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Alley Cat

(2500 words)


Cartoonz is this mangled old alley cat with a missing ear and scars all over the place. He looks mean as hell and hisses at everyone. Delirious is a little boy with a blue rain jacket and a missing tooth who nobody much pays attention to.

Delirious finds Cartoonz in the trash behind a shop, and though he gets hissed at and swatted at, he picks up the big mean alley cat and loves him. Delirious’ mom freaks out and tries to take him to the pet shop to get him a nice, friendly animal, but he won’t give up ol'Cartoonz.

Then they get up to all kinds of high jinks and everywhere you see Delirious, this old gnarly cat is right behind him. (Every time you see the alley cat, a disheveled Delirious is ambling along after, up to no good.)


He walks along the edge of the sidewalk, balancing over the edge with his short wobbly legs that keep trying to twist out underneath him, his arms spread wide for balance.

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shelob  asked:

Prompt for Halloween Bellarke: "I invited a bunch of people over to watch a horror movie and you’re the only one that showed up and it’s kind of cute that you hide behind my back every time you hear creepy music." Thank you! :)

“Oh my god,” Clarke huffs, dropping her head back against the sofa when he takes another round at her netflix queue, “will you just pick one already? It’s not like it’s hard.”

Bellamy gives a wounded sniff at that. “Well, I’m sorry I actually care about the quality of a movie instead of just resigning myself to some lame, b-grade horror film.”

“I want to watch a lame, cheesy b-grade horror film.” She frowns, jostling at his ankle with her toes. “That’s the whole point of Halloween. That’s the essence of this holiday.”

He makes a face at that. “So, you think Halloween is all about watching terrible movies and eating candy corn? Tragic. It’s like you’ve never had a real Halloween celebration before. It’s all about the costumes, then the candy, then grave robbing. In that order.”

She holds back on a snort, settles for a eye-roll before reaching over to grab the laptop balanced precariously on his knees. “Cute. Now, scoot over. I decided and we’re watching The Conjuring.”

They’re close enough for her to feel him stiffen next to her, fingers clamping over the ridge of his knee. “Fine,” he says tightly, slumping over and scowling at the screen. “Whatever, I guess.”

She eyes him consideringly. “What, have you watched it before?”

“No.” He says through gritted teeth.

Pointedly ignoring the quizzical look she shoots him, he stares stonily ahead, gaze fixed on the flickering line of credits.

“Scared?” She guesses, tickling at his ribs.

No.” He says fiercely, even though his knuckles have gone white from where they are clenched against his knee.

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