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Just found brazilian shiro hc and I have this image that I just can't get out of my mind, you know those little colorful ribbons, the ones with a religious sentence they sell at touristic places? Shiro with his arm full of them

The Senhor do Bonfim tape!

They’re very popular here and although they’re traditionally religious, it’s not always worn for religious practices. I’ve worn tons of Senhor do Bonfim tapes while growing up!

The tape actually works more like a charm. There’s a popular belief that when you tie one around your wrist (around the ankle or tied in a purse or other personal object is also pretty common), you have to make a wish the moment you tie the knot (you have to give it three knots). Then you leave it there and wait until the ribbon falls open on its own. It’s said that when the ribbon falls, the wish you made when you tied it comes true.

(The tape usually falls two or three months after you first tied it because it gets worn out and starts decaying, but I like the popular belief)

So anyway, I drew pre-Kerberos Shiro wearing one because I love your idea omg 💜

@phyripo here’s your gift for the @aphgenficexchange I’m so sorry for beign this late… I hope that you like it anyway… From the characters I’ve choose to use “Finland, Hungary and Estonia as family members” and from the promts “cooking together” and I don’t know why but I thought that Estonia would probably follow all the instructions on the recipe but end up with reading thw wrong cooking time and I’d like to think that both Hungary and Finland would just try to confort him :) I really hope you’ll like it. ^^