My new hobby

One of the most frustrating things is that when I do digital art I end up staring a my screen for a while +I’m drawing so I eventually want to give my eyes and hands a break, but like,,,,, I don’t really do much else besides draw or go on my phone or read,,,,, so I always end up at a loss for what to do,,,,,,,,,,

a partial list of real cleric spells merle highchurch could cast with his Ring of the Grammarian:

  • speak with dad (a spell that lets you speak with your dad)
  • mess heal (the only 9th level cleaning spell in existence)
  • scare the dying (insult to injury!)
  • raise dad (look at me. i’m the dad now)
  • meld into store (you have become one with costco)
  • farm (create a farm in an empty space in front of you. the farm can be up to 2d10 acres in size, and may produce any common farm products of the caster’s choice, taking the size of the farm and the suitability of the environment into account.)
  • find craps (when would you possibly need to use this, dear god)
  • bone of truth (……don’t ask)

imagine what your life would be like if instead of thinking “i wish i could turn invisible/phase through the floor” whenever something embarrassing happened to you, you thought “i wish i could turn invisible/phase through the floor, but it would be really stupid to do that in front of my parents so i won’t”

tl;dr imagine being danny phantom

‘“It looks all right to me,” Luke says from behind him. He sits down on the floor next to Poe and examines the helmet thoughtfully. “In fact, it looks better than it ever did when I had it.”’ –to the sky without wings by @leupagus

My headcanon is now unalterably that Poe Dameron met Trash Fire Jesus Luke Skywalker as a kid and that he had a massive, transparent, utterly tragic hero crush on him.


As @pomrania requested, an Inquisitor baking contest with Vader as the judge.  (Hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t resist throwing in some Kylo too, as it’s been too long since I made fun of him.)