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Marinette haunts Adrien all through his date with Ladybug, but each time she lingers only long enough to scold, Just enjoy yourself!

So he does, shyly gawking at the shops of the streets of Paris as he and Ladybug pass them. (She catches him staring at a Carrefour City, so they venture inside, where Ladybug giggles at Adrien’s delight.)

He wonders what Ladybug sees in him, after, as he hangs his jacket back up in his closet and calls one moment, Nathalie. The superheroine had only just returned him to his room, just before Nathalie had knocked: minutes later, he is climbing into the limousine, and his phone buzzes with a text.

It’s Marinette. How was your date?

it was incredible!! He smiles at the memory of camellias and daisies. did you get a special delivery?

I did! You shouldn’t have, I told you to enjoy yourself!

i did, i promise! ladybug got them for me. but i can’t take care of them, Adrien explains. i was hoping you could.

I will! For both of us!

:) was it okay? seeing ladybug.

She didn’t stick around, she just said they were a gift from you, Marinette replies. Adrien waits as the typing notification flashes several times, but no more messages appear.

“We’ve arrived,” Nathalie says.

“Coming, Nathalie.” i have to go. ttyl?


Adrien types a farewell, hesitates for a moment, and makes a small addition. bye, marinette <3

Her final message warms his cheeks. Ttyl, Adrien! <3