My saviours

I was tagged by captain-saviours-heart  and lucythemarauder to tag 6 random facts about myself and pass it to 10 of my followers.

  1. I know more than 3 languages.
  2. I have big eyes.
  3. I love dresses with pockets!
  4. My favorite color is red.
  5. I have a younger brother and an older sister.
  6. I will do whatever it takes to not miss an episode of my favorite show (I’m not kidding)

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the signs as frog memes

embrace your inner pepe













And this is why i love andy and the rest of bvb so goddamn much. If you think that their music is “satanic” and that they dont care about their fans then you are fucking wrong. Dead ass wrong lol. Honestly just dont bother trying to insult bvb because we have more proof of all the good things they’ve done than u have negative comments to make about them. So fuck you! And have a nice day :)


I’m currently lying on my bed at the hostel after meeting the man who has impacted my life arguably more than anyone else. This is gonna be the biggest mess of thoughts because I don’t even know how to organise what I’m feeling at the moment, and I don’t want to forget anything.

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So here’s my video of stage door tonight (July 8th). The question about whether or not Hedwig is a reliable narrator is something my mum asked me months ago, and ifonlynewyork and I decided we would ask Darren his opinion on the matter, so she asked that and he couldn’t understand her accent for a minute. I wanted to thank him for everything he’s done for me, but everyone else started asking things. But he signed my phone case, and filmed me for a bit, so excuse my face, I was silently dying. Well, not so silently afterwards, if you can’t tell by my “oh my god”. I’m honestly still in shock and my hands are still shaking.

My day has been saved...

I was sat here at the computer thinking to myself; “Fuck, I’m bored”. I was just about resigning myself to the fact that I was probably gonna just waste the day on the PC, doing nothing. But then, like a bolt from the blue, I get a message from John asking if we should go down the Nags later and one from Joss seeing if I was up for Worcester today! Yes to both, day sorted. Thanks guys!