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16.09.24 10:43PM

Love Factory, reading play is over 😉
I really SUCK at this kind of tension and axiety 💦💦💦 It’s not good for my heart 〜
I feel much more at ease now. 
I’m glad that team8 girls managed to be more relaxed and steady than me  😂😂
Thank you to all the people who came to see us 💓

Finally she wrote something about it I’ve been worrying about this reading play since the moment I woke up this morning. 
I knew she was going to feel very nervous, when was it, yesterday? The day before yesterday? She tweeted she was going to train her own “tongue” in order not to cause too much trouble so that she could read smoothly… The problem with her is that the more nervous she feels the more the chances for her to fuck things up increase. This is what I noticed. And since many people under her tweet also commented, “You were so nervous you made me feel nervous too - I could literally feel your nervousness/tension on my skin”, something tells me it didn’t go too well. She just panics when it comes to speaking-related-things. 
I’m just glad it is over, honestly. I literally FELT her nervousness just by reading this tweet right now and the one yesterday/the day before yesterday where she wrote she was going to train beforehand. 

I read @imagine-athletes scenario , and the only thing I can think of is Kasamatsu being so nervous about accepting ice cream he accidentally drops it and his s/o isn’t sure whether to laugh at his red face, or give him a hug. 

In the end, you buy him a new one, and don’t give it to him until you’re home where he can relax and not be in public.

  • what she says :i'm fine
  • what she means :ahkmenrad died 4000 years ago, killed by his own brother who wanted to take the throne of egypt from him. according to the way kahmunrah talked about the tablet in the second natm movie, i guess he never had it before, so that means ahk had it the whole time. which basically means he was magically brought back to life every night, in his sarcophagus, trapped, probably wondering why he wasn't reaching the egyptian afterlife, all alone, until his doom was discovered 4000 years later. then he was on display in cambridge for a few years in which i dare to hope he was able to stretch out for a bit, before getting transferred to the national museum history to get entrapped for 54 more years of screaming in agony to only get deliberately ignored by the other exhibits. he's been banging on that lid for four millenaries without anyone coming to him, desperate about getting out the thing so much so that he was probably high on adrenaline caused by fear the whole, which is even more obvious according to the force the lid has been threwn off with when larry cracked the padlocks open and the FIRST THING HE SAYS AFTER THOSE FOUR MILLENARIES OF LONELINESS, FEAR AND ENTRAPMENT WAS "YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW STUFFY IT IS THERE" FOR FUCK'S SAKE HE MADE A FUCKING JOKE DESPITE EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED TO HIM BEFORE RUSHING WITH LARRY THE SECOND HE ASKS HIM TO HELP THE VERY SAME EXHIBITS WHO LEFT HIM SCREAMING ALONE IN HIS DISPLAY ON PURPOSE JEEZ


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                                                      It’s always the same war.
                                             Only the names of the dead change.
                                                   The war is always the same.
                                             Only the names and places change.
                                           There are demons upon this earth.
                                              They live in our hearts and minds. 
                                                              (A.G. RIDDLE)

                                            It was a kind of sin, certainly, to forget.
                                               But it was not easy to remember.
                               Especially when names changed, languages changed.
                                            A century-old name held that century. 
                          When replaced, a hundred years were wiped out at one stroke.
                         Amnesia set it; reality itself, being metamorphic, was affected.

                                                       (NINOTCHKA ROSCA)

The expectant look on Lexa’s face after she says thank you to Clarke for backing her up. She gathers up the courage to say this, she swallows her pride, she wants Clarke to know how grateful she is for her. She believes Clarke did this because she cares for her and her safety. She’s probably expecting her to say “I couldn’t watch you die, Lexa. I care for you. You are my people.” She can barely hold herself together, because this is such an intimate moment between this woman whom she loves. She fucking loves this girl. In a way she has only felt once before. But Clarke turns it around and says she did it for /her/ people. Not as in Lexa is her people, but as in /Clarke’s/ people it was best to save Lexa in any way possible.

And Lexa’s face fucking drops.

Like she can’t even hold Clarke’s gaze anymore she has to look down and she blinks multiple times. She swallows because suddenly her mouth has gone dry and she needs some form of liquid to coat the endless desert that is her mouth. She was not expecting that remark, but of course that’s the remark she gets, because OF COURSE, Lexa, Clarke doesn’t love you like that. That’s simply not possible. Who are you kidding, Lexa? Why would you ever think of such a thing. Clarke sees you as cold and hard and reckless at times, emotionless and a betrayer and she will never trust you again. You had your shot, Lexa. You ruined it. Because that’s the life of Heda. This is what the gods have gifted you. A lonely life.

All Heda’s end up alone. It is known.