Favorite Hairstyles Part I (Female)

A little list for some of my favorites hairs!! Thanks for the beautiful CC ♥

Hairstyles by @chocolatemuffintop and @enriques4   

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Kumai- The Princess

Kumai is part of the Namuh tribe in the Manknah region. Legends tell of their creators descending from the stars. They found refuge in the hills and valleys of the Umantic Mountain range where they started to build their village. They are known as The Healers. Specializing in crystal energy and vibrational frequencies. Kumai has a very uncommon gift of reading minds and altering people’s intentions. 


J   A   Y    :    C   A   S   U   A   L

Glasses       @by2ol                          Here

Earring         @by2ol                          Here

Top-Shirt      @by2ol                         Here

Jeans           @ooobsooo <3           Here

Ring              @by2ol                        Here

Nails             @pralinesims            Here

Shoes          @madlensims           Here

Pose             @by2ol                       Here

  • Thanks to all the three amazing CC makers :)