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reminded of it every single day


Happy belated Ides of March, Raffles fandom!

This (supposed to be) my contribution to the Raffles week but it took me longer than I expected. It was joy too see all your beautiful works, hope you like this ♡


Ignis: *trying to cover a laugh* Excuse me.
Noctis: *resigned*
Goddamn it.


the gays that saved 2016

+here’s to more gays in 2017

+happy new year


I think I saw your ghost today.  


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So here’s something I’ve been working on for months, over a year since the start, and it’s definitely the most complicated project I did so far, both technically and plotwise, and is very dear to me. Please share if you like!
And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I could write more about the plot in the summary but didn’t want to give away too much and let people figure it out (the Sixth Sense should give you a clue but it has quite a few layers to interpret) So, yep, let me know what you think ♡


once upon a time (captain swan) | a romcom trailer (6x12)

Noctis: Hey Ignis, make it a barbecue tonight.

Ignis: Might be a little late for one.

Prompto: Yeah, late-night meals make you fat.

Ignis: I was more concerned about the mess, the utensils that will need scrubbing.

Noctis: Any other excuses?


Stiles and Lydia, and their story of love. I really hope you like this video, i been working on it since a while and i made it with my whole heart. 

Hope you enjoy it¡ Please comment and tell me your opinion¡ :) 


i still miss clexa tbh

After the fight with Ifrit:

Ignis: We left here that day, knowing nothing of what lie ahead.

Gladio: We were too focused on the road trip.

Prompto: I was so pumped to go outside the city.

Noctis: It was gonna be the best day.


- Have you spoken to Mycroft? Molly? Anyone?
- They don’t matter, you do!

[Contains spoilers to the last episodes. And as it heavily based on TLD, please keep in mind that it may be pretty disturbing (I tried to avoid the violence though, if you know what I mean). Hope you enjoy, I had quite some fun playing with that episode. Looking forward to TFP!]


I was drunk while editing most of this so I realized a bit late that very little information is actually conveyed in this video. I hope you enjoy regardless.