concept: you can finally dig you favorite sweater out of the back of your closet and when you put it on, you know today is going to be a good day. because you don’t need a jacket but it’s still cool enough where you won’t sweat profusely from wearing cotton and long sleeves. because you take a look at yourself in the mirror and smile at your reflection for the first time in months. because when you put it on, it feels like a hug from an old friend you haven’t seen in a while.

concept: the crunch of orange and yellow and red and brown leaves beneath your boots drown out the final crash of the waves against the ocean shore. the sun is setting sooner and sooner, but you welcome the darkness like an old friend. it is comforting and warm, despite the cooling air around you. 

concept: the taste of apple cider almost as sweet as their kiss (almost), and you both giggle, slightly embarrassed, at how sticky your lips are, or maybe just at how you’re both wearing the same kind of flannel shirt. you stand on a pumpkin, just to be taller than them, and the glow of the sun around their head looks like a halo.

concept: the warmest drink tastes the best on the chilliest night, and you sit outside to watch the sunset with a blanket draped around your shoulders. the world is still and silent, no screaming cicadas or biting mosquito or the sounds of children running through the streets before bed. the air is no longer thick and suffocating, and it’s a little easier to breathe.

concept: everything is orange. sometimes yellow, often times brown, but mainly orange. you look around and all you see is orange illuminating at every corner, the glow of tangerine and pumpkin and peach caressing everything in its sight. everything is a little bit dimmer but somehow brighter at the same time.

—  concept: fall is life
(cc, 2016)
Importance (ch. 498)

A/N: Damn, I’m late. The angst was killing me, it was so hard to write! Even now, I just wrote like a madwoman to finish this in one sitting xD Hope you guys like it!
Words: 1980
Summary: When it came down to one of them living, who was more important? [Gruvia - ch. 498 spoilers]

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As soon as they stepped inside their house, Juvia was off like a shot, running to the kitchen in search of the first aid kit. Most of their missions went rather smoothly, a few cuts here, a few scrapes there—usually no more than that.

But sometimes, the enemy would catch them off guard and get the better of them. During those times, she’d have to dig out all the bandages, salves and ointments they’d have in their small house and play the role of nurse for a while.

“You need to be more careful,” Juvia told him, tenderly wrapping a bandage around his bicep with quick and nimble fingers before tying it into place. She sat back, admiring her handiwork with a smile. “All done, Gray-sama!”

Gray, who had been busy staring off outside the window at nothing in particular, waiting for her to finish, shook his head, clearing his thoughts before turning to her. “Thanks,” he said, flexing his arm to see if the bandage was comfortable enough.

“Is everything alright?” she asked, eyeing him anxiously.

“Quit worrying,” he said with a roll of his eyes. “I’m fine. Now…” His gaze flickered to her, lips tugging up in a smirk. “Let’s take a look at you.”

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you only see me with
rose-colored glasses
I am here
though I am not heard

and once you take them off
you will see all of me
every layer from
scarred skin to tired bones

down to the
blood coursing through my veins
and you will know how long
I have ached for your

eyes to pierce my skin
to finally see who I am
and not who you want me to be
and to make me whole again

—  Leigh, day 336

Sam’s in the kitchen working on breakfast when Bucky sleepily stumbles out of the bedroom, pouring beans into the coffee maker before moving over to bother him.

“I’m starving,” Bucky complains, wrapping his arms around Sam’s waist as he stands at the stove.

“Aren’t I cooking you breakfast? Take the bacon out the oven,” Sam directs with an eyeroll.

Bucky almost looks offended. “Bacon in the oven? Since when are you a health nut?”

Sam carefully dishes the eggs out on their respective plates that Bucky passes over to him. “Not all of us are supersoldiers. Gotta watch my figure.”

“I watch it all the time,” Bucky winks. “Looks damn good to me.”

“You’re a menace,” Sam says, but he steps closer to Bucky anyway, kissing him quickly on the mouth.

“Starting without me?” Steve strolls into the kitchen, a fond smile on his face as he pours a cup of coffee.

“You and Sam did yesterday,” Bucky points out, grabbing his plate off of the counter and tucking in.

Steve sits down and starts his breakfast at a more leisurely pace, after kissing Bucky’s hair and Sam’s cheek. “Thanks for breakfast, Sam.”

“How’d you know I didn’t cook?” Bucky asks.

Sam raises an eyebrow.

“Anyway, who cares if Sam and I started without you?” Steve wonders in between sips of coffee. “I’m pretty sure you ate Sam out for like a solid half hour in retaliation.”

“Jealous?” Sam and Bucky ask in unison, snickering.

“Sam’s got a great ass,” Bucky adds.

Steve smirks. “That’s true. And maybe a little,” he admits.

“I thought Buck and I wrecked you pretty good last night,” Sam winks playfully, making Steve to laugh.

“Supersolider,” Bucky sing-songs.

Sam rolls his eyes, before stealing Bucky’s orange juice. “I hate both of you.”

“I love you,” Bucky says.

Sam grins. “Love you too. Idiot.”

“This bacon is really good, Sam,” Steve comments, kissing Sam quickly when Sam turns his face toward his.

Sam sticks his tongue out at Bucky, who groans.

late summer gothic
  • you’re waiting for the rotating fan to turn towards you. you’re waiting. you wait for what feels lie year as sweat collects on your upper lip and a fly buzzes around your head, just out of reach. you wait. finally, the fan turns towards you. it’s airs cools you ever so briefly before it turns away from you. and then you wait.
  • the start of school is just around the corner, and yet it seems ages away. as every day passes the clock seems to go slower so that no time at all passes. school is still just around the corner and yet ages away. the clock on your microwave won’t stop blinking.
  • everything smells vaguely of sweat and dust. the scent pervades, even in the shower. sweat pools on your skin as quickly as you scrub it off.
  • you can never quite recall what day of the week it is. it might be late july, or is it august? frankly, you aren’t sure if it’s AM or PM
  • cut grass keeps mysteriously appearing on the soles of your feet. you haven’t mowed the lawn in a week, how is this happening
  • since the end of june you’ve been texting your friends, trying to make plans. you keep setting tenuous dates. these dates never come. the plans never happen. you keep texting your friends, trying to make plans.
  • have you showered today? you can’t recall. your face is oily. you smell of sweat. you get in the shower before realizing it’s your third one today.

anonymous asked:

CS 58 for drabble prompts?

So, okay, apparently I am fluff, because when I started writing this out, somehow it warped into quite possibly the fluffiest possible variation to this prompt ever. I’m sorry. (But, really, I’m not)

58. You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?

Emma enters the living room with a bag of popcorn and a furrow in her brow. “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?”

Her son looks up at her from his spot on the couch and shrugs a shoulder. “Nothing.”

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the-flying-elephant  asked:

"Are you tired? Rest your head in my lap." and "i want to kiss you and hold your hand whenever i want" kurt wagner please?😊

of course! i’ve been having major kurt feels lately, so this was fun to write!<3

kurt + “rest your head in my lap” + “i want to kiss you and hold your hand whenever i want”

As much as you enjoy history, if you have to read one more line from the Common Sense pamphlet, you really might just have to consider putting a bullet through your brain.

The tip of your pin is pretty much destroyed, because for the past half an hour it’s been in between your teeth, as you’ve been cramming for the final. With a heavy sigh, you chuck the pen towards your desk. Fuck this, you think to yourself, as you gather up the papers on your bed. I need a break.

Standing up to change into some comfier clothes, you’re already ecstatic about the thought of curling up in your bed; that is, until a soft knock pulls you from your thoughts.

Pulling on a hoodie, you pad over to the door and open it, only to see your best friend; a smile on his lips, and a VHS in hand.

“I hope you’re ready for movie night!” Kurt chirps happily, pushing his way past you. “Because Scott took me to the mall, and told me I’d enjoy The Goonies!”

“Shit, Kurt,” You wince, smacking your forehead with your hand, watching him already make himself at home on your bed. “I totally forgot about movie night. I’ve been studying all day, and I’m not going to lie, I was just about to head to sleep.”

Kurt frowns, as he watches you sit on the edge of the bed with a yawn.

“C’mon, please?” Kurt pleads, puffing out his lower lip. “You don’t even have to watch it! If you’re tired, you can rest your head in my lap?”

You sigh with a smile, shaking your head.

Fine,” You say with defeat, crawling across the bed, as he lets out a cheer. “but I can’t guarantee that I’ll stay awake during the whole thing, though!”

“That’s fine by me!” He’s already up and striding over to the TV, his tail swinging happily as he puts in the VHS. “I’m very excited, Scott told me it’s an adventure movie!”

“And there’s pirates,” you snicker up at him, as you get comfy on his lap. “and there’s a whole bunch of comedy, too!”

“No wonder he suggested it!” Kurt adds, moving to drape a blanket over the two of you. You can’t help but to smile up fondly at Kurt, as he talks animatedly about Pirates during the trailers. He’s so fucking cute when he talks about something he loves, you think to yourself.

“Shh!” You hush up at him, as the trailers end. “It’s about to start!”

Kurt just laughs excitedly, as he leans over to switch off your lamp; returning his attention to the movie. You’re quick to feel the drowsiness kick in, your eyes already drooping during the car chase scene. Kurt doesn’t really notice though, as he’s too engrossed in the movie.

As it progresses, you slip in and out of consciousness; the only reason being that Kurt laughs at the funny parts. About halfway through the movie, it doesn’t even register that you had somehow migrated your body to the middle of his legs; his arms lightly wrapped around your neck, his wrists resting atop one another. The position feels natural, comfortable.

What you don’t know, though, is that Kurt hasn’t even been paying attention to the movie. He keeps getting distracted by the small noises you make when you’re sleeping, and the way your nose scrunches up when he can’t contain a laugh in. Kurt has always noticed the little details about you, but never to the intimate extent. It sends a burst of color into his heart as he realizes that his feelings to you are more than platonic, and for some reason — he isn’t scared, like he normally would be.

Kurt is happy. He’s happy that he’s found someone that he’s comfortable with, and he’s happy that he doesn’t have to second guess himself when he’s with you. And as this revelation crashes over him, he doesn’t stop himself when he looks down at you, asleep in his lap.

“Liebling, I want to kiss you and hold your hand whenever I want,” he whispers softly, with a fond smile on his lips. “you’re the most precious thing I’ve had the pleasure of holding.”

But little does Kurt know that you’re still lucid, and just heard his tiny confession — and god, it’s about damn time.

You want to lean up and kiss him senseless, but that seems unfitting for this moment; too desperate and passionate. So you decide to hide your smile and butterflies, and curl up tinier into his lap, just enjoying the warmth from his body — knowing, that this won’t be the last time you get to do so.

Your Arms Wrapped Around Me and This Moment

u can ask me what this is but i guarantee u i have no idea i don’t even know if i like this one but i liked the concept and took my best shot

it’s not terribly long but i threw it under a read more just in case

i need to be stopped

“I just…knew.”

Amy hates that phrase.

There is no logic behind it. There’s no solid proof, no incontestable facts. While intuition and instinct are both important and vital, they’re hardly reliable sources on their own. The phrase would never hold up in court, is all she’s saying; she can practically see Sophia scoffing in her head.

“Mama, how did you know Papa is your alma gemela?”

“I don’t know, niña, I just…knew.”

Honestly, she still doesn’t know what she was expecting as an answer. But it certainly wasn’t that.

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Roy Mustang runs over to you as the battle commences “What are you waiting for?! Join the battle! You’re supposed to be some Prodigy right!?” He yells out as Sloth wraps her water like self around the Flame Alchemist. He struggles to break free as he looks back over at you, trying to break free, but failing miserably.

“Use the Ring I gave you. Show us what you got! Hurry!” You put your hand out into the air slowly and focusing your energy as best as you can when a green circle of arrays show up in the air as if you’ve already drawn the transmutation circles. It glows bright green and even you are in awe of the power that you are about to unleash.

Mustang sees just what you are capable of and is in awe himself. “No way..” He whispered. Everyone who was fighting each other stop in mid silence watching the scene before them unfold surprised and not sure what is going to happen next.

Alex Louis Armstrong is in awe and in silence for a moment before he realized that this isn’t gonna end well.

“You overdid it….” He whispered as then the whole place ends up exploding, and everyone ends up either badly bruised, wounded, or who knows maybe even dead.

This is what they asked for, wasn’t it? You saved the day after all.

Finding Jensen

Originally posted by eloytorcinelli

Originally posted by thevisualjunkie

Warnings: Fluffy, reader nine months pregnant.

Notes: So, after weeks, I’m finally back to the Supernatural Hiatus Challenge of @one-shots-supernatural, I’m sorry for the many weeks that I haven’t wrote it. I hope you like it!

Prompt 13:“Are you…watching a Disney movie?”

You sighed tiredly when your earring fell on the bathroom floor. You hated when that happened. You were nine months pregnant of your husband, Jensen Ackles, and most of the time it was amazing. You and Jensen always wanted kids, and although you weren’t really trying, the day you found out was the best day of both of your lifes. And even with all the mood swings, the midnight cravings and the continuous whinning about how big your belly was, he still was patient, caring and loving towards you.

You tried to duck to get the earring and gave an irritated sigh when your giant belly didn’t let you. You tried all ways you knew to duck, but the ‘little’ girl inside you didn’t allow it.

“Jay” You said loud enough but you had no answer. “Jensen!” You screamed but still got nothing. You sighed loudly and got out of your room, going down the stairs with difficulty because of your belly. “Jensen, where are you!” You said while you checked the kitchen, and he was not there. He was nowhere to be seen in the first floor. You frowned going to the one place you hadn’t checked; the movie room. He usually only went there when there was a special event and never when the two of you were the only ones in the house. You slowly opened the door and raised your eyebrows when you saw in the projector the little fish Nemo.

“Are you… Watching a Disney movie?” You asked completely confused and you saw him jump on the couch, startled. He surely wasn’t expecting to be caught.

“What the heck, (Y/N)!” He cried, panting with his hand over his heart. You giggled at his reaction, and he rolled his eyes, looking back to the movie and squeezing the pillow that was in his hands, mumbling: “It’s a Pixar movie”

“Still Disney” You laughed, closing the door behind you and with his hand on your back to help you, sitting next to him.

“Why are you watching Finding Nemo?” You asked looking at him, but he didn’t move his eyes from the movie, just huffed.

“I was in the mood.” He said and you raised your eyebrows, making him look at you. “What?” You didn’t reply but it was obvious that you didn’t buy his answer. “So you can have your cravings but I can’t have mine?”  He asked looking back to the screen and you gave a small laugh.

“C'mon, Jay, tell me.” You said holding his hand. He sighed, looking at you and back to the movie before answering in a low voice.

“I’m…” He hesitated like he was embarrassed, rubbing his hands in his grey sweat pants. “I’m just… You know? Getting ready…” He said twisting his lips, and you opened your mouth in adoration. And even though you understood, you needed to hear it from his mouth.

“What do you mean ‘getting ready’?” You asked with a soft voice and he sighed again, looking into your eyes.

“Well… from now on,” He stopped a minute to turn to his side, cuddling with you and putting his hand over your belly, slowly rubbing it. “We will have to be used to it. Seeing those type of movies all the time, and stuff like this.” He said and you smiled, pulling him by the neck to give him a slow kiss. He moaned softly, moving his hand to your thigh. But after a few minutes like this, he sighed, breaking the kiss and moving to his previous position after gaving you a kiss in your forehead.

“You really can’t do this do me, (Y/N)…” He said and you laughed, feeling a little guilty. When you were with eight and a half months, sex started to become less pleasurable and more uncomfortable, and as the weeks passed it only got worse. You started to do just foreplay but now, with your belly the size it was, you were too tired to do anything. He put his arm behind your neck, tighing his grip on you, and you knew that this gesture was a way to reassurge you that it was not your fault.

“Jay…” You said and he hummed as an answer. “Are you scared?” You said and he looked at you.

“Panicking.” He breathed out with a humorless laugh and you stood quietly, letting him talk all his insecurities. “I’m afraid that… I’m not going to be a good father. And I’m already suffering because of all the days I will have to stay away from you, because of the series…”

“Jensen.” You sat up straight, staring at him with a serious face. “You can’t feel guilty because of your job. It’s what you love to do, and I’m happy to stay a few days without you if the reason is because you’re doing something you love.” You said with a small smile cupping his cheeck. “And you’re going to be an amazing father. You already are, believe me.”You said and he gave a small smile, kissing your hand.

“You really think so?” He asked still a little bit insecure, tightening your hand and you gave him a chaste kiss.

“I know so.” You said smiling and he copied your action. You laid your head on his lap, moving around till you found a comfortable position, your belly didn’t make it any easier. He started to toy with your hair, silently watching the movie. “Though you will have to learn to change diapers.” You said and he laughed loudly.

“I think I can do that.” He said and you smiled, directing your attention back to the film. You felt his hand slowly rubbing your belly and you knew that he did it without even noticing, he always did that. And you couldn’t help thinking that what you said minutes ago was an undeniable truth.

“God…” He breathed out after a few minutes. “I can’t stand this movie…”

“What?” You cried surprised. “This is my favorite Disney movie ever! You can’t hate it!” You said and he made a weird face.

“Is not that I hate it, but I’ve seen it like a hundred times with my nephew.” He said and you rolled your eyes playfully.

“Get used to it, because our daughter will love this movie and you will have to see it with her another hundred times.” You said and he laughed, putting his hand in his face.

“God help me then.” He said joking and you laughed. With some small comments here and there, you stayed like this until the movie ended.

“Okay, I’m starving” You said and he helped you get up, turning the projector off.

“News.” He said and you raised you eyebrows.

“Shut up. I’m feeding two people.” You said walking in the direction of the kitchen, starting to feel uncomfortable pains in your back. You heard a loud noise behind you and turned quickly on your heels, frowning when you saw that Jensen had fallen to the ground.

“Jay! What happened? Are you alright?” You said worried and confused, raising your eyebrows when you saw that he was super confused too.

“(Y/N)…” He started slowly. “Did you bring a cup of water to the movie room?” He asked looking at you like he had a clue of what had happened.

“What? No!” You said confused and his eyes widened looking between your legs. You followed his gaze and gasped when you saw that your legs were wet. And it wasn’t pee.

“(Y/N)…?” He said slowly and scared like he was begging for you not to say what he was thinking about.

“Oh shit” You said staring him, both of you with matching panicked expressions. “My water just broke.”

icapturedkindness  asked:

22 + CS :) also I'm finally about to read World Unknown so sorry for all the notifications you're about to get!

Hi! Ahhh don’t worry about it! I love seeing it when you guys binge read my fic! I hope you like this! :)

22. I don’t know why I married you.

Emma doesn’t think she’s ever felt this warm before. She’s standing in the arms of her new husband, both of them barefoot in the sand of Storybrooke’s only beach while they dance at their wedding reception.

Their friends and family surround them and the music is almost as happy as she feels. Emma bites down on her lip while she twirls around per Killian’s request. She holds onto his hook as she does it and giggles when he arches an eyebrow at her.

“So shall I call you Mrs. Jones or Mrs. Hook, now that we’re married?” Killian asks when she’s in his arms again.

If she weren’t so completely content and in love with him right now, she would probably hit him upside the head, but instead she just laughs and rolls her eyes lightly.

“I don’t know why I married you. You’re such a dork.”

Killian takes her quip in stride. His laughter is sweet and warm and her heart can hardly contain it.

“I think I’m lovable,” he teases, lifting an eyebrow. “Mrs. Jones.”

Emma can’t help but shove her head into his chest at his words and she shakes her head when she meets his eyes a moment later.

He looks happy, with dimples in his cheeks and creases by his eyes. He bears a grin spread wider than any smile he’s ever worn before and she knows she’s the reason for it.

“You are quite lovable,” Emma agrees with a tiny smile, “Mr. Jones.”

All her smile’s fault - part 1

Yet another high school AU (I know!)

Vaguely (and by that I mean very, very vaguely) inspired by this post by @malariamonstres and by @mmmtion story that inspired the post in the first place (that’s a whole lot of inspiration going around)

Once again thanks to @withaflashoflove for being my trusty beta and @blueorchidsforever for always listening to my blues and being my “cheerreader”

(I don’t think I ever tagged that many people in my life)

Barry was finally getting adventurous, Iris could tell. Or rather she could feel, feel how he was allowing his hands to wander. Under her t-shirt. Finally. They had been kissing the whole afternoon, like many afternoons before, so it was about time.

Iris enjoyed spending the afternoons together.

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For the anon who asked: Solangelo. Will with flu. Nico being his doctor. Also, Will acting as a cute and adorable child. And extra fluff! I beg you(?
Here it is! I hope you like it! :)

When Nico walks into the infirmary after breakfast to meet Will, he’s met with the sight of his boyfriend arguing with one of his siblings. It looks like Kayla’s trying to convince Will of something, but is not succeeding. Nico knows better than anyone how stubborn Will can be and he feels kind of bad for Kayla.

When Kayla sees Nico walking up to them, she sighs and motions for him to come closer. ‘Nico, please tell your boyfriend to go home. He won’t listen to me and he’ll make all the patients sick if he continues like that.’

‘I’m not sick.’, Will complains. Only it’s hard to take it seriously when it comes out as ‘Ib no’ sig.’

Nico snickers. ‘Please, Solace. You’re shaking. And you look dead.’

‘Hey! That’s my line!’ Hey! Dad my lie!

He does look bad. His eyes are bloodshot and he looks like he’s about to collapse on the bed any minute now.

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So I started writing a fic. Obviously, if you couldn’t tell from the picture, it’s Hyper Light Drifter. Read it of you’d like? : o

Special thank-you to @swoonami-warning for being the best proof-reader and helping me brainstorm and hash out the stuff.

Updates will probably be fairly slow, as I am not much of a writer, but they will happen!

Oh, also, it’s going to be very spoiler-y. So, uh. Play the game first.

lillebee  asked:

For the Make Me Choose Between: Fake Dating or Political AU for Bellarke?:)

I already did a political AU, and it was a big one, so I went with Fake Dating. And maybe I cheated a tiny little bit because the actual Fake Dating does not occur in this story… But it might if I ever expand on it, you never know. Thank you for sending this! 

It starts with an electric blue drink (or five) at Octavia’s boyfriend’s bar, a wedding invitation, and the realisation, somewhere between Drink 2 and Drink 3, that Clarke’s love life is a mess.

“I can’t go to this wedding,“ Clarke exclaims, then takes a long slurp from her drink through the fancy straw Lincoln gave her when it looked for a moment like she might burst into tears.

“What? Are you kidding? Harper and Monroe will be crushed.“

“Think about it. At the last two weddings I attended, I met someone. I fell head over heels for them. And I got absolutely screwed over in the process.“

Octavia bites her lip, frowning in concentration as she thinks for a long moment.

By the time she speaks again, Clarke has almost forgotten that she was expecting an answer in the first place and is blowing bubbles in her glass, much to the annoyance of the bar patron sitting next to her.

“What you need is a cockblock.“

The bubble-blowing stops abruptly.

“What are you talking about?“

“You need to go to the wedding with someone you definitely don’t want to bang but who’ll keep you from banging anyone else.“

“But if I don’t want to bang them, why would they go to a wedding with me?“

“Maybe they want to bang you.“

Clarke shudders. “God no, can you imagine anything more awkward?“

“Someone who doesn’t want to bang you then.“

“Again, why would they go there with me?“ Clarke feels like she’s talking to a three-year-old, if three-year-olds had conversations like this.

There’s a moment of silence as Octavia thinks, then she smiles, and there’s a sudden gleam in her eyes that Clarke does not like one bit.

“Maybe because they owe their sister a favor for attending a super boring museum event with them.“

Clarke has just taken another sip of her fruity blue drink, which immediately comes out of her nose again. Octavia helpfully hands her a napkin and waits for her to stop coughing.

“Absolutely not.“

“Why not? It’s the perfect plan. Bell may be annoying, but he cleans up nicely. And he knows Harper and Monroe, so he might be invited anyway.”

“Him just being there won’t stop me from hooking up with anyone else though.”

“It will if you tell people you’re dating.”

That’s how it begins, with brightly coloured cocktails and Octavia’s so-crazy-it-just-might-work suggestion.

It ends with a bottle of champagne, a hotel room and a very naked Bellamy Blake next to her.

Or maybe that’s where it really begins.

don’t stop lovin’

Happy Birthday to the lovely @bootycap. I wrote you a porn. :)

4.5k, explicit, no warnings

tags: established relationship, club sex, praise kink, submissive jack, dominant bitty, bottom bitty, semi-public sex, exhibitionism, anal sex, anal fingering, riding, etc.

Eric gives Jack something he’s always wanted.

Jack is wrapped around Bitty’s finger, and he wants the whole world to know.

Read the fic right here