Do you have an mlp oc?

Do you want to be seen in the mlp tumblr community?

Are you a good artist?

Are you a bad artist?

Are you bored?

Do you always include yourself in trend posts where everyone has their oc do the same action because you want to feel important on the Internet?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the post for you.

I have noticed a lack of attention for mlp artists and oc blogs that might not have the best art abilities in their mods, and I want people to know that these people matter in our community.

To join in;

(1) Save the most up-to-date image in this post (or the second picture in the parent post) and add / draw your oc to the best of your abilities. I don’t care if it’s a top notch Picasso or it’s a stick figure. Add your character. It’s quality will not be judged.

(2) After you’ve added your character, Repost this to your blog with your edited image attached. Spread the word. Tell your friends!


(1) Keep it sfw, I know it’s probably not gonna be a problem but just as a precaution.

(2) Make sure your character isn’t too big or takes up too much of the picture. We want as many ocs as possible.

(3) Don’t add anything other than your character. (A small pet is okay.)

(4) BE CREATIVE! If your oc is a Pegasus, have him/her flying. Do something neat-o.

And don’t forget.
Friendship is magic.