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Metal Eyes

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Don’t ask me to explain what’s going on here in this design. It’s obvious. Don’t you see it? Ugh. Do I have to explain everything? This is clearly what happened when GLaDOS and HAL 9000 had children. Well, several generations down the line, at least. These are probably their great, great, great grand-cores. Now 30% less homicidal toward humanity, because well, all of the humans have already been wiped out. Probably. At least on Earth.

It’s been a while since I’ve created a design that looks fairly tech. The last time I tried my hand at this stuff, I created a design named “Embryo Injector”, but that was like… a lifetime ago. I hope I can get back into the habit of making designs this complex and awesome looking; I’m quite proud of this one, and would like to continue developing some designs in this direction. It’s just so hard to have the energy left over to be able to -be- inspired after getting home from a stressful work day of problem solving needlessly complex technical shenanigans. You know what though? Some artists’ works of art are so powerfully inspiring that they help me end my day creatively regardless of the frustration. This particular animation was fueled by a piece by @iamstylow, titled “Day 155 - Eye.C.U.”. Thanks, Stylow. :)

!Sometimes it’s just hard for us to focus on studying, etc. because quite frankly you could probably do something else than sitting here and studying for your exams but fret not my friend because I got you!

1. Tidy your workspace first

Just having a clean and (semi) organized workspace can contribute so much to your productivity; just spending about ten minutes of your day to tidy up can help you stay organized, plus you won’t have to spend ages looking for something you really need (unless you know exactly where you put everything, then probably not). Just put away everything that could distract you - you really don’t need it now.

2. Make a To Do list

Pretty obvious but very important so you won’t forget anything. My favourite method to keep myself motivated is to have a white board (or just anything really) labelled with to do, currently doing and done and then putting everything I have to do on sticky notes (there’s a name for this method but I forgot what it was please tell me if you do!!).

3. Stay hydrated and have some snacks

Duh! Don’t forget to drink every now and then and have some snacks because being hungry while trying to study just sucks. You may not feel thirsty while you’re studying but your brain and body will just thank you for having a glass of water every hour.

4. Open your window

Honestly, I forget this a lot but it’s not a bad thing to open your window every now and then because fresh air just helps you clearing your mind and thinking better, just refreshing, really.

5. Take breaks

Let’s be honest, if you’re gonna study for a few hours straight without a break, you’re just most likely to dread it or even doze off - everyone probably knows the pomodoro technique by now (x); taking a small break every twenty minutes and after four “pomodoros”, taking a longer break is advised.

6. Put your phone/ laptop/ etc. away

(Unless you need it of course) All of us are probably guilty of just wanting to google something and then ending up being on tumblr or youtube and spending hours on there. Cold Turkey is a great app (?) for your laptop, it’s just the usual thing - blocks any website you’re not supposed to access for how long you want it to be blocked. For phones (both iphone and android), my favourite app is “Forest”. Not only is it cute and very motivating as you can also see your progress but there is also a so called whitelist that makes it possible to access any important apps that you still want to be able to use while everything else is blocked.

7. Find a study buddy

Having a study buddy is just more motivating than studying alone, not only that but the fact that you can do quizzes together and help each other out is great. However, you should consider that sometimes studying with a friend can just be distracting - we all know how it sometimes ends in telling each other jokes or ending up being hungry and ordering pizza.

8. Study Music

Some people might find silence uncomfortable while studying - I do. 8tracks and Spotify have great playlists for studying filled with classical music or any relaxing and quiet songs. A thing you might like to try are video game or instrumental movie soundtracks - sounds weird but is actually really motivating (I really like the soundtracks of Pirates of the Carribean, Requiem for a Dream and New Mario Bros heh)

9. Lighting

While studying, it’s really important to have a bright workspace; dull lighting can just make you sleepy and is also really uncomfortable after sometime, especially for your eyes. A bright and natural light like workspace can give a positive vibe in contrary.

- perpetual-mornings

Finally! My first try at making gifs XD I didn’t take it too serious because I didn’t know how it was going to look like at the end, but I’m quite happy! Still there’s a lot I have to learn for the next ones, now that I can see my fails <3

Character: Naoto Shirogane

Anime/Game: Persona 4


look at his little smile, he’s so cute ahh

I think he suits being my wonderfully cute bishie son for now :> I like the idea that everyone mistakes little Athim for a girl because of how feminine he looks (Aerys wants to keep his hair long so that she can make him pretty and etc.)

He inherited his mother’s golden hair, fair skin and her light splash of freckles but his father’s droopy lavender eyes.


Adorable Jinpaca (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Well, well, well I’ve officially reached 5k followers how?! Why?! You’re all crazy to follow me, but i am too so i don’t judge you u.u Anyway thank you guys T.T really really!! When my bestie show me tumblr almost 3 years ago, the shy and asocial little sh*t that i am thought ‘why would i have a blog it’s useless’… Now i just can’t live without tumblr, it’s scary. Mostly because i found awesome people here, friends ;-; and a family, VIPs… This is my happy place and i’m glad to share it with you guys 💕 Now please look at all those awesome bingu, they’ll make your dash even more beautiful -and funny ;)

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I take the opportunity to say thank you for my winner sideblog binguwinner as well, more than 3.5k already. I’m so happy to see that there is more and more incles out there everyday even when there was not so much Winner updates sometimes. Let’s cheer together and wait for our boys to come back :D Here are some awesome incles blogger that you should look at ♥ : 251013 / blueciiel / jinwco jjnwoo / king-mino / lion-lee / mino-sonqnamtaeism   / rninsong / taehnuy / ta-ehyun / tahynwinner-13 / wildandyoon  

Thank you guys <3

Yeah, another network because that’s just what I need right now. Okay because of the increase of Sam love I’ve seen on my dash since the start of the season, I thought it was time we get a Cherish Sam Network! He deserves all our love ❤


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What I’m Looking For

  • nice themes and urls
  • friendly, active bloggers
  • mostly supernatural blogs (multifandom’s fine too but have at least 80% SPN)
  • people who love Sam!
  • if you make gifs/edits, you can add your tag/link in the tags but it’s not mandatory

If You’re Accepted

  • I’ll message you once you’re accepted into the network, and you’ll be asked to give me an icon, a short description and your name/nick name for the members page
  • track the tag #cherishsamnet
  • have a link to network page somewhere on your blog
  • send an ask if you’ve got any other questions

Robin and Will saying goodbye to each other (✿ ♥‿♥)