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I just read your analysis on the traits Anakin, Padme, Luke & Leia share, and I couldn't agree more with it, I loved it. I would say Anakin's main trait is his strong attachment to practically anything, Padme is her kindness and determination, Luke is his sense of duty and Leia is her courage. I also think one of Leia's virtues would be her ability to see things others can't, she is very perceptive and she doesn't make a lot of mistakes because of it although she is indeed short tempered.

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Hm, if I had to choose a single defining quality for each of them, Anakin’s would indeed be intense personal attachments, Leia would probably be unflinching courage, but I’d pick duty for Padmé and conviction for Luke. Difficult, though, since they’re all more complex!

I agree about Leia–one of the reasons I’m puzzled by equating Leia’s anger to Anakin’s is because it never touches her basic clear-sighted resolve. No matter how angry she is, she never loses sight of herself: never does anything she doesn’t intend to do, no outbursts of uncontrolled rage that leave her confused or horrified at what happened. Leia knows exactly what she’s doing, and why, and unhesitatingly does it, whatever the situation.


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I was up for a role and auditioned in character. They were like, “We love her. But can she come back in with a tight black dress?“ I said, "That doesn’t make any sense for the character.” They were like, “We need to know if you’re pretty enough to be on the cover of a magazine.”