you don’t wanna be alone

words: 4.2k

pairing: lance/keith

summary: The very last thing Keith wants is for anyone to make a big deal over this when he’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

a/n: several people wanted sick!keith and i did as well. i hope this is somewhat coherent.


Keith is used to taking care of himself. He’s had no one else to rely on his entire life—or even if he had, he hadn’t trusted them more than he trusted himself. And he supposed that’s the bottom line. He knows he can take care of himself, and no one else can do a better job of it.

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I wonder if you ever wonder about me:

Her eyes linger for a little too long.

She doesn’t smile when anyone else walks in the room.

Every time our hands brush she acts like I shocked her.

Why does she hold her breath when I step closer to her?

What is she thinking when I’m talking and she can’t hear a word I’m saying?

How can one word be enough to make her whole face light up?

There has to be a reason.

I have to be special.

She must feel something.

Is she in love with me?
—  yes


I hope when you’re reading this, you’ve just come home from school and your cheeks hurt from laughing all day with our friends, and you’re wearing one of your favorite outfits, and your hair is in one of those intricate braids I always admire but I’ve never told you. I hope you’re doing the psych homework you love, and Prada is sleeping at the foot of your bed. I hope you’re listening to that one weird album you love from that band that even I didn’t know about, and your mom is cooking your favorite meal for dinner (spaghetti, no meatballs, extra mushrooms), and you’re drinking extra strong black coffee because you know you’re gonna be up all night studying. I hope you’re in your happiest state possible, and I hope you find your way back to it after all of this is said and done.

Now for the hard part. It’s 3:30 in the morning, you’re fast asleep feet away from me in my bed, but I couldn’t sleep knowing what’s coming. By the time you’re reading this, they’ve taken me. I want you to know I’m not scared. Yes, my hands are trembling like leaves in November as I’m writing this, but you know me…or maybe you don’t, but they always are. I know what’s coming for me, and I’m prepared to handle it. What I’m not prepared to handle is the thought of you worrying about me after I tell you all of this. I’m not scared, Lydia, so please don’t be scared for me.

My name is Stiles Stilinski. I live with my dad, the Sheriff of Beacon Hills. I’m a senior at Beacon Hills High School, I play lacrosse (or try to), I love Star Wars, I have a piece of shit blue Jeep that is literally held together by duct tape, and I know you like the back of my damn hand, Lydia Martin.

We have a pack. You, me, and all of the idiots I’m going to tell you about. We’ve literally been to hell and back with them. I’m praying to any God that this will help you remember what our lives really are. This group of people is our home, Lydia. Find them. Stick with them. Never let them go.

My best friend is Scott McCall. I don’t know what my evaporation has done to you two, but he’s one of your best friends as well. He is such a hero it hurts him, but he’s a better person than I could ever even attempt to be. He loves his friends, us, more than anything on this planet, and he’ll protect us unwaveringly, even if that surrenders his own safety. Sophomore year, he was bitten by a werewolf, and it flipped our world upside down. You’re part of that world.

Malia Tate. You taught her how to drive (god help her). She’s a werecoyote. She’s my…friend? Fellow pack member? Not important, what is important is that you find her. She is fiercely loyal and brave, and one of the most selfless people I know. Our pack needs her, and so do you.

Mason, Liam, and Hayden. The new creatures. They’re small, like, Scrappy Doo small, so even your short self might have to look down to find them. But when you do, you’ll be grateful, because even if they are annoying toddlers sometimes, they have been amazing additions to our pack. At the end of the day, they just needed a home like the rest of us, and they fit right in.

And then there’s you, Lydia. You’re a banshee. Your powers have kept us alive time after time, life threatening situation after life threatening situation. Maybe you know that, maybe you don’t, and maybe you’ve already thrown this letter away thinking I’m a lunatic, but somehow I know you haven’t. Because whether you remember me or not, not even something as horrific as this could erase a piece of you from my mind. Nothing could take away what I feel and know about you.

I know that you are strong beyond limits and intelligent beyond compare.I know you’ve built up walls so tall around you that you can no longer see the top of them. I know you’ve been chipping away at them for the past two years, and have so graciously let me peek in. I know that you still have a scar from where Prada bit you on your ankle. I know your favorite movie is Clueless, but you tell people it’s Moulin Rouge. I know that you’re going to win a Fields Medal someday. I know that you possess everything you need to live the life you dream of.

I feel like we didn’t get enough time. I feel like I was taken in the middle of the climax of our story. I feel that you are going to be upset after reading this. I feel like you’re going to cry, and even though you look beautiful while doing it, my heart aches picturing that. I feel a physical hole in my chest imagining myself without you. I feel that I was never meant to live without you by my side, helping me figure things out. Most of all, I feel like you’ll remember. You told me you would, and I feel like I have to believe you. You’ve never given me a reason not to.

Remember, Lydia? Remember the semi formal? Remember that giant gift I brought to your birthday party? Remember using toilet paper as tissue in my bedroom? Remember the locker room floor? Remember me fainting after we defeated the nogitsune? Remember tangling red string around your fingers on my bed night after night as we tried to untangle our lives? Remember the Jeep?

I know this letter is a mess, which is an accurate representation of me, and I’m hoping that will help rather than hurt. I know you can do this, Lydia. If there’s anything I know, it’s that you will stop at nothing to save the people you care about, no matter the consequences. And now I know I’m one of those people, and it’s my favorite fact in the world. It’s a fact that will keep me going, wherever I’m going. Even if I never go back home, I will hold onto the fact that Lydia Martin chose to care about me, out of all people on this Earth. And that will be enough.

This isn’t a goodbye letter, Lydia. This is just a piece of the puzzle I know you’ll put together. I have faith in you, always have, always will, and that faith lets me know that this is not the end of us.

see you soon,

Into The Ring #25

chapter 25: haymaker

  • an incredibly strong punch, usually made with full force and the same swinging motion made when swinging a scythe

rated: M (no nsfw in this chapter)
summary: In a world of underground fighting only the strong survive, abiding by the rules of kill or be killed. In the Ring, a feeble emotion like hope is all it takes to destroy you. And yet it exists– and those who hold onto it play a dangerous game. But once you enter into the Ring, it will never let you go.

This one is quite long and, well, stuff happens. Not to spoil. ;) And I’m on time this week, yay!

read: prologue | one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight |nine|ten|eleven |twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen | sixteen |seventeen|eighteen | nineteen |twenty | twentyone | twentytwo | twentythree | twentyfour all | on

Lucy had a ton of rooms and even more comfortable beds to choose from.  But when they both got ready for the night, her eyes fell over him with such a lingering look, he felt his body ache to follow after her.

Not yet.

Natsu chose instead to get as far away from Lucy as he was able. Not necessarily because he wanted to, but if he was going to get any sleep it would be as far from her as he could manage.

He couldn’t help but think she looked a little disappointed when he opted to sleep on the couch. Her hair was piled on the top of her head in a messy bun, a large gym sweater sliding off one of her shoulders.

Natsu could only entertain the thought the sweater looked familiar for a second until a far more pressing thought took hold of his mind. She looked great in it.

Lucy, comfortable and relaxed, always took his breath away. She was beautiful all the time, but there was something so achingly domestic about the way she held her toothbrush by her side and padded around the kitchen in bare feet that had his heart racing.

“You sure you don’t want one of the beds?” Lucy’s voice floated over from the kitchen. Natsu smothered a grin, punching the pillow she had given him into a comfortable shape.

“Nah, this is fine. I’d get lost in the upper levels of your place if I picked one of those rooms anyway.” Natsu grinned.

Not that it would matter, he didn’t like how many blind corners there were in this place. It made him uneasy.

Lucy’s laughter drifted over to him, sharpening some as she got closer to the living room.

“Don’t worry, I’ll always find you when you get lost, Natsu.”

Of that, he had no doubt.

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could you please do jily, things you said while you were drunk?

yfip: me, writes this like three months after reblogging a mini-fic prompt thing

James stands stands up abruptly, nearly falls over, seems to think better of it and collapses back down onto the common room sofa.

Listen,’ he says.

There’s general groaning from the group at large and Sirius, sitting next to him, claps him on the shoulder.

‘Don’t think anyone’s gonna go for this one, mate.’ he says, a little on the slurred side.  

‘But s’true.’

Remus rolls his eyes for the four-hundredth time that night. Its nothing new that James can’t hold his liquor, but getting utterly wasted on three glasses of firewhisky and a butterbeer is low even for him. ‘Madam Pomfrey does not fancy you,’ says Remus in a monotone, but James seems to disregard this entirely.

‘I’m bloody telling you. Why else’s she always trying to get me to stay in the Hospital Wing then, eh? If s’not because she wants to like, watch me sleep?

‘Oh, I dunno,’ feigns Lily. She’s sitting on the floor, leaning against the armchair Mary is napping in. ‘Don’t suppose its got anything to do with the fact you’re a raging nutter who flings himself off a broom at least twice a week in the name of Quidditch.’

‘Leave Quidditch out of this. My Quidditch skills are- they’re- fucking top notch.’

‘Pomfrey does always go to his Quidditch matches.’ says Peter thoughtfully, at which James points at him gleefully and everyone else looks murderous.


‘Are you an idiot-’

She has to be there, for like safety-’

‘It’s probably the law-’

‘I always knew you were my only true mate, Pete- not like these horrible bastards- not you, Evans- you’re not a horrible bastard- you’re a lovely bastard with pretty eyes and-’

‘All right.’ says Lily, who has gone slightly pink despite her eye roll. ‘You should probably piss off to bed now, as flattering as that is.’

James looks affronted. ‘I don’t want to go to bed. I want to talk about feelings and art and- and that dive I did last week, you saw that right, Evans? Ravenclaw didn’t stand a chance. Hooch told me I could go professional, you know-’

Sirius looks at him fondly. ‘A couple of drinks and its like he just reverts straight back to fifth year. Come on, Prongs, up to bed, before you make Evans hate you again.’

‘You’re not the boss of me.’ James slurs, ‘and plus Evans doesn’t hate me, she likes me now because I’m more mature. She said that. No take-backs.’

Lily turns pink again, but she doesn’t let that stop her from snorting and calling him an immature tosspot, though with considerably more warmth than she was going for.

Russian Lullabies

Originally posted by my-edits-have-no-remorse

Requested: By me 

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: The reader gets injured, but nothing too serious

Word Count: 1,877

A/N: I saw this post of soulmate AU’s and there was one about being able to hear your soulmate’s voice, but only when they are singing. I hope that you guys like this one, I had a bit of trouble getting the ending the way I wanted it, but I think that it got there in the end… anyways please message me with any requests that you have- and enjoy!

You had always been different. Growing up, your friends had been kept company by their soulmates. Not in person, of course, but the terrible renditions of Britney Spears chart toppers and poorly written children’s plays were constant reminders that they were meant for someone.

While everyone else’s soulmates would sing in their ear, you were always left in stark silence. While everyone would sing goodnight to their soulmate, you were left with the very obvious reminder that you were alone. In order to fill the silence, you were almost always singing, humming along to a tune while you worked or belting in the shower.

For the first few years, your mother insisted that they were just shy, but after so many years of silence, you had grown to accept that you were an anomaly. Maybe you weren’t meant to be with anyone after all. You were heartbroken for a while, but halfway through your teen years, you had accepted that there was nothing that you could do. Instead of wasting time on tears, you threw yourself into your work.

One night, while you were buried under piles of work, a soft masculine voice rang through your mind. It took you a bit of time to process the fact that you weren’t alone. When the soft voice appeared out of nowhere, you had thought that you were going a bit insane. But then you remembered that you were an anomaly in this world, and that everyone else had grown up with their soulmate’s voice in their ear whenever they sang.

After processing what was finally happening, she realized what they were actually singing. It was unfamiliar, but it had a similar tune to the lullaby that her mother used to sing her to sleep on the bad days, when everyone would talk about the duets that they would learn to sing with each other. It was the strangest thing. Even though the soft, melodic song sounded homely and familiar, the language that it was being sang in was not. Your best guess was that they were singing in Russian, but you couldn’t be completely sure.

You leaned back in your chair, choosing to take a break from the stack of work in front of you and simply enjoy the newfound presence in your life. But after the first few minutes, questions started to rush to your head. Why hadn’t he been singing all of those years? Wouldn’t he have heard you singing all this time? You knew that you didn’t have the best voice, but would it have killed him to at least let you know that he was there. Why would he have been singing a lullaby after so much silence? Did he have a child? That might have been why he wasn’t singing before this.

These thoughts had been floating around in your head ever since the first night that the voice appeared. You knew that you should be trying to figure out where he is, but you couldn’t bring yourself to sing to him. You couldn’t day that you didn’t enjoy the voice in your ear, lulling you to sleep every night.

Even though you really didn’t have a way to communicate with your soulmate, but you felt a small grain of hope warming up your heart. You had gone your entire life without the constant reminder that you are loved. While the rest of your friends were discovering their soulmate’s voices along with basic math, you had never heard anyone’s voice in your head except for your own.

The voice in your head was comforting, but at times it also frightened you. most people your age had already found their person, and you had no idea how to go about finding him. You hoped that if you continued on with the small tunes here and there, that maybe the two of you would find each other.

Eventually, you rationed to yourself that if the universe decided who you were meant to be with, then it was the universe’s job to bring the two of you together. Judging by the time of day that the lullabies echoed in your ear, you had to at least be in the same time zone. You took comfort in the fact that everything would work out eventually, and continued on in your life.

The next day while walking to work, you were shocked when the now familiar voice appeared out of nowhere. You froze when the familiar melody rang out, but this time it was not while you were lying in bed, waiting for the comforting voice to sing you off to sleep. You froze, startled by the song you were accustomed to hearing at night.

And then there was nothing.

You woke up to a bed covered in stark white sheets, in a room with stark white walls, and perhaps the most disappointing of all, stark silence. You laid back into the crisp white pillows, trying to remember what happened. You had heard his voice during the middle of the day, and had stopped to listen. In the middle of the road.

God you were so stupid. You couldn’t believe that you had been idiotic enough to stop in while crossing the road just because someone was singing to you. well, not just someone, your soulmate.

“Hiya, sweetie!” a voice chirped from the doorway. “I’m so happy to see that you are awake.” Te nurse said while she bustled about the room, straightening things here and there.”

“Thank you,” you croaked out while trying to prop yourself up.

The nurse hurried over to the bed and helped you to prop yourself up. You gave her a thankful look before glancing around the room. There were dozens of bouquets scattered around the room. You didn’t know who they could be from. You were sure your family might have dropped something off, and the colleagues at work may have sent over something small, but you had no idea who would have gone to such great lengths.

“I have to say, your soulmate is one of the most attractive men that I have seen in my entire time here. Shame we can’t let him in, only immediate family is allowed. Though I can’t imagine having a looker like him around and not putting a ring on it.”

“I’m sorry,” you said, cupping your throbbing forehead in your hand. “I have never met my soulmate before.”

“Oh, sugar,” the nurse said, patting your arm while pulling the blankets up a bit farther. “I’m sure your accident has just got you a bit confused. I have never seen a man so in love since I met my husband. That poor soul out there hasn’t left the waiting room since he arrived. If you need anything else, my name s Shirley” She murmured, before dimming the lights and leaving you with instructions to get some rest.

The last thing you heard before falling asleep was a soft melody that you had grown to love over the past few days.

You woke up to a soft pressure on your right hand and a soft voice whispering a melody beside you. You clung to the last tendril of sleep, but groaned when you felt them slipping through your fingers. You opened your eyes to see a man that you were sure that you had never met before, but you could swear that you knew him.

“Who- who are you?” you asked, slipping your hand away from his and resting it in your own.

“I know that this must seem confusing, but I am pretty sure that you are my soulmate.” The man said in a soothing voice, most likely trying not to startle you.

“I-I don’t know my soulmate.” You responded unsurely.

“I know,” he said, “But mine has been right by my side. There was a while that I was with some bad people, and there wasn’t any way that I could respond, but you were always there.” He explained. “When you stopped, I knew that something was wrong. At first I had thought that maybe I had scared you, but after not hearing you from so long, I knew that something had to be wrong. I asked… my friend, I guess to find you. He had this weird system and eventually we found you-”

“For the last time young man, unless you two are married now, out,” the chipper nurse said, ushering the man out of the room.

You sat back in your bed, stunned. You were sure that you had never met the man before, but he felt so familiar, and his hand in yours, it just felt right. “Shirley?” you called  to the nurse who had busied herself with rearranging the canisters on a shelf.

“Yeas dear?”

“Do you think that you could maybe let-” you paused, realizing that you didn’t actually know the man’s name.

“Bucky?” she filled in, noticing your pause.

“Yes,” you said, blushing. “Could you let Bucky in?” Even though you didn’t know him, he felt so familiar, and he had been humming the same song that had lulled you to sleep the past few weeks. Could he really be who he said he was? You hadn’t thought that it was possible for so long, but now… you weren’t too sure.

“I guess if you are asking for him, I can make an exception just this once.”

“Thank you, Shirley. He certainly took his time getting here, I wouldn’t want him to wait any longer.”

The man, Bucky, shuffled back into the room after it looked like a bit of a scolding from Shirley. You felt a bit nervous now knowing that this man might be, probably was, is, your soulmate. Thankfully, it looked like he might have been feeling a bit nervous too. A blush was slowly but surely crawling up the side of his face and his hands were shoved into his pockets. He approached the bed like he was trying to get close to a deer, afraid it might try to run at any moment.

“Hi,” you said, your voice coming out a lot quieter than you had intended it to.

“Hi,” he said, sinking back into the chair beside you.

“Well, if you are my soulmate, it certainly took you long enough,” you joked, hoping to break the tension that was hanging in the air. Thankfully, it seemed to do just that as Bucky let out a small chuckle, before slowly taking your hand in his.

“I would like to think that it was worth the wait.” He said, his finger stroking the back of your hand after a few moments.

“I guess that I will have to let you off with a warning this time,” you said, glancing down at your hands, yours fitting perfectly in the palm of his. “But only if you sing to me.”

You swore that you had never seen a smile light up a room like his did while he was singing you the Russian lullaby that you had grown so familiar with. You laid back in the bed, your hands intertwined while your soulmate sang you to sleep. You honestly didn’t think that it could get any better, well maybe if you weren’t in a hospital anyways.

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maybe a chef/assistent AU with NaLu? :)

“How… how did you possibly do this?”

“I don’t know!” her new assistant called defensively. “I just followed your instructions, m’am!”

“Mr. Dragneel, please remind me… at which point did I tell you to set the salad on fire?” 

Reunion (an Enzo Amore imagine)

Rating: M
Warnings: I don’t think there are any…
Summary: Enzo and his girlfriend (You! 😊) finally see each other after a month apart in this fluffy smutty adventure into my Enzo Trash mind.
Disclaimer: I don’t know Enzo, don’t own his character or anyone else’s. I only own the crap that’s in my head.

Enjoy! (I hope!)
The last thing you wanted to do right now was be on another plane; even if this one was a red-eye flight from Orlando to Newark. It had been a last minute decision on you and Eric’s part to go see his family on his off days this week. An opportunity you jumped at because it meant some much needed (and deserved) vacation time from work.

Your longtime boyfriend Eric, better known as Enzo Amore, was fresh off of the WWE Draft where he and his best friend Bill, also known as Big Cass, were chosen to be on Raw every Monday. This was especially exciting for you because you just got news from your boss of a schedule change and couldn’t wait to talk to Eric about it.

Eric was driving down to Jersey from Massachusetts (where his last show had been) and was most likely already at the airport waiting for your plane to get in. Due to travel commitments with your job, your paths had barely crossed in almost a month, save for throwing a load of laundry in the washer and collapsing into a nap on the couch while trying to catch up with one another. Seeing as you already had such limited time together, the last month had been the hardest of your relationship.

The seat belt light went on over your head and you could feel the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. Only a few more minutes and you’d be in the strong, tattooed arms of the love of your life. You just had to make it through the worst part of the flight in your eyes, the landing. You and Eric had watched entirely too many airplane disaster shows and so much always seemed to go wrong on landings. Eric always laughed at you at this point in the flight (even though he always said he was laughing WITH you) but held your hand anyway while you squeezed his.

Once everything went smoothly and the passengers were allowed to start de-plane, you waited for a break in the foot traffic to grab your leopard print carry-on and your brown and gold Louis Vuitton purse. You smiled to yourself when you remembered the conversation you two had when you were buying new luggage a few months ago. Eric had just found out he was being promoted to the main roster and you decided that he needed better bags than a gym bag for him to travel with.

“It matches my character!”
“Eric. It’s leopard print.”
“I know! My name is Enzo Amore!”
“I know who you are, babe. But don’t you think you should get something more neutral colored? Bill’s suitcase is black.”
“So you’re telling me that a certified G should have a boring suitcase?”

You knew what was coming next and rolled your eyes.

“Nah nah nah. Studs get leopard print. Especially bonafide studs.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you can’t teach that. I know. Are you done?”

Eric paused and looked at you with his mouth open to respond when he saw that you had taken the leopard print set off of the shelf and began wheeling it down the aisle. You were done listening to his catchphrases. It was his day off and he knew that you hated it when he would go into character mode, especially in public. You didn’t get enough time with him when he wasn’t Enzo and you just wanted your one day and a half that you did get to be as “normal” as possible. At least, as normal as dating one of the most popular, eccentric and over the top superstars the WWE has to offer can be.

As you walked past the luggage claim area, you raced to the front door. You two had the same routine every time he picked you up from the airport. He always rented the same kind of SUV (a black Yukon) and waited for you on the second level of the parking structure, facing the exits of the airport. He’s obviously recognizable to fans anywhere he goes with his hair and multiple tattoos and would cause too much hysteria if he came inside to meet you. You didn’t mind the fans, the pictures and the autographs. You were more than willing to take the pictures for the fans and always had multiple colored Sharpies floating around your purse in case they didn’t have one. But sometimes, anonymity was nice. Most fans didn’t give you a second look when you and Eric were together. Some knew who you were but they were mostly centralized in Orlando, where they saw you out and about. They would call you by name, say hello and make small talk; ask how Enzo and Cass were doing and when they’d be back in town. Those were the kinds of fans you liked. Not the pushy ones who would shove their phone at you or speak rudely to everyone around them. Those fans could go to Hell as far as you were concerned.

You knocked softly on the passenger side window, trying not to startle Eric who had fallen asleep. You felt terrible waking him up because you knew he didn’t sleep enough. He always would say “Tired is a state of mind. And I ain’t tired.” But you knew him better than anyone and knew he was exhausted on his days off. As much as he wanted and needed to get things done on those short reprieves, there were days where he wouldn’t get out of bed until 2, 3 o'clock in the afternoon. He always said that he didn’t sleep well on the road because he didn’t have you to hold. And what girl doesn’t want to hear that?

It took a few times knocking before he woke up enough to realize that you were standing at the door. You smiled and went to give him a half wave but you were smashed against the car door by a hard body before you knew it.

“Oh. My. God. I. Missed. You.” Eric whispered to you in between mouth-crushing kisses.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him back, your eyes fluttering closed while you moaned softly in his ear. You couldn’t believe how much you missed being in his arms, your bodies pressed together.

“I missed you too. Thank God I was able to make it on such short notice,” you responded squeezing yourself as close to him as you could. As he went to pull away, you did one of the things he hated the most: tugged on his earring. He didn’t hate it because it hurt, he hated it because it turned him on. He growls softly at you before speaking.

“I already got a room. Let’s get ya to bed,” your boyfriend said as he opened your car door and helped you inside, taking your purse and bag and placing them in the back seat.

You made idle talk on the drive, catching each other up on the last few days since you hadn’t had the chance to talk, especially with him being busy with TV, traveling and media commitments and you being busy with working overtime so you could take a few days off.

“So I got good news at work.”
“What’s that, babe?”
“My boss finally OKed my schedule so I can work four 10 hour days which means I can take Mondays off and go to Raw with you and Bill!” You said excitedly but also nervously that Eric wouldn’t like your idea.
“Really?? That would be amazing, baby! I can’t to show you off and spend more time with ya. I’ll talk to Mr. McMahon to make sure it’s okay that you travel with me. Because you sure as hell ain’t doin’ it by yourself.” He replied, leaning over to kiss your cheek.
“Oh. And I got enough time off that I can be at Battleground AND Raw this week.”
“Are you freakin’ for real? Babe. Why didn’t you tell me before now?”
“I wanted it to be a surprise. Are you excited? I can change my plans.”

Eric pulled off to the side of the road and put the car in park. He turned toward you the best he could and put his hands on either side of your face and looked you right in the eyes; his bright blue ones boring into your soul.

“Look at me. Do I look upset? You have no clue how much I’ve missed ya. My heart hurts when I’m not wit'cha. I love you. I want ya with me 24/7 but you won’t stop workin’. I can take care of both of us. And then all of us when ya finally let me put a little G in your belly.” You blushed brightly all the way to your toes when he said that. “All ya gotta do is let me know where you wanna sit and I’ll make it happen.”
“Front row for your matches. Backstage with you the rest of the shows.”
“You got it, love.” Eric said with a soft kiss.
You smiled brightly and then changed topics as he pulled back onto the road.

“Wait. We’re not staying with your sister this trip? I wanted to see Rueby!” referring to Eric’s niece and goddaughter. She might even trump you for being his biggest fan. She loved her “Uncle Enzo”.

Eric pulled up to a red light before he answered. He took your hand from your lap, pressed his lips to the back of it and then looked you in the eyes. His bright blue eyes were dark when you met his glance.

“No way. Not this time. I haven’t spent time with my woman in too long. You’re all mine tonight; I ain’t sharin’ ya. You’ll see her before we leave.”
“Well, you’re gonna have to share me for two seconds.”
“What the hell? Why?”

You pulled your phone out of your jacket pocket and opened up your camera.

“Dear God, why? Why do you want to take a picture at 2am?”
“Eric. Really? I’m not allowed to document that I’m finally wit’ my man after a freakin’ month? Oh. Okay. Fine.”

He knew you were mad. You didn’t start dropping letters from words unless you were pissed. Eric blamed all of the time you’ve spent coming back to his home state for your change in dialect. You never spoke like that when you were still just friends when he first moved to Orlando. He didn’t mind it but he hated it when you were mad. He sighed as he pulled into the hotel parking lot and found a spot in the back corner where he could back the SUV into.


You unbuckled your seat belt and reached for the door handle.

“What!? You said your piece. Let’s just go.”

Eric wrapped his hand around your arm, pulling you back into your seat.

“Baby. I’m sorry. I love ya. I’m just tired and I know you’re tired. But if you really want to put a picture up on Instagram, let’s do this so we can get some rest.”

You looked at him skeptically and took your phone back out. He leaned over the center console and wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pressing his lips against your cheek. It didn’t matter that you were still irritated with him, feeling his touch and his kiss always made you light up. You smiled widely for the camera, any lingering exhaustion gone from your eyes.

He pulled away from you after he heard the shutter click and turned your face towards his. He kissed your lips roughly and then pulled back, his eyes that dark blue color again.

“I said I love ya, woman.”

You smirked at him, putting your phone back in the pocket of the NXT jacket you stole from him and grabbing your bags from the back seat.

“I know,” was your response through the back door before you sashayed into the hotel.

“Gonna be the death of me,” you heard being muttered behind you as Eric’s longer legs ate up the distance between you two. He quickly caught up to you and waited until you were finished posting the picture to your Instagram account, linking it to your Facebook, Twitter and tumblr pages before he wrapped his arms around your waist. You couldn’t help but stop in your tracks and lean back into his chest, eyes fluttering shut. You loved your man more than air and couldn’t believe how lucky you were.

You opened your eyes when you heard his phone click and a flash go off.

“That one isn’t for the fans. Or our family. It’s just for me,” he replied when you turned your head to face him, an eyebrow raised to silently ask what that was about.

He pulled away from you and took your hand while you walked over to the elevators.

“I can’t wait to sleep. I’m exhausted,” you said while trying to stretch and not let go of his hand.
“Don’t get your hopes up for sleeping anytime soon.”
“Oh yeah? Why is that?”

Eric looked at you in the eye and responded: “I’ve got BIGGER plans for you than that,” right before the elevator doors opened, revealing the 12th floor hallway. He dragged you out of the elevator and to the last room on the floor.

“Corner room. I want them to hear you scream but I know you don’t always like that.” He said with a smirk and a wink as he unlocked the door with the key card.

You walked into the room in front of him, knowing he was checking out your ass in the yoga pants you were wearing. You always traveled in comfort but you knew you had to look good too.

“Well, you’re gonna have to hold onto your saddle there, Stallion,” you said after grabbing something out of your bag and before ducking into the bathroom. You heard him shuffle around and drop his shoes next to your bags before hearing the bed springs squeak as he sat down.

While you were washing your hands, you heard your phone chirp, indicating someone had just retweeted a post, followed by a clicking sound, which meant your Instagram just received either a comment or a repost.

You came out of the bathroom in just a white tank top with “Certified G” blazoned across your chest and a pair of leopard print panties.

“How do I look?”
“Like you’re about to get boned by a stud. Getcha hot ass ova here!”

You giggled and wiggled your hips as you checked your phone first to turn the sound off.

“Enzo Amore retweeted your post: "Reunited and it feels so good! I love my @wweaallday21 until my last breath. #wegucci #myboo #mylove” was what caused the chirp sound.

“wweaallday21 added a new picture: "Me and Lady Amore. Can’t get enough of that 😃 and beautiful 💜. 💑👫 I 🙏🏼 and thank the Big Man upstairs every day for her. #BeenALongMonth #ShesMyRider” He had taken a screen shot of your original post and put it up on his own Instagram and that picture was the cause of the click.

Eric didn’t post much about your relationship on social media. Which you were fine with because you both liked as much privacy as possible. These two posts, however, made your stomach start fluttering again.

When you turned around and faced your man, you realized that he had stripped completely naked while you were reading. You loved Eric no matter what, but his abs seemed to be even stronger than the last time you saw them and his hard body always got you going.

You walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his middle before turning your face up for a kiss. You could feel his erection against your stomach and could feel yourself growing even wetter.

“Ya know. I’ve kissed these lips a lot so far. I should check the other ones. Make sure those ones still love me too.” he told you as pulled your shirt over your head before hooking his thumbs in the sides of your panties, pulling them down and fully exposing your body to him.

He kissed your lips one last time before moving to your neck; kissing and nipping there before moving lower. Your mouth fell open when he reached your left breast and he bit down on the skin right above your nipple.

“Oh Eric.” was all you could whisper as you arched your back, opening your chest up to him further. He wrapped his lips around one nipple, teasing it with the tip of his tongue, while he massaged and gently pulled on the other. He alternated back and forth until you were squirming against his body and your hands had traveled down to his hard cock.

“I know you said you wanted to make this a good time for me, but there’s something I gotta do first,” you said with a gleam in your eye before dropping to your knees.

“Oh fuck, baby.” Eric said, his accent got thicker and his head dropped back as he felt your warm mouth surround the head of his dick. You knew exactly how he liked this and you knew that you didn’t have to go any further to get the reaction wanted from him. Wrapping your hand around his shaft, you stroked up and down slowly, lazily, teasing Eric closer to an orgasm. Your other hand traveled a tad lower and began gently trailing your fingertips across his balls. You could feel them tightening when Eric pulled you off of him and pushed you onto the bed.

“Oh no ya don’t,” he said before diving between your legs. He flattened his tongue and licked from your dripping hole all the way up to your clit, pulling away and blowing a small stream of air against it as he slid one thick finger inside of you.

“Aaaahhhh!” It didn’t really hurt but you were so sensitive from him teasing you earlier that the air was almost torture.

“Fuck! You’re so tight, baby. Maybe we should not have sex for a month more often.”
“Oh fuck you, Eric.”

He came up from between your legs after a soft nip on your clit, licking his way up to your neck and biting down. You hissed loudly as you felt his teeth connect with your skin, making your arousal drip onto the sheets beneath you.

“If you don’t get inside me, I’m going to take matters into my own hands. Literally.” You growled at him, sliding a hand between your bodies and going to touch your hard nub, praying for some sort of relief.

Eric spread your legs further, one knee on the bed, the other leg thrown over his shoulder. “You asked for this. Remember that,” he whispered against your lips as he slid his length inside of you slowly. He could only get his head in at first, despite you being wetter than ever before. You and Eric were far from innocent and you couldn’t remember a time you had been so turned on.

Eric kissed your lips gently, relaxing you further so he could enter you fully. As much as you didn’t want to, you had to release his kiss as your mouth fell open as your eyes shut.

“Oh my gosh. Eric, what you do to me. Don’t move yet.”
“If I move, we’re done. You feel better than I remember, baby.”

You laid together, connected below your waists, kissing passionately and running your hands over each other. Once Eric felt as though it was safe to move, he slowly withdrew and then bottomed out again.

“God damn. I think you’re gonna kill me with this pussy. Fuck if I wouldn’t be okay wit it.” Eric slurred as his pace quickened up. He took a hand from your leg and rubbed your clit gently with his thumb.

“As much as I want to do this forever, I don’t know if I can hold out. You gotta go first. Come on, baby, cum for your man. Cum all over this hard cock.”

You looked into Eric’s eyes and crushed your lips against his before biting his hard pec.

“You want me to cum on your cock, you gotta go harder than that. Come on. You’re better than this.” Your dirty talk always got Eric going and you knew that it was only a matter of time before you were collapsed and trembling in a beautiful orgasm afterglow.

Eric pulled out of you, flipped you over onto your hands and knees and smacked your ass before slamming back inside of you.

“Yeah? This what you want? You want to feel it deeper? Harder?” You could actually feel him pressing against your cervix and it was making your frustration even worse.

“Fuck. Eric. Shit!”
“Whose pussy is this?” Eric said, grinding his hips against your ass, his first and middle fingers on his right hand pushing your clit flat, his left hand smacking your ass to a shade of bright pink.
“Whose? You can’t cum until everyone hears you!”
“It’s yours! Fuck! Eric Anthony Arndt owns me AND this sloppy cunt! Please just let me cum, goddamnit!”

He moved his hand, gripped both of your hips and began thrusting again.

“Touch yourself, baby. Cum for me.”

All it took was that whisper against your ear and a brush of your finger on your clit and you were shaking in front of your boyfriend.

“Oh! Fuck! Oh! Shit! Oh my gosh! Oh!” You couldn’t even form a complete thought let alone a complete sentence. You felt your eyes roll into the back of your head while fireworks exploded behind your eyelids.

“Me too, baby!” You felt Eric’s warmth spreading inside you, so much that it was running down your inner thighs, as his grip got tighter on your hips.

You fell forward onto the bed, Eric following you, pressing you into the mattress before he could get his arms to work and hold himself up. He kissed the mark on your shoulder that was already turning into a bruise.

“Are you okay?” He murmured into your ear as he moved your hair.
“More okay than I’ve ever been. Ever.” You said with a smile.

Eric moved off of you and pulled you into his chest. You laid in comfortable silence, catching your breath while your heart rates slowed back down.

“We forgot something important,” he said, kissing the top of your head. You sighed quietly before replying.

“Are you okay with that?” You asked him quietly.
“You know I have been for years. What happens, happens.”

You kissed the bite mark on his chest and then right over his heart.

“I love you, amore mio.”
“I love you more, amore mia.”

•Rider = a woman who has her man’s back, no matter what
•amore mio = Italian =my love (in the male form)
•amore mia = Italian = my love (in the female form)

busan-ai  asked:

Scuba diver Jungkook and mermaid Jimin???? ITS SO CLICHE BUT I LOVE IT IM TRASH AAAAAAH


Jimin watches from a distance. The humans are always the same. They come bumbling into his home with bulky equipment and no manners. The living creatures that make up his domain or inspected, stolen, and thrown away.

This one though, this one is different. Because he’s pretty, Taehyung’s teasing voice rings in his ears. Jimin shakes his head, displacing the water around him. His gleaming red tail moves gracefully through the water, pushing Jimin even farther behind the sunken ship he was currently hiding behind.The brunette human in front of him glances up through gigantic goggles. Jimin blows out a breath full of bubbles when the boy finally looks away. 

The boy moves on to a reef further down the sea, and Jimin turns away, ignoring the feeling of disappointment in his chest. Jimin doesn’t immediately return home, opting to play with the sea turtles for a while. When he does tire, he heads home to find the merpeople scattering about with hushed, frantic voices. A hand grabs Jimin’s shoulder and he turns quickly, only to find a concerned looking Taehyung.

“Jimin, come quick! It’s…it’s your human!” Taehyung practically shouts in his face, tearing away to the rock clearing outside of their village. 

“My what?” Jimin groans, for Taehyung is too far away to answer. He lets out another reluctant groan, but follows after Taehyung without another word. They swim out to the small sandbar, covered by rocks in the form of a half-dome, almost like a cave. Merfolk surround the sandbar underneath the waves, chattering excitedly. Taehyung swims through them all, making a path for Jimin as well. The whispers halt as Jimin and Taehyung breach the surface of the water. 

Jimin first notices the boy’s gear, mostly scattered about in the dark sand. The mask (goggles, Taehyunug reminds him) is close enough for him to reach, so he picks them up. When he turns them over, he finds a name etched into the back.

“Je-Jeon…Jeongguk?” Jimin speaks quietly, lips and tongue rolling around the syllables in his mouth. 

“Holy shit.” The human’s voice is loud compared the the merfolks’. Taehyung visibly jumps and dives back into the water. Jimin drops the goggles but stays frozen where he lays on the beach. He watches the human, no, Jeongguk, step fully out from the other side of the rocks. He’s looking at Jimin with unusually large eyes that make him uncomfortable.

“Did I hit my head or something?” Jeongguk asks, probably to himself. Jimin can’t help it. He giggles. 

“Not that I know of,” he speaks softly. Jeongguk slowly crawls closer, making sure not to startle Jimin as he had Taehyung. 

“So, you’re real?” He kneels in front of Jimin. Jimin scoffs, running a hand through his bright red hair.

“I’d sure hope so,” Jimin mutters. Jeongguk stretches out a hand, hesitating when Jimin flinches. His eyes flick back up to meet Jimin’s.

“Um…can I? I won’t hurt you, I promise,” Jeongguk tones down his voice, trying to speak as softly as Jimin. Jimin thinks on the question for a moment. On one hand, it probably wasn’t the best idea, as he didn’t even know the boy, let alone how the boy got on the supposedly secluded island. On the other hand, Jeongguk was really pretty, and Jimin was kind of becoming addicted to the impressed look on his face. Jimin nods slowly. Jeongguk flashes him a smile that would have had him falling to his knees, if he, you know, had them. 

The first touch of Jeongguk’s fingers has him shivering, but Jimin quickly grows used to the calloused fingers on his scales. Jeongguk runs his hand down the length of Jimin’s tail and back. Jimin thinks he should mention that’s actually pretty intimate for merfolk, but he decides against it.

“Whoa!” Jeongguk exclaims softly. Jimin raises an eyebrow and moves his tail out of Jeongguk’s reach.


“It’s smooth!” Jimin refuses to smile, he refuses. Jeongguk looks so fascinated.  

“As opposed to?” Jimin prompts.

“I don’t know, slimy?” Jeongguk shrugs. Jimin gasps and folds his arms over his chest.

“You take that back!” Jeongguk giggles and holds his hands up in apology.

“What’s your name?” Jimin looks up from under his bangs at Jeongguk smiling above him.

“Jimin. My name is Jimin.” Jeongguk’s smile grows wider as he settles down on the sand beside Jimin.

“Hello Jimin. I’m Jeongguk.”

“So you are.”

Send me a “cliche” trope or AU and I’ll write a short Jikook drabble based off of it ^.^  

hexrmionegranger  asked:

65 + dramione!

65.  “Look at me—just breathe, okay?” + dramione 

The first time he says it, she’s standing on the seventh-floor corridor at midnight and her bag is on the ground beside her, its contents scattered. Draco’s hands are clenching her arms tightly, holding her steady as she continues to panic. They’d barely been able to get out of the library fast enough, and if she were honest, she wasn’t even sure why he’d followed her. They weren’t exactly friends. Sure they had talked, and maybe sometimes they sat at the same table, but this was next level, being there in a moment of weakness. 

“You’re okay, Granger.” he says calmly, soothingly; his tone is unnatural from the one he usually carries when he speaks. His cool, grey eyes are boring into hers, his lips turned into a frown and his brows furrowed. Her lips part in shock at the genuine concern on his face. “Breathe, in…out…Good. That’s it.” 

The second time he says it, she’s standing in his flat, clutching the letter in her hand. She’d been waiting for this for months. The moment she opened this letter, she would know whether or not she had been accepted for an internship with the Muggle Liaison Office. She stares into his eyes, just like she had done  in the seventh-floor corridor all those years ago. “Right, okay,” she mumbles and shakes her head. “Just breathe.” 

She opens her letter, inhales sharply and lets out a squeal that makes Draco slam his hands over his ears. And when she stops and shoves the letter in his face for him to read, his arms are around her waist in an instant and he’s spinning her round and round. 


The third time he says it, he’s sitting next to her in the waiting room of a Muggle hospital, as her tears continue to fall into her lap and her father lay gone in the room right next to them. 

A heart attack. The doctor’s had been surprised her father had even had one at his age. Mr. Granger had been a healthy man apparently, his sudden death shocked his daughter and wife. 

But Hermione won’t stop shaking and crying and repeating, “How?” over and over again. So he lets her lean against his chest and he wraps an arm around her shoulder. She won’t look at him and her breathing is shallow. It’s never failed them before but this time, it’s no use. 


The fourth time he says it, they’re standing in the middle of the living room and Hermione is looking at him with fear and horror in her eyes. There’s a puddle between her feet and her hands are clutching her protruding stomach. He’s been urging her for the last two minutes that they need to go to the hospital now, but she’s not budging. 

“Hermione,” he says still more urgently. “We have to go, now!”

“I can’t,” she says, her voice fragile and broken. “I can’t go, I can’t do it. I can’t b-be a m-mom!” 

Her words shock him and it takes him a moment before he steps forward and lays a hand on either arm. “Hey,” he says softly. “Look at me—just breathe okay?” 

She rolls her eyes but obliges and forces herself to take a deep breath. There are tears running down her cheeks and her eyes are slightly puffy. “You are going to be the best mom, Hermione. If anyone can do this, it’s you.” 


The fifth time those words are uttered, they come from Cassie. She’s standing with Draco just beyond the doors that will lead them to the Wedding ceremony. His eyes are wide and his lips are pressed tight together. He wants to tell her she looks beautiful, but his throat is dry and his tongue is glued to the root of his mouth. The realization that his daughter is moments away from getting married, is sinking in, and he can feel his heart pounding in his chest. Cassie, with her amazing yet mysterious sense of intuition, loops her arm through his and rises up on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. 

“Dad?” she says when her feet are back on the floor. 

He doesn’t look at her, he can’t bring himself to. “Look at me,” she says. 

He does. She smiles at him and says, “Just breathe, okay?”

For whether we are in 1895 or beyond...

(Inspired by @kinklock’s and @emojilock’s “we’ll see the Victorian John and Sherlock kissing too” posts ( because !!! I am so excited by this possibility!!)

WHAT IF John and Sherlock’s first kiss is in Baker Street, their bodies framed by the window and their lips touch and they kiss AND THEN


We cut to the last Victorian scene in The Abominable Bride, Sherlock standing in the window frame, murmuring “But then, I’ve always been a man out of his time.”

BUT instead of the camera pulling back, we stay put and JOHN comes up from behind Sherlock, gently turns him around, takes out his pipe and KISSES HIM SO TENDERLY

AND THEN OUR MODERN JOHN AND SHERLOCK ARE KISSING AND KISSING, and both eras fade in and out before the Victorian era finally fades away completely to leave us with the modern…


anonymous asked:

"I’ve only seen you in uniform, which makes you look like a total dork, and the first time I see you out of uniform I didn’t recognize you because holy shit you’re actually really hot" from the pool/hotel au for warren worthington iii please :)


warren + “i’ve only seen you in uniform, which makes you look like a total dork, and the first time i see you out of uniform i didn’t recognize you because holy shit you’re actually really attractive”

“Five bucks says you can’t get that girls number.” Peter challenges Warren, nodding his head towards a girl sitting on the edge of the pool. She’s facing away from the boys, but they could both tell that she was a solid 10.

“Oh yeah?” Warren scoffs, throwing a towel at Peter’s stomach. “Make it ten, and I’ll get a date.”

“Deal!” Peter agrees, shaking hands with Warren, as Warren runs a hand through his curls.

Peter just giggles as Warren unbuttons the first few buttons, showing off his chest. Warren nods his head to Peter jokingly, before stalking off to the girl. He’s done this loads of times to girls here, but usually within the first few seconds of his pick-up line, the girl is already laughing in his face — and Peter is laughing behind him, hysterically. So this time, he’ll get a girl, and he’ll get ten bucks.

As he approaches the girl, he hovers his hand over his mouth to make sure his breath smells good, before plopping down next to her, sinking his feet into the cool water. She’s looking over in the opposite direction from Warren, so he just clears his throat, and says,

“Do you happen to have lost your way, ma’am? Because Heaven is a long way from here!”

When she whips her head around, Warren nearly dies, because he’s not met with a sexy stranger — he’s met with his own coworker!

“Oh my gosh, you did not just use that god awful pick-up line on me,” you jest, a chuckle bubbling from your throat. “did you not even recognize me, Worthington?!”

“Okay, it’s not what it looks like!” Warren exclaims, face turning red, as he can hear Peter once again, laughing his ass off. “Peter made a bet with me! How was I supposed to know that it was you?!”

“Well, we totally haven’t worked together for the past Summer.” You quip, nudging his shoulder with yours.

“I mean… I’ve only seen you in your uniform! Can’t blame me for not knowing that you look hot in a bathing suit.” He protests, eyeing you up and down.

“What was this bet? Use the cheesiest pick up line you know, in hopes to get a date?” You chuckle, as Warren lets out an embarrassed chuckle.

He rubs the nape of his neck with his fingers, smiling almost nervously, because all Summer — he actually has been wanting to ask you out, but he’s never actually gotten the balls to do so. And that’s a big deal for Warren, because he usually isn’t one for relationships. So, the fact that he could actually get that opportunity now, it’s too good to pass up.

“Well… yeah,” he responds, moving a little closer to you. “and you know what? The offer is still on the table. I’m a fun guy, I know how to treat a lady!”

You just shake your head with a laugh, looking back up at him with that gorgeous smile of yours.

“Consider the bet won then,” you giggle, leaning forward to press a kiss to his cheek. “because you’re going to pick me up at seven, and you’re going to live up to that statement.”

And with that, you get up — and strut off in to the hotel; leaving Warrens cheek buzzing in excitement. Looking back at Peter, who’s already pulling out his wallet, Warren yells,

“You jackass, you knew!”

Peter flips him off with a smirk, and replies,

“And it’s about damn time you two went on a date!”

anonymous asked:

What about a tender Jonsa moment with Sansa pregnant? Please?

angst –> fluff

They had tried to be careful. They had to, because they’d agreed. Children weren’t for the winter. Not for the Others. Nor the Dragon Queen descending upon them with her retinue, her advisors, the fearsome creatures she called her children.

When they would couple, Jon took care to not spill inside of her; or, in the few desperate times she’d begged him not to leave her, she would prepare moon tea the very next day. And it had always worked. She would endure the pain in her stomach. She would endure Jon’s concern. She would endure, because that was what she did best. Then winter came, as promised. The White Walkers, too, a war larger than themselves scratching at their gates with a jagged claw, and it had struck an underline in the words: a child had no place.

She touched her stomach; still flat, still unseen.

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anonymous asked:

Main actors in a terrible play AU for Jerza please

“Oh, my scarlet haired queen! It pains me to inform you but… but I have a fianceé!” screamed the side character as fake tears streamed down his face.

Backstage, the two main actors – about to take the stage one last time – eyed each other with knowing expressions. They both knew the words were a lie, and that in the end the love interests would be reunited in a dramatic, over-the top declaration of their undying love while they, the true stars of the show, were doomed to die a tragic on-stage death.

“Gosh, I’m so glad that the contract runs out after this performance,” Erza whispered, and Jellal chuckled as he nodded, and then proceeded to adjust his cheap crown.

“Talk about unrealistic,” he agreed, “’I have a fianceé’? Really, who writes this crap?”