My first assignment in the one is a self portrait..


Had a mixed media self portrait assignment… Chose to use India ink, watercolors, gouache, charcoal and some patterned paper to create this. The first one was before I added charcoal and the second is the finished piece… I actually did not do a pencil preliminary sketch for this one…


From a portrait assignment in my first ever photography class (fall of 2011). Didn’t use this one, actually. Wrote a story about myself in the background. It was pretty naive and disguised through creative writing…but still true. I was performing for the camera but now I can say I actually walk around looking less like that in real life these days! (though it happens occasionally. especially when i’m about to do work on a sunny day.)

The extent to which things have changed. almost too good to be true.


Assignment 1 - Portrait Final 3

The first two are both self portraits that didn’t have much planning but turned out to be some of my favourites. They have been edited using Lightroom to improve the clarity and make the background a better colour.

The last image was taken during one of our lectures whilst we were using the mobile lighting kit. It was the first time I had used something like this and I am very happy with the results.

For photography, we have to do self-portraits. My teacher wants something that represents us and is very creative so I decided to do a half sugar skull-half classic makeup which I’ll be doing for my assignment. I chose this for a couple of reasons; first, I’m massively interested in history and sporting a look inspired by Day of the Dead which is a holiday with a lot of interesting history attached to it, will represent me well. Second, I am super into makeup and the classic side will represent my more feminine and girly side along with my love for makeup. Finally, I want to stand out and make a name for myself. Being the only one to have a body paint self-portrait will do just that for me.