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I ask your age because your musical taste hasn't grown since 2006 while others have expanded their horizons. Plus your tattoos come from an era where graphic design wasn't popular and thus lack detail and substance. And finally you don't post your age in your about me or selfies. All these things lead me to believe you are older and self conscious but conceited in your tastes.

I started getting tattoos when I was 20. And I never stopped. I’m not sure how many of them you think you have seen but I doubt that you seen them all because I have yet to post nudes. I do post selfies for those who ask. I’m also a teacher, so I don’t do it often because I’m paranoid about losing my job. I got 2 tattoos this summer, a bouquet of flowers and a sugar skull based on Deuce’s masks, my apologies of those don’t live up to your standards of graphic design. The majority of them are sXe related so unless you are currently straightedge, you have no right to judge them.   And anyway, it’s not your body to behold, it’s mine and as long as there are people like you out there I will continue to be cautious who I show it to.

Lana Del Rey, HU and Deuce have all released albums after 2006 that I adore. I also listen to rise against, Metallica, Placebo, The Black Keys, NiN, Wilco, The Wonder Years (that I didn’t even discover unit 2015), The Ramones, 5FDP, the Clash, Rollins Band, Social D,  Tove Lo, Disturbed, Ghost BC, Deftones,  the Offspring, Queensryche, U2 and Duran Duran, so I’m sorry you find my musical tastes stagnant and limited.   Thanks to Deuce and Truth I am listening to and really and truly enjoying rap and hip hop for the first time ever, and I’m still digging on alt country stuff like Jack Ingram, Robert Earl Keen, Joe Ely, Will Sexton and Charlie Robison    Tell me EXACTLY where you get the notion that I am conceited about my musical tastes b/c I have never stated that my tastes are any better than anyone else’s.  They are mine and they make me happy,  so what business is it of yours?

Yes, I am incredibly self conscious, but it comes from years of being abused and only being told I was pretty when my husband wanted something or was about to steal something from me. 

My instinct tells me I know you or did at one time and you asking my name was confirming for you whether or not I was who you suspected.  If you are from my past and not currently involved in my present, it means we likely did horrible things to each other and I will apologize now for my part in them but you likely knew full well how fucked up I was when you friended me.

It’s telling that you mention 2006 so specifically.  I had A LOT  of friends in 2006.  I was going through so much abuse at home and was so desperate for any kind of attention, love and affection I would be friends with anyone.  I had my friends from fandomination, I had my AFI friends, my MCR friends, my mall friends—the mall friends alone from the 10 years I was there added up to almost 300 and that’s just the ones whose names I could remember.    Because I was so fucked up I tended to choose people just as fucked up as me and that made many friendships self destruct after 3 years or so.  But know that if you were my friend back then I loved your more than I loved my own fucking life and you were likely a reason I did not kill myself during those years. 

 If you have any more critiques about my appearance or the things that make me happy (my taste in music, my tattoos), please keep them to yourself. 

I’m sure there is someone else on this website you can turn your hateful, vulture eyes on and pick apart bit by bit.  Go vivisect and analyze someone else.  It took me almost 8 years to let go of the past, maybe you should too.

man I just wish people could rag on stupid ridiculous anti-science people (”alternative facts,” climate change deniers, anti-vaxxers) without ragging on religion in general as a concept

like there are tons of amazing progressive muslim and jewish and christian scientists you know and being religious doesn’t make you stupid, people do that on their own. there are plenty of stupid atheists 

Like, why is it so weird to say I don’t ever want children? I mean, it’s my body. Just because I'm able to have kids, doesn’t mean I am obligated to have kids. I don’t want any. All of it just really grosses me out and makes me nervous. I don’t want that kind of responsibility. My mind won’t change because for as long as I can remember, it’s always been like this. I don’t even particularly like kids. So that being said, I’d be a terrible mother. I don’t have the emotional, mental or social capacity to deal with having my own kids, as sad as it is. It’s my body and I don’t want a kid coming out of it. Who the hell are you to say any different?

Soul Eater Evans:

  • ran away from his parents who wouldn’t let him be himself
  • chose a new name when he applied at the academy
  • is shy and doesn’t like getting close to people
  • never talks about his past
  • is obsessed with being a cool dude and has a lot of insecurities that go along with it/overly shuns feminine things sometimes
  • “In the end the shape & form don’t matter at all, it’s only the soul that matters right? Nothing else." 
  • is a trans dude

look I dont care how much you hate kids stop freaking joking about it

stop calling them hellspawn and saying how much you want to kick them

stop dehumanizing them and degrading them

stop freaking joking about violence against children

I don’t care if you don’t mean it, it still perpetuates child abuse in the same way that rape jokes perpetuate rape and it’s so incredibly gross okay