My so called art


inspired by wan! 20 courtesy of Snowy, icons for you and your shit taste ex-partner \shot 
I love Dazai, he looks like he’s about to murder half of Yokohama. Completely jusified imo that hat is an abomination Chuuya why 

But I love drawing flowers (they’re literally just squiggles no thought necessary here what’s not to like) about as much as I love bullying these two, so. Tough luck, suckers. 

…Or so I’d say, but Chuuya still ended up looking like a slightly annoyed ojou-sama. It’s really hard to draw profiles and expressions at the same time, ok!? Especially since this is my first try! Just pretend he’s mad but probably-not-that-mad because being mummified is nothing compared to that hat. Yes, it’s that bad.

As for the pink background, I just finished coloring the flowers and thought “lel, why not?” So they get pastel pink, and surprisingly it made Dazai look more murderous. Pink is amazing.