My queue has been secretly meeting up with that queue from the vigil

I love Dean’s simple pleasures, classic rock and engine grease and greasy foods and old leather. I love Dean’s humor, quick and carefree, childish even but not to the point of being over-the-top slapstick. I love that even though he is [was] the king of one night stands, he never mistreated or mislead the girls he hooked up with. I love that on rare occasions, you can catch him singing along enthusiastically to cheesy ballads. I love that he is actually insanely intelligent, he’s a god damned Macgyver. I love that he has this love for things that we love, from sci-fi shows to drama shows to great movies. I love that he holds family above anything else. I love that he would kill everyone on the planet to save his brother. I love that there is literally nothing he wouldn't do for him. I love that he is well aware of this and makes no apology for it, wears it proudly and labels it a “deep, abiding love”. I love that, even after EVERYTHING, he still wants to be able to trust people and to build relationships with them. I love that he manages to pull himself out of bed every morning despite being a 75 year old with more guilt and horrors in his mind than anyone could bear.

Sam? Everything. That might seem like a cop-out answer, but it’s true. ~*~Everything~*~. I love that he truly enjoys reading and researching and broadening his mind. I love his little shoulder adjustment mannerism. I love the “bitchface”. I love that little muscle that twitches just to the right of his nose when he’s really upset. I love that he is this giant, terrifying man but speaks so softly and tenderly to those that have lost loved ones that they have to talk to for the hunt. I love that he has his own taste in music but never insists that they listen to it, choosing to let Dean have his same 5 tapes over and over again even if he’s the one driving. I love that he leans on things when they’re standing still. I love that he has terrible tastes in clothing. I love that it took him 25 years to be able to talk to girls without looking away shyly. I love that he accepts everyone for who they are, faults and all, and doesn't ask them to change them but instead loves them too. I love that he has unwavering trust in those he has put his faith in, refusing to ever give up on them even if all hope seems lost. I love that he has a special little huffy laugh that he only makes when Dean says something silly. I love that he wanted his own life. I love that even though that’s all he ever wanted, he’s given it up each time he’s tried to have it when Dean came back into his life. I love that he was willingly and knowingly destroying himself to stop Lilith, accepting that it would probably kill him to take her out, but at least the world and Dean would be safe. I love that he DID become a martyr to save Dean and the world from Lucifer. I love that his heart is so big, that despite all of the anger and fear in his cloudy mind, he has SO much love in him that he was able to push back one of the strongest creatures in the known universe. I love that he pulled himself out of bed and looked past the hallucinations that turned the bright world around him into a virtual Hell so that he could continue being by Dean’s side when he needed him. I love that even though he’s a fucking saint, the sweetest and most unfortunate soul on the planet, he accepts the blame that is his to share, doesn't deny it or make any excuses.