggsy’s hair. “Then we’ll talk.”

“Mmm sounds good,” Eggsy hums, leaning into Harry’s touch and yawning. “Gonna kiss your face with my face.”

“I look forward to it.”

it is a new day
and so there is new light
casting shadows on my wall

the drapes are drawn
yet yellow and white light
pours through floral curtains

I make shapes out of the
shadows camouflaged in the
corners of my bare walls

creating people I have never seen
and places I have only
dreamed of

—  Leigh, day 334


you yell out
i love you
and he looks back at you
his laughter caught between the
stick and heat of summer and says
i know. the breeze
catches in your throat
because he knows but he doesn’t know.

and what he knows is simple:
there’s a certain kind of love between friends
a kind that turns the world golden
and makes it easier to live in.

and what he doesn’t know is
sometimes it changes colour; that
there are hundreds of types of love
and you want to experience
every one of them with him.

before it was just
i never want to live in a world without you.
now it’s
if i die without knowing what it’s like to kiss you
i’ll live this goddamn life twice.
now it’s
love me back differently.
now it’s
i love you in a way we’ve never known
but maybe the one we have right now
is enough.
now it’s
all blush and crimson.

there’s so much red
you can’t unsee it.
you can’t unfeel it.


BTS Flirting and Skinship in Front of the Other Members

What kind of flirting and skinship would they do in front of the other members?

Jin – He’s going to show you plenty of affection around the group, physically and otherwise. It wouldn’t occur to him not to. Even if he was occupied with the others they’d be able to tell by his frequent glances in your direction that a part of his attention was always focused on you. If possible Jin would constantly give you little kisses and back hugs to express how thrilled he was to have you there. While cuddly and conscientious, he wouldn’t be part of the Koala Club (see below). It’d be pretty apparent that he adores you and having you around makes him happy and almost giddy. Flirting would be pretty innocent and rather cheesy, not enough to really embarrass either of you, but it would always be accompanied by an eyebrow wiggle.

Suga – Nope to the nope. He’s not much for public skinship to begin with, so he’s not going to put a display of his emotions out there for everyone to see, other members or no. His feelings for you are something he keeps close to his heart and for you only. Yoongi might flirt a little in private, but not often. It’s not his forte. But in front of the members it definitely wouldn’t happen. It’d make him tongue tied and self-conscious not to mention feel like a complete ass. Although if one paid close attention to him while you were there they’d see him wordlessly making sure all your needs were met. If you were cold he’d find a blanket or give you his coat. He’d scoot his food over to you if you still looked hungry. And if you were busy with the others he’d watch you with a small, proud smile.   

J-Hope – Koala #3. Unbelievably Hoseok would rank third as far as amount of public affection and that’s saying something. His form of affection would be lots of little touches and caresses, almost like an overflow of affection for you he can’t keep to himself. He’d be touching you most of the time if possible, even if it was just having his shoulder or hip brushing yours while the two of you engaged in conversation with the others. Verbally he wouldn’t flirt so much as praise you to the point the other members would have to remind him you don’t walk on water. Every once in a while when the others weren’t looking he’d do something provocative like subtly nip your ear or neck so just the two of you knew what was going on, affection and desire a current running between you.

Rap Monster – Isn’t a fan of being too physical in front of the other members. He may place an arm around your waist or pull you close while you sat together on the couch. It’s not that he’d be shy about the others seeing him be affectionate, he’d just feel it was kind of tacky. Oddly enough though, if a picture was being taken of the two of you he’d be much more expressive. He’d have his arms around you, tilt his head against yours, or kiss your temple. Part of it is his innate love of aesthetics but also he’d like the feeling of preserving that moment, the existence of that love, for all time. Flirting he’d mostly keep private but he’d love to corner you, say all the things he wants to do to you then leave you to find your way back to the group all flustered and off balance while he acted like nothing was wrong.

Jimin – Koala #1. Congratulations you are now a life-sized teddy bear. Seriously he’d always, always have you in his arms whenever possible for many reasons. One, he adores you and you are his squish. Just having you in his arms makes him happy. Also his clinginess would be lowkey bragging to the others that he has somebody. And it would also be part of a claim of sorts. You’re his, the others need to keep their hands to themselves (not that they would do anything) but he just wants everyone to know you’re with him. Verbal flirting would involve him openly teasing you with innuendos because he thinks you blushing and stammering is the cutest thing in the world.  

V – Koala #2. Really this kid would be tied with Jimin as far as skinship in front of the members, although his approach would differ slightly. While Jimin would always have you wrapped in his arms, Taehyung would constantly be leaning on you or using you as a pillow. Kind of like taking comfort in you on a subconscious level. He’d also be more playful than Jimin. Doing things like wave your arms around like a marionette or something to make the others (and himself) laugh. Verbally he’d tease with a few whispered words and sly glances, but wouldn’t go too far, worried he’d embarrass you to the point of not wanting to hang out with them anymore.

Jungkook – Initially, none. When Kookie is uncertain about something he shuts down until he gets a handle on the situation. He’d be worried that the others would tease or draw a lot of attention to the two of you which would make him very uncomfortable. Once Jungkook acclimated to the new dynamics of being with you in front of the others, he’d be like a different person. Hanging on you with a huge grin, everybody would be able to see how happy he was being with you. Often he’d say something that wasn’t meant to be flirtatious but could be interpreted that way and the others would tease both of you good naturedly. He’d be that cute mixture of embarrassed yet cocky that he pulls off so well. ​

If we stop talking about what might happen, or should happen maybe then we’ll have the courage to just do it. It doesn’t do anyone any good to dwell on hypothetical maybes, take a leap and see how it goes. We all know the most memorable experiences are accidental anyway.
—  finish that book, book that trip and leap to the unknown // A.H.

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If you're taking prompts what about "Please, don’t leave" with nurseydex maybe post est. relationship and they have a fight over something or the other bad like they haven't had since the time when the hated each other bad enough to make one feel like they need to leave for the night but that causes Nursey's anxiety to flare up and neither of them really sleep well without the other anymore so they try but it gets to the point where ones of them just quietly U surely asks "Please, don’t leave"

Nursey and Dex have reached a point in their relationship where everyone knows this is it. There’s even a bet going on about when they’re going to get engaged, and a further bet on who will do the proposing.

They’re about three months away from graduation, and have already made the decision to move into an apartment in Providence together. They’ve started hunting for places to live, but one huge obstacle stands in their way.


Nursey likes the more extravagant apartments. The ones that have three bedrooms and are in the middle of downtown, with gorgeous views of the city around them. Dex likes the one or two bedroom apartments that are on the outskirts of the city and a little more affordable for two guys just graduating from college. He’s got student loans, after all.

Nursey offers to pay more than half of their rent, but that just makes Dex even angrier, and the resulting things they say to each other are not very pretty.

Dex declares that he’s sleeping “literally anywhere else tonight” and storms out of the room, whole body red with anger. Which is just fine for both of them—at first.

The longer Nursey sits at his desk fuming, the more he starts to worry about what just happened. They argue all the time, but never like that. Not since their frog year when they hated each other. They argue over little, insignificant things, and their arguments are usually half-hearted and resolved within a short time frame.

But this. This seemed a lot more serious. More significant. And Dex storming out feels almost…final, in Nursey’s mind.

And now, he can’t stop thinking about how final it all seemed. How angry Dex was, and how stupid he probably was to force the subject. The difference between one bedroom and the location might have just ended their relationship.

He tries curling up in bed, thinking maybe if they both just get a good night’s sleep the argument might resolve itself. But the whole situation isn’t sitting well with him. The other side of the bed is overwhelmingly still and cold. The attic is too quiet, and Nursey’s whole body feels charged with energy that is just not letting him relax enough to fall asleep.

He heaves a sigh and rolls out of bed. If he isn’t going to sleep, he might as well at least get a slice of the leftover pie that Bitty sent this weekend.

On the way down, he notices the tv is on, and takes a peek into the living room.

Dex is cuddled up on the couch staring blankly at the tv. His eyes are rimmed red, and he’s sniffling every minute or so. He obviously can’t sleep either. It breaks Nursey’s heart because he did this. He made Dex this way.

“Baby?” he says quietly. Dex looks up. “Please, don’t leave.”

Dex sucks in a breath and sits up, turning to face Nursey.

“I’m sorry,” Nursey says in a rush. He crosses the room and sits on the table in front of Dex. “I got excited thinking about finding the perfect apartment for us to move into. I shouldn’t have pushed so hard. I just…I love you, Dexey.”

“I don’t even understand why you want three bedrooms, though. The location, I can compromise. But three bedrooms is too much when it’s really just going to be you and me,” Dex says, sounding resigned.

And hey, that’s somewhere they can start compromising on. Nursey takes a deep breath.

“I—well, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Dex,” he admits. “And when I look at those apartments that have more bedrooms, I think about how we would have the room to start a family. I—I want a family with you.”

Dex is silent for a moment, and Nursey is so, so afraid he’s going to turn him down. But—

“Don’t you think you’re putting the cart before the horse?” he asks with a small smile. “Babe, we haven’t even graduated yet and you’re planning for our kids?”

Nursey shrugs, a little embarrassed.

“At least I know you’re going to be an amazing father.” Dex reaches out and takes Nursey’s hand. “You know, when we have children a long, long time from now.”

Nursey meets Dex’s gaze and he’s got a little twinkle of amusement in his eyes. Dex giggles a little, and leans forward to kiss Nursey.

“I love you way too much for a little argument to break us up,” he says sweetly. “But babe, we gotta take everything one step at a time. Let’s graduate and get real jobs and maybe actually get engaged and married before we start thinking about having enough room to have children.”

“So when I ask you to marry me, you’re going to say yes?” Nursey asks, returning Dex’s kiss.

“Not if I ask you first,” Dex responds with a smirk.

That feeling with insomnia is kicking your ass and your brain function is shit.

Shiro was bent over, nose nearly in his warm cup of what he assumed was some sort of space tea.  Or at least that’s what it tasted like.  He had forgot what Coran had called it at the time.  It was yesterday evening or perhaps the day before.  Shiro was really too tired to remember.  He was exhausted and no matter how much he tried, he could not fall asleep.

Not really anyways.  He had moments, like now, where it was almost like he dozed off.  In a trance of sorts, not sleeping but not fully awake and aware either.  Which it why Coran and Allura found him almost snorting in his drink as he breathed in deeply.

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Use Somebody - Warren Worthington III/Reader (Chapter Three)

a/n; one more chapter left!! i’m not too sure how i feel about this chapter, so feedback would be lovely! shoutout to @pagemaximoff once again for reading the rough drafts. enjoy!

tags; @shayara @pagemaximoff @trashimagines @thefandomkitten @vodkaauntwithwings @dadneato5@rax-writes @warrenwxrthington @muffinz323 @mooney-blake @jensenfrickelfrackel@willsomeoneholdmyhand @insanitia @suburbiangothic @fantasticallycaitlin @on-your-left-marvel@deanwsbaby @jaspers-gembooty @releasethefreaks @mayathepsychicc @imaginessforall @spideysbucky@thefandomswillcry @step-into-my-office @fail-with-integrity @alyceinfandomland@andtheworldwentsnickersnack @prxphette @breathab-le @epipiphoria @netflixismysport@darkwandamaximoff @petermaxxi @its-the-new-broken-scene @romanticvision @thewinter-havok@imaginecabin @the-masqueraiding-artist @shippingshiperton (if i forgot anyone, lmk!)

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part one | part two

Needless to say, the morning after the incident is pretty rough for the both of you.

You call Jean and pretty much cry to her for at least thirty minutes; ranting about how Warren probably thinks you’re easy and how he probably regrets spending time with you — and that you have no fucking clue what to do with his leather jacket, that has taken it’s place on your coat rack. (It pains you to walk past it, because you catch a whiff of his cologne. Pathetic.)

Your walk to work is tense, being that you have a pounding headache; partly from the alcohol, and partly from the memory of Warren’s lips on yours. You probably look like a mess but you don’t really care, all that matters now is getting through the day without running in to Warren — or any of the boys, for that matter.

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Bucky + 25

Send me a number and a character!

25:  “No, please don’t!”

“We have to distract him or do something!” Steve yelled, throwing his shield at you. You use it to block the bullets being aimed at you.

“What the hell do you suppose we do?!” You yell back, throwing him his shield.

“Cognitive re calibration,” Natasha yells over the noise.

“Hit him really hard in the head?” You ask. Natasha nods. You look at Bucky, or as he currently was, The Winter Soldier. He had been triggered and reset and you, Natasha and Steve were currently trying to fight him off.

“I go this!” You yell, running up to him. Steve and Natasha yelled at you to stop, but you didn’t hear them. “Bucky,” You whisper, getting closer to him. He turned to face you, something changing in his eyes slightly when he saw you. But as quickly as that change appeared, it vanished and his eyes were frosty blue again. “Bucky, it’s me,” You whisper, setting down your gun. Bad move.

“Who the hell are you?!” He yells, slamming you into the wall behind you. Wincing from, the pain, you try to stand up again.

“Hit him!” Natasha yells, still firing bullets at him. You weren’t going to hit Bucky.

“Bucky, think about it. I’m Y/N. You’ve known me for years,” You try again, your legs about to give way from the pain in your spine.

“I don’t know you!” He yells, swinging around and punching you. His metal fist made contact with your face. You nearly fall back, but manage to stay upright.

“Bucky, please,” You whisper, tears of pain threatening to fall from your eyes. Bullets had stopped and the room became silent. For a moment you thought you had got him back. You hadn’t gotten him back though. He speared you to the ground and pulled out a gun, pressing the cold metal to your forehead. “No, please, don’t!” Your voice was hushed and broken as tears openly streamed down your face. Closing your eyes, you waited for him to pull the trigger. But he didn’t. Slowly opening your eyes, you look up to find Bucky looking down at you with terror. Realising he still had the gun in his hand, he threw it as far away from himself as possible. Climbing off you, he turned around to throw up; he did that every time he came close to hurting you.

“Y/N, I-,” You knew he was gonna try to apologise or say that he was too dangerous for you and you didn’t want to hear it. Struggling to get up, you held your hand out for him to help you up. He cringed away from your touch, but eventually grabbed your hand. Pulling yourself up, you ignored the sharp pain in your ribs and the blood dripping down your face as you hugged him. He hugged you back, his arms around you as if you were going to disappear into thin air. He sobbed in your arms for hours, afraid of what he would do to you.

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Hi! If you're not too busy, I would love a cute fluffy fic about Wade getting injured and being nonchalant about it while Peter freaks out? Or the other way around.

Hey. Thank you for this. I’m not entirely sure this is cute or fluffy, but as i wrote it, it kinda took a tone of its own, but i hope its okay :)

Spider-Man tightened his grip around Deadpool’s waist as the door to their apartment swung open.

He grit his teeth as he half supported, half carried Wade into the gloom.

Wade was babbling about some TV show he had seen the other day. Peter was too busy shredding his own lip to pay much attention.

He helped Wade settle onto the couch, very aware of the man’s wince, then retreated into the kitchen.

He tore off his mask and threw it at the fridge.

Peter clung to the counter, trying to steady his breathing, trying to swallow the anger and fear that had lumped in his throat.

Wade had become quiet, peering at him from over the top of the couch. Peter wasn’t sure if he’d missed a question and Wade was expecting an answer but the earnest that showed through the merc’s mask forced a sigh from him and he moved over to kneel down infront of Wade.

“Do you, uh, need anything?” he was pleased with how level his voice sounded.

“Nah, I’m fine baby boy,” Wade rumbled affectionately, “it was just a scratch.”

“Just a scratch?” Peter almost shouted, hands fisting at his sides, “Wade your entire fucking arm came off and I personally watched you push your own intestines back into your body, an image by the way that is now burned into my retinas. You need to be more careful.”

He realised he was trembling and he fought hard to control himself.

“It doesn’t matter. I can’t die and any ways, I’ve come off much worse than this, believe me,” Wade’s nonchalance hurt Peter’s heart.

“Of course it matters!” Peter shrieked. Wade flinched, confusion etching his expression.

“Just because you can’t die doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look after yourself,” he was desperate to make Wade understand, to make him see. He softened his tone slightly and added, “I love you Wade. I don’t like seeing you get hurt,” he reached out as his voice broke and placed a hand on Wade’s knee, “Please. Have some self respect and stop being so reckless.”

Wade stiffened and Peter recoiled at the white-lensed glare.

“You know what? Fuck you Peter Parker. You and your Avenger pals would have died if I hadn’t been so ‘reckless’ and stopped that guy,” Wade spat.

Peter could feel the anger rising again.

“There are other ways than throwing yourself into a situation that gets you hurt like that. If you just took more time to think, to come up with a plan-”

“Look,” Wade took a bated breath, “You are the hero. You’re important. You matter. What you do is great. You save people. Your death, the death of any one of the Avengers would have a huge impact on the city. Me? I’m not important. So what if I get stabbed or shot or blown up? I don’t matter.”

The steadiness of Wade’s tone. The certainty, the belief in what he was saying. Peter’s eyes pricked with tears, heart constricting painfully in his chest.

He hated that that was how Wade regarded himself. He hated the people responsible for making Wade believe and think this way.

He shuffled closer to Wade, hands curling into those of his boyfriend’s. Kneading those gloved fingers, trying to draw strength and comfort.

“You do matter,” he said quietly as a tear escaped down his cheek, “You matter to me. You’re important to me Wade. The most important thing.”

He rose up onto one knee so that he was eye level with Wade. Tears were streaming down his face now and Wade seemed to crumble under his gaze.

“I love you Wade. I can’t bare to see you hurt or…or in pain,” Peter took a shaky breath, “I need you safe because I… I worry about you. I…Please, please just be more careful. For me?”

Wade gave his hands a gentle squeeze. He pulled at Peter and wrapped his arms around him in a tight embrace. Peter buried his face in the crook of Wade’s neck, trying to control the tears with each hitched breath.

“I’m sorry,” he heard Wade whimper. He fisted his hands into Wade’s spandex and sobbed into his shoulder.

He wasn’t sure how long Wade held him but he eventually became aware of the soft light of dawn spilling through the window.

He pulled away from Wade and the merc brushed the corners of his bleary eyes with the pad of his thumb.

The small smile showing through Wade’s mask had Peter’s heart fluttering in his chest.

“Oh Peter,” Wade sighed, “I am sorry.”

Peter nodded, sniffing slightly as he pulled at the back of Wade’s mask and slid it off.

He caught Wade’s dark brown eyes and said “I love you.”

Wade’s warm smile lit up his scarred face.

“I love you too,” he rubbed noses with Peter.

Peter took a moment to admire the man he loved.

But then Wade ruined the moment by asking, “So. On a scale of one to ten how grossed out were you when you watched put my own intestines back-”

Peter batted at him.

“Too soon?” Wade ducked, grin matching the mischief in his eyes.

“Yes it’s too bloody soon,” Peter tried to remain defiant but failed as a smile pulled at his lips.