Totally Real MCR fact #30

On September 23rd 2016 mcr are releasing a mixtape called “you thought emo fucks” which is an audio of Ashton Kutcher saying “YOU JUST GOT PUNK’D” on loop for 45 minutes.

Today be like
  • MCR Fans:WE'LL CARRY ON *throws on mcr tshirt* WE'LL CARRY ON *puts on blackest jeans* AND THOUGH YOU'RE DEAD AND GONE BELIEVE ME *messily applies eyeliner* YOUR MEMORY WILL CARRY ON *cries and ruins freshly applied eyeliner*
  • Also MCR Fans:What the fuck guys
All for the same reasons
  • 2001- My chemical romance started as a direct result of 9/11 because of how fucked up the world was and they wanted to make a change for the better. And for the members of mcr to have an outlet to their fealings towards the attack
  • 2016- Horrible Daily deadly attacks
  • My point being is that if My Chemical Romance was going to come back and start the band again, it would be for them to once again use it as their creative outlet for how they feel about how fucked up this world truely is and to try to once again make a positive impact on today's world