Just received my package from Lesley aka @fanbows who is an absolute GEM! I thought I was getting the yellow Fangirl paperback and she surprised me with all these goodies! Including the UK Special Edition copy of Fangirl which I’ve been dying for as well as a lovely postcard and some special treats!

Lesley, words cannot express the gratitude I feel for this wonderful package. I’m so glad I’ve met you and chatted with you. My bookshelf is so much brighter thanks to you ❤︎

And of course a special shout out to @rainbowrowell without whom I never would have met you!

Tea Buys Gifts She Lives To Regret, or: The Mark Hamill Story

This is mostly for @brofisting and @leupagus  but whatever I tell this story enough it should exist somewhere I can link to it.

I have a dear friend from high school who, in the 1990s, was in love with Mark Hamill.  Like, head over heels, accept no substitutes.  She signed her name with Hamill as her middle name, had Hamill in all her screennames, etc etc etc.  This was back when Batman: The Animated Series was super popular and he used to do appearances at the Warner Bros. Store a lot.  We used to go to all of them.  All of them.  Like, enough of them that he and his family all recognized us and we were properly introduced.  I have seen a lot of his movies. I have seen The Guyver and The Big Red One and Time Runner and whatever else we were able to get on video.  When she started dating, her first date was to bring a boy to meet Mark Hamill.  She informed her first boyfriend that she would never sleep with him because she was saving herself for Mark Hamill.  Actually, I think that might have been the first two boyfriends.  

Anyway, one year for Christmas or her birthday (I forget which), I got a life-sized cardboard Luke Skywalker cutout and set it up in the school library.  

She, firstly, had something that looked like a fit, and then carried him around with her all day.  She occasionally brought him to school with her on other days, and we had to refer to him as ‘Mark.’

She also slept with him in her bed.  

Anyway, a few months ago I saw her for the first time in a few years.  She’s engaged and getting married this year.  She told me that she had to get rid of Mark when she moved in with her fiance because it weirded him out having Luke Skywalker watch them have sex. 


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The Signs as Shit my Blog Friends Say
  • Aries:"You are the pigeon king, not the guinea pig king,"
  • Taurus:"This Mac 'n Cheese is so fucking thick, i could probably find it in the club"
  • Gemini:"I'll be scraping cheese out of my ass for weeks"
  • Cancer:"No, no, you're too young for the titty, shhhhhh, too young. Too small, go eat some crackers"
  • Leo:"Considering the circumstances, it's kinkshame or be kinkshamed"
  • Virgo:"I know my limits, and this is not my limit"
  • Libra:"I'm going to guess, it's like a tiny little duck, sitting on a desk, eating a watermelon, and quacking at the paper"
  • Scorpio:"Someone get a newspaper and a slice of swiss cheese. Stat!"
  • Sagittarius:"I'm the most believing-est of the believers, so shut the fuck up."
  • Capricorn:"I'm going to dance to the German Naruto Theme on my wedding night"
  • Aquarius:"You're so fucking welcome, Capricorns. You're so fucking welcome."
  • Pisces:"No, I am the boobs of the gay agenda, and I will fight all of you" "you're a boobs peasant" "fucking fight me"