Overdue chats (Lu + aj)

Aj had decided to chat with Lu on her captain’s behalf, plus she missed her friend. She felt sort of abandoned to be honest, her and Lu had been good friends and then this “goddess” if that was even what she was, showed up and stole her friend. This being after the fact she was left behind by her captain and crew.
Ok so she had some issues with being left behind could you blame her?
As she approached the shrine she noticed a believer got a horror stricken look and ran inside she rolled her eyes sighing and just waited, one of them was bound to cry “pirate” and Lu would be there soon.

y’know what really gets me

y’know what really fucking gets me

is that one scene is philosopher’s stone

the first time harry has snape in potions

and the poor boy is literally taking in everything snape is saying

scribbling down all these notes that aren’t even important

and he’s trying so fucking hard

all he wants to do is learn and achieve his best

and then snape swoops in like well motherfucker clearly you think that you know enough to not listen to a word I’m saying

and then proceeds to call him out when he’s doing nothing wrong

he’s just desperate to keep up with the others and do the best he can in this new world and I just I’m too emotional to continue I’m sorry

  • what she says : i'm fine
  • what she means : ahkmenrad died 4000 years ago, killed by his own brother who wanted to take the throne of egypt from him. according to the way kahmunrah talked about the tablet in the second natm movie, i guess he never had it before, so that means ahk had it the whole time. which basically means he was magically brought back to life every night, in his sarcophagus, trapped, probably wondering why he wasn't reaching the egyptian afterlife, all alone, until his doom was discovered 4000 years later. then he was on display in cambridge for a few years in which i dare to hope he was able to stretch out for a bit, before getting transferred to the national museum history to get entrapped for 54 more years of screaming in agony to only get deliberately ignored by the other exhibits. he's been banging on that lid for four millenaries without anyone coming to him, desperate about getting out the thing so much so that he was probably high on adrenaline caused by fear the whole, which is even more obvious according to the force the lid has been threwn off with when larry cracked the padlocks open and the FIRST THING HE SAYS AFTER THOSE FOUR MILLENARIES OF LONELINESS, FEAR AND ENTRAPMENT WAS "YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW STUFFY IT IS THERE" FOR FUCK'S SAKE HE MADE A FUCKING JOKE DESPITE EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED TO HIM BEFORE RUSHING WITH LARRY THE SECOND HE ASKS HIM TO HELP THE VERY SAME EXHIBITS WHO LEFT HIM SCREAMING ALONE IN HIS DISPLAY ON PURPOSE JEEZ