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I can’t believe it’s already been 500 days. In the space of 500 days, they’ve accomplished so much, their first concert, opening at KCON LA, even breaking a record at ISAC. Now it’s time for their first win. Happy 500 days Monsta X, here’s to the future! - “Life is Monbebe between M and X”


So…the majority of the wrestling fandom on Tumblr and other social media outlets constantly question how Roman Reigns can possibly have fans. Or, my favorite: How anyone can find him relatable. Well, the answer to that is the same reason anyone finds their own favorites relatable. But, since Reigns fans are completely ostracized from the wrestling community, and because we’re forced to legitimize how much of a “real fan” we are for simply liking the guy, I figured I’d gif my favorite characterization of Roman’s (his anger), and list off other reasons as to why I personally find him relatable, and why he means so much to me. 

  • I relate to being the quiet kid in the family that was too shy to interact with others. 
  • I relate to having an absentee father and needing to rely on a matriarch (my grandmother) to be both a mom and a dad. 
  • I relate to facing racial discrimination. 
  • I relate to having anger/behavioral issues due to a family history of mental illness, and suffering from a multitude of traumas at a young age.
  • I relate to having low self-esteem. 
  • I relate to ignoring my own pain, so I can help others. 
  • I relate to committing myself to my passions, and failing in the end. No matter how hard I worked for it. 
  • I relate to being in poverty while having family to support. 
  • I relate to not being comfortable with my body. 
  • I relate to being human and crumbling under insurmountable pressures. 

These are things that I have learned from not only the character of Roman Reigns, but the person behind it. This is why I connect to him on the level that I do; knowing that the man I look up to has gone through all of this, and continues to push on with such an amazing outlook on life. Two years ago, I started watching wrestling again because of him. Two years ago, I was a suicidal mess that didn’t even want to wake up. Now, two years later, I’m happy to say that I’m still here. 


Old love, I thought I’d never see the time
because of all we’ve done and often said
when I’d be yours, my dear, and you’d be mine.

And what relief to soften, and resign
the battle of the heart over the head.
old love, I thought I’d never see the time

when qualms and cold feet that could undermine
all we’ve held out for, dissipate instead
now that I’m yours, my dear and you are mine.

I’m still amazed how our two lives align
the two of us! A pair! Take it as read,
old love, I thought I’d never see the time

The tangle of our jumpers in the line,
the battle for the blankets in our bed
confirm that I am yours, and you are mine.

So then, this is my pledge, my valentine:
my hand’s in yours for all that lies ahead.
Oh love, there’s never been a better time
now that I’m yours, and finally, you’re mine.

-Elise Valmorbida