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For You, For Me // Miles x Phoenix

I have been rather inactive lately for many personal reasons. And sometime during that inactivity, I hit 600 Followers! So this is a thank you for the 600 followers as well as an apology for not being on a lot recently.



You’ll have to skip 4 minutes of nonsense to get to the actual song, but theres a pretty cute dog hanging around for those 4 minutes so like maybe its worth it.

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the earp sisters



It’s done. It took a few hours but I loved your idea and I haven’t made an amv in years. 


babygirl I’m falling

Kylux Modern AU || Romantic Comedy Trailer

[Watch in HD on YouTube]

Brendol Hux is a lawyer in London. Ben Solo - stage name Kylo Ren - is drama school dropout trying to make it big on the West End. When he lands the lead role in a play penned by Hux’s flatmate, Hux is captivated by his performance, and slips backstage to meet him…

Featuring fluff, drama, a Han Solo cameo, and tantrums.

So I made this photoset into a cheesy RomCom trailer. #noragrets

Songs are “Like People, Like Plastic” by awolnation and “Lakehouse” by Of Monsters and Men.


so you know that whole thing about cullen looking scarily close to zapp brannigan



this is the vid and its super cute ngl but im just like whoa!!!!

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Expectation and Inheritance: The Treatment of Anakin Skywalker’s Legacy in The Force Awakens

what is shitposting


You taught me the courage of stars before you left.
How light carries on endlessly, even after death.
With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.

Title: May We Meet Again

Fandom: Clexa, The 100

Song: Saturn by Sleeping at Last

Download:  1080p (563 MB) & Mobile (160 MB)

Spent two days straight on this and it’s finally done.  If you download, please feed your vidder with comments or a reblog. Best when watched with headphones in 1080p.  Warning: contains the scene that must not be named.

May We Meet Again ||  Clexa: Princess Bride Edition  ||  Leksa Kom Trikru  || Already Gone  ||  Slow Burn  ||  Carry Me Home  || Forgiveness


“What if I just took all the bad ideas I’ve had over the last few months, and put them together into one giant shitpost as an homage to a joke AMV from 2007?” -me, a week ago

Yeah, this is what happens. I am so, so sorry. (except i cut it short because of tumblr’s upload limit, so i actually have plenty of bad ideas left)

This is also my 4000 followers special video! Thank you all so much! I hope you know what you signed up for.

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