For the anon that asked: For a prompt, Nico on laughing gas, Will making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.
I hope this is what you had in mind. Enjoy! :)

Will was sitting at the Apollo table talking to one of his siblings, when Nico dropped himself on his lap and pressed their lips together forcefully. Will made a surprised noise at the back of his throat and steadied himself by putting one hand on the table and one hand on Nico’s hip, pulling him closer and holding him still.

He faintly heard campers around them laughing or whistling, but was too preoccupied by the dark-haired boy currently kissing him like there was no tomorrow. This was not a normal occurrence. It was far from normal. Nico did not do public displays of affection. The most Will ever got out of him was a peck on the lips that barely lasted long enough for them to actually feel anything. But he respected Nico’s choice and if PDA made him uncomfortable, then the last thing Will wanted to do was force him.

A little voice at the back of his mind told him he should probably pull back and find out what had gotten into his boyfriend, but for some reason the feeling of Nico made everything around him unclear. He didn’t hear his sibling make gagging noises, or the voice in his head. Just the feeling of his lips moving against Nico’s soft ones. And Nico wasn’t attempting to pull back either.

The thing that finally got Will out of his trance, was a tap on the shoulder and someone clearing their throat behind him. For some reason those two things snapped him out of it and made him pull back. Nico made a complaining noise and when Will looked at him he looked completely at ease and not at all embarrassed. His lips were swollen and his hair was a mess after Will had run his hands through it.

Will probably didn’t look as collected. He awkwardly looked around and felt his cheeks go red at the amused expression of the people around him. He smiled shyly. He suddenly remembered the tap on his shoulder and turned his head, only to find Leo standing next to him and looking down at them. For some reason he had a guilty look in his eyes. Will wasn’t sure if he wanted to find out why.

On his lap, Nico was currently touching Will’s hair and giggling like a ten-year old after rubbing it on his cheek. He was not acting like himself. At all.

Will quickly made the connection between Leo’s bashful smile and Nico’s weird behaviour and shot Leo a look arguably as scary as Nico’s could be.

‘What have you done to my boyfriend?’

Everyone around had gone quiet and was watching the show in front of them unfold attentively. Leo scratched his neck and looked at the ground before looking up at Will, avoiding his eyes.

‘Well, it’s to say I – um – the thing is —‘

‘Valdez!’, Will warned him, his voice lower than usual. Not many people got to see this side of Will as he usually was too nice, but he could be really intimidating.

Leo took a deep breath and said at incredible speed: ‘IdidanexperimentandsomelaughingasgotfreeandNicoaccidentelyinhaledsome. I’m sorry, please don’t kill me. I’m too young and awesome to die.’, and he proceeded to run away backwards to make sure Will wasn’t following him, and stumbled once or twice doing so.

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so basically whilst me and @cosmic-clara / @put-in-writing were catching up, we somehow started talking about how much we adored watching the buzzfeed unsolved videos and that escalated into an hour long conversation about how modern!peter is a SLUT for conspiracy theories/ghost/aliens/and pretty much EVERYTHING SUPERNATURAL RELATED! so without further ado, here’s some headcanons from me and clara!

(aka, the one where peter is like mulder and his s/o is like scully)

  • peter has always been super interested in supernatural stuff because “IT’S SO FUCKING COOL BABE”
    • but his obsession really started when you guys were procrastinating and started watching the buzzfeed unsolved videos
    • he 100% can and will sit and watch all of them in one sitting
      • and he always low key freaks out because “THIS SOUNDS SO FUCKING LEGIT BABE”
        •  “I KNOW THE ILLUMINATI AREN’T REAL BUT LIKE….. what if they can hear me say that….” “peter oh my god”
      • some nights he’ll poke you until you’re awake and be like “so…. do you think that the clintons are apart of the illuminati and are shapeshifting lizard people? it sounds plausible” “GO TO SLEEP PETER” “but i kNOW THEY ARE” and then he proceeds to delve into a deep theory and you’re just about to lose your shit
        • (he’s tried to get charles to look into the clintons minds to see if he can ‘read’ their lizard thoughts)
        • (charles has lost count how many times he’s asked)
  • he ALWAYS nonchalantly will be like “wow i can’t believe we ACTUALLY didn’t land on the moon”
    • kurt is literally SHOOK when he hears that
    • everyone has to stop peter from explaining to kurt a theory that will last four hours
  • peter almost cried when charles told him that JFK was a mutant
  • when he’s sick he’s always like “i can’t take medicine, it’s a ploy by the government to control our minds-” “peter just take the fucking advil or i won’t suck your dick”
  • one of his favorite cases is the zodiac killer!!
    • (his favorite meme is 100% that ted cruz is the zodiac killer. it’s confirmed that peter made posters with ted cruz’s face next to the police sketch and hung them around school)
    • he’ll take you to the crime scenes to look for clues because he’s 100% convinced that the zodiac is still out there
      • if it’s dark and he hears a noise he’ll dash out of there and back to the car LEAVING YOU THERE
  • a lot of your dates consist of UFO hunting!
    • you take a picnic basket, loads of blankets, and take a truck out to a remote field where he’s researched to be a UFO hotspot and you guys sit out there with binoculars
      • he takes a picture of you wrapped in blankets and looking up at the stars with binoculars and captions it “UFO hunting with my lady. #BEAMUSUP”
    • you bought him that iconic ‘i want to believe’ poster and he almost cried from happiness
    • you guys have gone as mulder and scully for halloween multiple times!!
  • another favorite show of his is supernatural! (”i only like the first three seasons though, there’s way more monsters!”)
    • he has a little journal in which while he’s watching, he’ll take notes “just in case” (there are a lot of little doodles in there, too!)
    • one day while you’re cleaning your room you find salt on the windowsill, and you sigh
      • your first thought is “peter u fucking trash can” but then you realize it’s kiNDA SWEET? because he just wants to make sure you’re safe 100% of the time
      • he also buys you deans amulet one year for your birthday because he again, wants you safe all the time
        • when you kiss him and thank you warren says “that’s not the only protection she’ll need tonight ;–)”
    • peter has dozens of the temporary demon protection tattoos from the show!
    • one time you walk in to your room and he’s mumbling something in latin and you’re like “damn peter back at it again with the freaky ghost shit” SO WHEN YOU ASK HIM WHAT HE’S DOING HE’S JUST LIKE “it’s a protection spell!”
  • peter is a huge slut for that cheesy ghost adventures show, omfg
    • his favorite episode is this one

    • you actually enjoy this one a lot because its HILARIOUS
    • he would totally act like that around ghosts, omfg
      • he’d here a noise and fucking BOLT
  • peter get’s really into ghosts after he takes a picture of you in the mansion one day, and there’s multiple little orbs behind your shoulder
    • that’s the start of his obsession with finding the ghost in the mansion
      • “peter it’s a camera flare omfg” “….that’s what it wants us to think…..”
    • you buy him a cheap ghost detector for his birthday one year as a joke, but he actually get’s SUPER excited
      • he uses it everyday, tbh!
      • he walks around the halls with it and JFC does the beeping get annoying
      • one time at like four a.m. it went off and peter freaks out because it’s not the usual beeping, it’s like erratic beeping
        • “BABE THE GHOST IS HERE OH MY GOD” “peter it probably just needs new batteries” “but bABE” “go to sleep before i start screaming”
      • charles has to confront him one day because “you’re scaring the younger students”
        • “you know what should scare them more? GHOSTS, you should be thanking me that i’m patrolling” “peter, that is a childs toy.”
    • he really is protective of the boys because he relates to them hella, especially when they get bullied
    • so you just let him cuddle into you as you watch!!
      • (he asked hank to make him ghost hunting weapons like in ghostbusters)
      • (hank said no)
    • he bought you one and threw at you and said “PUT IT ON BABE WE’RE GOING GHOST HUNTING”
      • (you’re both low key attracted to each other in the costumes)
    • one day while you’re in the hallway you see peter bolt by in his ghostbusters costume and you’re just like “peter, back at it again” but then you see 10 little boys in ghostbusters costumes chasing after him!!
      • they all make little cardboard ghost detectors so they can follow peter around with them
        • (it’s low key bc peter didn’t want them to mess with actual ghosts shh)
          • charles wants to call him out on it but the kids are so happy with him 
          • so he lets it happen
      • one night you go to your shared room only to find peter surrounded by the boys with a light under his chin, telling scary stories
        • peter gave you the happiest little grin you almost DIED inside
        • you see the way peter makes them all giggle and laugh and that’s just a reminder of why you love him
    • somewhere along the way the little girls made you the leader of their female ghostbusters squad!
      • you and the girls are always in a prank war with the boys!
    • one day you and peter set up a game where The Squad put sheets over their heads and whoever catches the most ‘ghosts’ wins!
      • if you catch Kurt you win (bc he’s a teleporter!) he’s pretty much the golden snitch of the game
      • there’s a lot of laughs and pranks and it’s such a good time!!
      • the boys try to prank the girls in the middle of the night but jokes on them because the girls found out and got them while they were trying to prank them
    • peter’s favorite halloween meme is the fucking skeleton war
      • he hides a bunch of plastic skeletons around the mansion dressed up in weird costumes
        • “PETER WHY IS THERE A SKELETON WITH A PLASTIC SWORD IN MY BATHROOM” “the skeleton war…… it’s coming…….” “i hate you so much”
        • the whole school loves this fucking meme
          • there’s a sudden influx of plastic weapons and charles is like “what the fuck” when he confronts the kids, but they’re just like “THE SKELETON WAR PROFESSOR, IT’S COMING”
          • this is pretty much what it’s like living with peter during this
    • one of his favorite halloween things to do is a stupid fucking ouija board
      • he gets the squad to try it one night and this is how it goes
    • peter asked it one time if it was a friendly ghost, and when it moved to ‘no’ everyone lost their shit
      • somewhere along the way the board got tossed and you all freak out because you were supposed to say ‘goodbye’ and you didn’t
      • you all don’t sleep for a week
    • he also LOVES hitting up haunted houses!!
  • one time while you guys were having sex he thought of a new theory to the Bermuda triangle conspiracy and he literally got up to write it down
      • “I CAN’T FORGET IT BABE IM SORRY” “you do it one more time we’re stopping and going to sleep” 
      • he does it again so you roll over and he’s like “I’M SORRY PLEASE PLEASE”
      • “nothing makes me drier than you bringing up aliens peter goodnight”
        • when you tell the squad all the boys roast him for it
        • “you can all thank me when the truth comes out bye”
  • when you guys watch scary movies he’s always pointing out the details
    • “that’s signs of a poltergeist not a demon smh”
      • after peter bugged charles to get a priest, he has the damn audacity to make a daddy joke
      • and if peter ever tried to excerise a demon by himself it’d be like that scene from this is the end
        • you would be the one saying “that’s you’re fucking plan?! you’re gonna repeat lines from The Exorcist?!” “well i would assume they did their fuckin research!” “iT’S A MOVIE” “IT’S A MANUAL, A FUCKIN MANUAL”
  • one summer you guys hit up every UFO hotspot, roswell, area 51, and the most haunted locations in america (and you maybe even go international!)
    • one time though you guys got fucking arrested for climbing into a restricted area
      • charles sent alex to bail you guys out
        • “why the fuck would you try to break into area 51 jfc i don’t get paid enough for this shit
          • (exasperated dad!alex summers is real af)
  • another time peter wanted to go hunt for bigfoot so he took you up to oregon to go camping
    • so you told scott and he bought a bigfoot costume and followed you guys without peter knowing
    • when you guys are making a fire you tell scott to make some ruckus so when the noise of a twig breaking peter nearly loses his shit
    • he grabs his camera and drags you into the woods and tHERE IS SCOTT IS HIS SHITTY COSTUME AND PETER NEARLY CRIES FROM HAPPINESS
      • when you guys get back peter is showing off his pictures with excitement and it makes your heart melt a little because he’s so happy, so you and scott decide to keep it a secret
        • but scott let it slip one day!!! :(((
        • so you took peter again
          • but this time when there was something spooky in the woods he was like “lmao okay scott come on” and you’re like panicking because “IT’S NOT SCOTT PETER OHMY OG”
          • long story short you come home with blurry pictures of something that looks A LOT like bigfoot
  • even though you’re a skeptic and he’s a believer, you still love your big nerd of a boyfriend and will always come with him to his ghost adventures and UFO hunting
  • his argument is always “babe, if mutants can exist, so can the supernatural!
  • bye i love peter and his huge dorky supernatural loving ass
My Constellation (1/1)

Summary: Modern AU. Emma is a bailbondsperson, Killian a scientist. His research puts him at sea for several weeks in the summer, and after a slew of lengthy separations, this one just about pushes them past their limits.

Rated: M

Warnings: Smut

Words: ~11.5k

Notes: This fic is a gift for the wonderful @high-seas-swan​. Lana, the second the new NEEDTOBREATHE album came out, I sifted through it, found a song that I liked just a touch more than the others, played it on repeat, and wrote this over the course of the past several weeks. I hope you like it! Also, never-ending love and devotion to @capaldisrighteyebrow​, without whom this would be a mess. Just a note, this is in no way related to the other smutty science fic I wrote.  Inspired by the months I’ve spent living alone by the sea.

Also on ff and ao3

Killian Jones had once convinced a woman that it was the moments that were worth living. That letting them pass by was a terrible mistake.

Years and years had passed, during which they’d both loved and lost. Out on a bench by the sea, she’d tell him of the parents who abandoned her not long after she was born. He, in turn, would tell her of his mother, of his brother, before they too passed. Together they spent their formative, teenage years in a system that, frankly, didn’t care much for them. They’d been separated by circumstances and by passion – he pursuing degrees in the marine sciences, and she as an independent enforcer of the law – before they’d met again in the cobblestone streets of Portland, Maine. They’d reacquainted with one another over the next few years, as he made a career of keeping the research programs aboard research vessels running, and she as a familiar face in southern Maine and New Hampshire.

Then, one unforgettable evening, she’d conceded that, perhaps, he had a point. Not with words, mind, but with her lips on his, pressing hard and wet against him in the dwindling hours of twilight. Just moments after he’d stepped off a research vessel, as a matter of fact, with a tan up to his elbows, salt in his hair and in his lungs. She’d kissed him while the sun painted the waters at his back, while the behemoth of a ship beside them rumbled down deep in its steely belly.

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So I saw this prompt 

the only real otp question that matter is which one has an oversized shirt with “SEX MACHINE” written on it in impact font and always wears it at the worst times possible

and immediately thought “Allura and Lance get matching ones, rip Shiro and Keith!!!!”. I can’t sleep so here have a little drabble. 

Klance & Shallura. College/uni AU I suppose. :) Slight nsfw for sex talk, given the nature of the prompt.

Keith is the one who notices first. Allura knows this because when she and Lance enter the coffee shop and slide into their regular seats across from Shiro and Keith with their drinks in hand, she is watching both of them carefully for their reactions. 

Shiro looks up from his textbook, smiles, and leans across the table to give her a brief hello and a peck on the cheek, before returning to attacking his book with a yellow highlighter. Allura can’t help but be a little disappointed, but she’s not going to try to draw his attention to it herself. She wants to see the surprise on his face when he notices it on his own. 

Keith on the other hand, smiles and shakes his head with fond exasperation when Lance gives him a rather loud, obnoxious kiss on the lips, says “hello handsome” with a wink, and sits down across from him. 

Lance’s butt has barely touched the seat when Keith glances down at his boyfriend’s chest and flushes. His eyes snap up to Lance’s face. 

“What are you wearing?” he demands. 

Lance pretends to look surprised. “Oh, this old thing?” he says innocently, brushing his fingers across the words “SEX MACHINE” that are emblazoned across his chest. “Me and Allura found them at the mall, aren’t they great?”

“You and Allura–” Keith’s eyes dart over to Allura and flick down to her chest. 

He elbows Shiro sharply in the side. 

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I saw you from across the room and my heart fluttered. We shared a few glances. I was staring at you, you were looking at me. I caught you looking at me. You looked away. I smiled at the thought of you thinking of me.
—  the looks we gave each other

anonymous asked:

okie, so, it's way after 15 minutes, but maybe one day you will consider that prompt: "I tried to say fuck off and fight me at the same time and I said fuck me" This is such a Tony thing to do :D

This is a million years old but oh man, this prompt really made me laugh a lot - that is absolutely something that Tony would do!

“We can’t go barreling in half-cocked, Tony. We need a plan, and no, making it up as you go along doesn’t count.” Steve gave Tony his best Serious Look over the top of the S.H.I.E.L.D. file which documented the latest threat to world peace in the form of AI-equipped robotic spiders which had been spotted scurrying through corn fields in Kansas.

“Sure, great, let’s make sure that everything we do gets okayed by you first. I just love having to get your permission before scratching my ass.” Tony glared daggers, his shoulders hunched as he radiated displeasure in a manner somewhat comparable to an angry cat in a bathtub.

“I know you can handle yourself in a fight, but for the sake of everyone, we need to know each other’s tactics and movements. It’s safer that way.” Steve tried to lay a conciliatory hand on Tony’s shoulder, but Tony batted his arm away and leaned forward onto the balls of his feet in an attempt to make up the height difference between them.

“Oh, it’s for the good of the team, is it? Not because you love being bossy, huh, Captain?” Tony spat, his eyes narrowed as he got up in Steve’s face.

Steve took a deep breath, grit his teeth, and willed himself to stay still and stay calm. “I’m not being bossy, Stark. But we need to find a way to work as a team,” Steve’s chin jutted up as he spoke, because god damn it, this was his job and it wasn’t his fault that Tony couldn’t see that. “And in case you didn’t notice yet, I’m actually the one in charge here.”

“Oh, FUCK ME, ROGERS!” Tony yelled.

Steve gawped for a second, open-mouthed.

“God damn it. I meant fuck YOU, Rogers. Or fight me. Or both, I don’t know, don’t give me that look.” Tony’s attempt at casually dismissive was rather undermined by the furious blush which was spreading across his face.

It was probably for the best that Tony had very little in the way of visible shame, because he really was one ugly blusher. Red blotches broke out across his cheeks, and the tips of his ears turned an unhealthy shade of puce. If he was being totally honest with himself, Steve found it rather endearing.

Tony’s scowl deepened as he caught sight of the amused twinkle in Steve’s eye. “It’s not what you think! I know you think my mind is always in the gutter but… it’s just… You’re distracting, okay?! The way you’re always ordering me around and giving me grief and the way you stand there with your stupid perfect hair and your stupid sculpted abs and that stupid charming smile.” Tony reached out to poke Steve in the chest for emphasis, realized what he was doing, blushed some more, and awkwardly shoved his hands into his pockets.

A switch flicked as Steve frantically reviewed his interactions with Tony and conceded, just a little bit late, that their arguments did seem to involve rather more touching each other and pushing each other into walls and staring at each other’s lips than was typical. Ahh. Well, that explained it then.

“Fuck you, huh?” Steve said with a mischievous grin, leaning forward until his hot breath brushed past Tony’s ear, “If that’s what you wanted, Tony, all you had to do was ask.”

When Hunk finally woke up, with dewy leaves settled uncomfortable along his naked body, and his face pressed into twigs and dirt and hard Earth, Lance was there. 

He was sitting on his heels, arms crossed over his knees, staring down at Hunk with a smile that, at one point in Hunk’s life, he’d never thought he’d see on the likes of Lance. It was soft and affectionate, brightened by the rose-gold glow of morning, even under the shade of the parasol he had settled carefully over his head. 

Hunk groaned, and forced his body to move, away from the wood digging into his back, and the grass and dirt smeared into his sweaty skin. Lance was on him in a second. One of those deceivingly thin arms twined its way underneath his arm, around his ribs, and helped pull him to his feet. Hunk swayed, but stayed standing, and before he could do anything else, Lance kissed him. 

So soon after the full moon, Hunk had to stop himself from grabbing Lance’s shoulders and shoving him against the nearest tree - but the kiss still turned hungry too quickly for their quiet little morning. He could feel Lance stiffen when he growled, like he wanted to growl back, assert himself, but instead they both melted into each other. Lance’s tongue was more than welcome where it slid into his mouth - Always Hunk’s mouth, because Lance’s needle sharp fangs were, sadly, less than conducive to kissing. 


Hunk rumbled, deep in his chest, to cut him off. His hands moved up Lance’s carefully covered body to rest on his long neck, his hands naturally resting all the way around it, and Hunk yanked him closer.

“Hunk, you need-” Lance tried to pull further away, grinning and breathing a little too unevenly for someone who technically didn’t need to, “You need to get dressed, and I need to get out of this sunlight.” 

“You’re fine.” Hunk’s answering grin was almost bright enough, itself, to turn Lance into dust, but he didn’t waver. 

“I’m not, I’m weak as heck. Puts some clothes on that naked butt so we can go home and take them off again.”

“As - I mean as worked up as I am right now, I dunno if I’d actually have the energy for anything like that,” Hunk laughed. He took the clothes Lance offered him, and tried not to look regretful when he had to move away from Lance to put them on. 

“Isn’t the whole point of you being a werewolf, like, extra stamina, or something?”

“Not after having my body transformed against my will, and spending an entire night running around eating helpless forest animals.”

“Oh, come on, that’s like - my whole life, right there. Unlife. Vampire jokes.”

Hunk gave Lance the most unimpressed look he could muster, but all he got in return was a sharp little smile. 

Eight Days (Part 3/5)

A/N: I swear, I meant to post this three weeks ago, too. We’ve got ourselves a pattern. Time, thou art not mine friend.

Link to: PART 1 + PART 2

+ + +


            Cliff Tufton is a big-boned Welshman with a graying handlebar mustache, a sharp receding hairline, and a bulbous nose that sits a bit too large on his face. He is dressed casually in black trousers and a plain white shirt, and every so often he pulls a handkerchief from his back pocket and dabs at his perspiring brow. He does not seem to be much of a smiler, nor much of a talker, but when he grips James’s hand in his, he pumps it firmly and wishes him luck in the upcoming match.

            “Good fingers,” he observes, holding the clasp a second too long. “Always keen on a lad with good fingers.”

            From beside him, James can practically feel the strength of Hoff’s beaming.

            “Yes, he does,” the agent agrees readily (too readily). “And speed like you’ve never seen. Did you get those times I sent over from training yesterday? Really quite spectacular. It’s—”

            “They do the job,” James interrupts, shooting Cliff a commiserating look.

            The man does not move a muscle. Not even a single twitch of the too-large nose or the perspiring brow.

            (Likely, Greta Moors has good fingers, too.)

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All her smile’s fault - part 2

Yet another high school AU

Part 1 - HERE

Thanks to @mmmtion for being sweet and letting me use her words as inspiration.  And thanks to @withaflashoflove for being my trusty beta and @blueorchidsforever for listening to my blues.

Iris was uncharacteristically quiet the whole ride to school, and maybe it was Barry’s imagination, but there was some kind of judgement in Wally’s eyes when he greeted him that morning. That, added to the fact that his texts to Iris the night before were met with stone cold silence response, should have been enough clue, but Barry could never think straight when it came to Iris so he needed until they were in front of the entering of the school parking lot, and Iris instructing Wally to get out of the car so she could talk to Barry for him to realise there was something seriously wrong.

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Ship: Hollstein, Prompt: downpour

I’m so sorry this took a month bro! But here’s a little less than a thousand words of Hollstein domestic fluff.

On AO3

Her back hurt, her eyes were drooping, and Laura had been trying to rewrite the same sentence now for at least fifteen minutes. With a defeated sigh, she allowed her eyes to close for a moment, stretching her back until it gave a satisfying pop. Shaking herself a little, Laura looked back to the bright screen of her computer. 2:30 in the morning, that explained why the cup of cocoa Carmilla had handed to her earlier was cold now.

Thinking about her broody vampire apparently worked as a summoning spell, since a moment later there were soft hands on Laura’s shoulders, squeezing them. Their effect was instantaneous. Laura felt herself relaxing, the sleep she had been fighting coming back with a vengeance.

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So what am I supposed to do now?
What am I supposed to call you now?
What am I supposed to do
When I’ve got both hands tied behind my back
And no one who cares what happens to me?
I’m not ready to let you go.
I’m not ready to let go. 
I’m not ready.
I’m not.

I’m not the man you thought I was.
I’m not the man you wanted me to be.
I’m not the man you chose.
I’m not the man I thought I chose to be.
I’m not prepared for this.
I’m not ready for this.
I’m not.

—  Late Night Drunk Ramblings // I’m Not. 
I’m selfish. I’ll take the love you offer me and leave you nothing in return. I’ll tear you apart just to see if I can, only to put you back together with stitches and glue. Don’t come to me looking for love; don’t expect me to make you happy; don’t wish for a forever by my side. Come to me in ruins, and I will leave you a little more beautifully broken.
—  don’t say i didn’t warn you.

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"I'm not cut out for this." Merlin.

The darkness in his small room was a physical thing, pressing against his skin. Not even a sliver of moon was visible out his window, the clouds suffocating the starlight. 

Merlin lay on his back, staring at the blackness above him. Though the night was cool, his thoughts were stifling. He couldn’t breathe. The weight of his destiny crushed his lungs. It was too much, he couldn’t carry all of it alone.

I can’t do this, Merlin thought. Sudden desperation flooded his limbs, and without a conscious decision, Merlin was tumbling out of his bed and out of his chambers, seeking air, a breath, a reprieve. Someone to take this from him. 

“Merlin!” A voice rang out, “You’re up late. Where are your shoes, mate?” 

Head spinning, Merlin turned to find the speaker. Gwaine watched him, the jovial grin slowly slipping from his face. 

“Merlin?” Gwaine asked, stepping forward and gripping Merlin’s arm. The touch was constricting and he weakly pulled his arm back until Gwaine let go. “Not running away from Arthur, are you?” He said, the joke falling flat.

“I’m–,” Merlin whispered, gulping in air like a man half-drowned, “I’m not–”

Gwaine reached out again, and this time Merlin let him, shaking fingers clutching at Gwaine’s sleeves in return, his head bowing until he addressed the floor.

“I’m not cut out for this. It’s too heavy.” 

“That’s why I’m here,” Gwaine said. “I’m Strength, remember? I’ll help you lift it.” 

This sort of turned into an almost-AU in which Gwaine knows, or at least suspects, Merlin’s magic. Thanks for the prompt!

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Royai some type of sweet surpise? Like "I know you've been working hard all week here's your favorite food and a warm bath" ? I tried

I looooove this!! Thank you so much!! I kinda struggled with this one, mostly because I normally write so much angst ahahah but that’s good for me!! I’M SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG OMG

Riza could safely say that every bone in her body ached. As much as she hated to admit it, she had definitely jumped back into the field far too quickly. She and Havoc had had four months of recovery time and strict desk duty in the wake of the Promised Day, and she had told Roy over and over that she didn’t need four months; as far as she was concerned she was perfectly fine after getting a blood transfusion and stitches. Roy had only relented and allowed her back in the field once she could go an entire day without getting dizzy. It had taken some creative methods and little white lies, but Riza had launched herself back into the field, holding nothing back.

Now she was suffering from her rash decision. She could feel the dizziness creeping in at the edges of her vision, and chills began to wrack her spine.The day before, they had just finished up apprehending an alchemist that had attempted to use his mediocre skills to rob a bank. Although his technique was shabby, he was extremely fast, and Riza had run something like ten blocks to try and catch up with him. He stuck to the back alleys and narrow sidewalks, making it impossible to pursue him via car. When Riza’s was finally able to keep him in her sights, a couple well-placed shots to the thigh and shoulder brought him down. Soon after, though, Riza had had to lean against a wall to catch her breath and try to force down the awful waves of dizziness crashing over her. By the time the rest of her team caught up, Riza was sitting down on the ground, her head between her knees to improve the blood flow.

Once Roy, Breda, Falman, and Fuery had shown up, Riza’s headache had escalated to an alarming level, and of course Roy had noticed. She remembered his voice, anxious and concerned, as he’d stood her up and placed his arm around her to steady her. She remembered his hands, warm through his gloves, gently pushing her bangs aside to caress her face, even if just for a moment. She remembered being slightly concerned at so public a display of affection, but that concern had slipped away with her consciousness. Riza had blacked out, and now she found herself tucked beneath the sheets of her bed in her tiny apartment, her bedroom door ajar to reveal the sound of a sizzling pan and the lovely aroma of bacon and eggs.

Her stomach growled loudly, and with a start she realized that it was morning. How did I sleep that long? she thought, placing a hand on her aching head. Her hair was down around her shoulders, and she was in her undershirt and work pants, her boots and firearms removed. A wave of sleepiness rolled over her, accompanied by a thrill of chills that rocketed down her spine. She groaned and sat up, willing the dizziness to disappear as she got herself vertical. Riza swung her legs out of bed and stood, her knees quickly stopping their frantic shaking.

She walked to the kitchen and found Roy at the stove. He was expertly flipping a pancake and dashing salt on her eggs. Riza sighed and asked him, “Sir, what on earth are you doing?”

Roy gave a great start dropped the salt shaker into the pan full of eggs. “Ah, Lieutenant, you’re awake. Good,” he said, picking the shaker out carefully and wiping off the egg with a towel. “I was starting to worry you’d sleep all day.”

A sudden surge of dizziness swept over Riza, and she cringed as her body weakened and she had to grab the nearby wall for support. Before she knew it, Roy’s arms were around her and holding her up, the breakfast forgotten. “Speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear,” Riza slurred, inhaling deeply and willing herself not to throw up.

“Riza, stop talking. You’re not making any sense,” Roy said, his voice tight and concerned as he swept her fully into his arms bridal style. Without thinking she nestled her head into his chest, breathing in his scent and finding that it was oddly calming. Through the haze of her thoughts she noticed vaguely that Roy had carried her to bed and tucked her back in gently. She felt his fingers running through her hair, and that sensation alone was enough to abate the grogginess overtaking her.

“Roy-” she mumbled, but was quickly cut off.

“Shhh, don’t say anything,” Roy replied. “You just rest. I’ll do the talking.” Riza nodded, too out of it to protest any further. “When you collapsed I brought you back here and stayed with you through the night to make sure you were okay.” She could hear the way his cheeks colored through his words, even though her eyes were shut. His voice came from somewhere off to her right, and she concluded shakily that he was seated at her bedside in the single chair she had in her room. “I knew you’d be hungry when you woke up; you slept for about sixteen hours. I decided to make you some breakfast. I know bacon and eggs are your favorite, even if you won’t admit it.”

“Sixteen hours?!” Riza panicked; she’d never slept that long in her life. She tried in vain to push back the covers and stand; there was no way she could miss a day of work.

Those thoughts apparently vocalized themselves, for Roy pushed her back into bed, assuring her, “Don’t worry, I called in to the office and said you needed a personal day, and that I was looking after you. I threatened a court martial to any person to suggest this circumstance was anything other than unprofessional.”

A laugh bubbled it’s way out of Riza’s mouth, and she was pleased to hear that Roy echoed her. She looked up at him carefully, and her stomach flipped, a sensation entirely independent from the aftereffects of the Promised Day. The adoration and warmth he held in his eyes when he looked at her had always startled her; there had been moments in the office where he had gazed at her unabashedly and she had had to pull him aside later to remind him to watch himself. Her cheeks burned and she wanted nothing more than to draw him close into her arms. Even though it had been four months since the Promised Day, the urge to make sure Roy was real and solid and there often overtook her. The terror she’d felt when Wrath and Pride had shoved him through the Portal still lingered whenever Roy left a room, though she was loath to admit it. So much of her life had been dedicated to following Roy and supporting him in everything he did, and to come so close to losing him multiple times on the Promised Day jarred her more deeply than she cared to admit.

To her surprise Roy seemed to recognize what was eating at her, and he carefully crawled into bed next to her, inviting her into his arms. She nestled against his chest, feeling his heartbeat in her ear and sighing in content. The strange sensation of being starved of touch abated, and Riza smiled. “Roy? Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For not saying ‘I told you so’.” Roy chuckled at her words and rubbed her shoulder.

“Of course.” His words were soft, and she loved him even more for it. She revelled in the tenderness for a moment, but true to Roy’s nature, the moment soon broke. “Also, no offense, but you smell a little.”

A laugh exploded out of Riza’s mouth and she swatted his side playfully. “That’s only because someone let me sleep for too long.”

“Oh, so now it’s my fault?” Roy laughed as Riza shifted herself up to a sitting position.

“Mmhmm. And so now as punishment, you’re going to run me a bath while I sit here in my sweaty work clothes that someone failed to remove from me.” A pleasant feeling in her chest rumbled around as Roy’s cheeks colored once more in indignation.

“I didn’t want to take the chance that you’d wake up and get angry at me,” he said, pouting a little.

“Me? Angry? Never,” Riza replied, thoroughly enjoying the speed at which his face was changing color.

“You’re impossible,” Roy huffed, rolling his eyes and clambering out of bed.

“I know,” she smirked, eyebrows quirked over a devious smile. Roy gave her one more exasperated, yet adoring look and left the room to enter the bathroom across the hall. Riza just watched him go, admiring the way he walked and the way his hair had gotten mussed. My useless Colonel, she thought fondly, and leaned back into the pillows behind her.