My choices

my mom is trying to pick a colour for her new wheelchair and me and my dad are telling her to get black and she’s just like “but how will I know if someone is stealing it” and my dad is just like “because you’ll be sitting on the floor” and she slapped him

If you ever want to know how weird the teenaged stomach is

I just ate peanut butter on a banana. On the second banana, I figured that I needed my milk. By the time I finished the banana, I still had milk, so I finished off the jar of peanut butter. But even after that, I still had milk, so I poured some cereal into my mug. But that was too sweet, so I cute a block of cheddar cheese. What goes with cheese? Ham. So I started eating some ham cold cuts directly from the wrapper. I finished the ham before I finished the cheese, so I microwaved the cheese intending to warm it up. It melted, so I needed something to pick it up: chips. Now I’m finished the cheese and halfway through a family sized bag of lays wavy potato chips with no intention of stopping.

Note to teachers when emailing students:

Please don’t use abbreviations or initialisms or acronyms because then things just get weird. and the student doesn’t know how formal the response must be. and do I call you sir/ma'am

why is this so much harder than it should be???

wow guys you’re so cool and edgy for complaining about how much you hate/don’t care about homestuck on the day where everyone else is having fun and getting excited about homestuck good job I bet you’re real fun at parties

A rant about the state of YouTube

More and more often, I see bigger youtubers doing this one thing that irks me to no end. When asked by viewers, “How should I start vlogging?” They reply with, “Be yourself! You don’t need anything else” etc. 

But in the same vein, they complain about how “quality” content on youtube is declining. How not enough people are trying to “be good”. How people who say nothing in webcam vlogs, or lip sync to copyrighted music, are ruining the name of YouTube.

And to that I throw a giant middle finger emoji because it is just blatantly wrong. You know why? Because YouTube isn’t that serious! It isn’t Hollywood! You dont need a producer and investors to get views - that’s why YouTubr is so great!

Of course it can be serious. There are many people who are making amazing amazingcontent. There are some who even make their living off of YouTube, but for the statistical majority - YouTube is just a fun website where you upload whatever you’d like! You can show it to friends, family, (if you’re lucky enough) an audience, or maybe it feels good to just have something you made out on the internet but you don’t expect anyone to watch it!

YouTube started out as someone trying to find a video of Janet Jackson’s nipple. It’s blown up since then, becoming a massive industry, and a platform for aspiring content creators around the world. But it is also the home of giggling babies, someone crying about One Direction, eating cinnamon in front of a camera for laughs, and so much more.

EDIT: In addition, if you keep shutting people down for making “sub-par” content, how the hell are they supposed to improve? Many don’t have (though may aspire to) have training in film, writing, etc. It’s a learning process and if you shut them down before they get the chance to evolve, there may just be a decline in content creation at all.

Those videos may never win an award or spark intense/thoughtful discussion. But whoever made it liked it enough to hit upload. 

If you’ve got a problem with that, get off your high horse. Because like, who even rides horses nowadays?

In the new Sherlock episode homosexuality is the butt of a joke more than once and the firm heterosexuality of all its (white) characters is defended multiple times despite heavy queer-baiting. In previous episodes a lesbian fell for a man.

In the new Elementary episode a well-built intelligent federal officer of colour in a high position is mentioned to be gay and everyone accepts it immediately and treats him no different. In previous episodes a transwoman is treated with respect and more than half of the characters are not white. There are also very important female characters that (gasp) don’t fall for sherlock.