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When what should have been a straight forward mission in Hell’s Kitchen goes pear shaped due to lack of communication, teaching his teammates sign language seems like a logical step to Clint. Communication when their comms are down - great plan! And including the local vigilante, who’s been working closely with them on this, is a real no-brainer.

Until it turns out said vigilante is an asshole that thinks sign language is beneath him, judging by the way he’s stubbornly refusing to learn it.

(Conversely - Matt’s trying, he really is but damn it, those two signs are exactly the same… what do you mean they mean completely different things?!)

Finally posting this monster fic…

My whole life, all I ever wanted was excitment. Adventure. And I actively searched for it. But somehow, even with all the things I’ve experienced, the places I’ve seen, I still felt empty”
“Why do you think that is?” he asked.
“I don’t think it’s a question of thinking,” I admitted. “I know why I’ve been feeling empty. This past couple of weeks, here with you, proved it. Everything I do with you is an adventure. Every second spent with you is exciting. And as cliche as it sounds, and I hate to admit it, but it turns out you are my adventure. You are all I’ve been searching for my whole life.
—  L.W. - excerpts from a book i’ll never write #30
“Do you think it would have made a difference?” I blurted.
“What?” He asked, turning back to look at me.
“Telling you how I felt, all those years ago.”
He blinked, surprise fluttered across his face. “I knew you felt.”
I looked away, embarrassed. “You never said anything.”
“It wasn’t my place to say anything. I knew how how you felt, I just didn’t think you were ready to admit it yet. And I couldn’t force you to admit that you loved me.”
He sighed. I looked up, catching his eye again.
“So yeah. I think it would have made a difference,” he admitted.
—  L.W - excerpt from a book I’ll never write #33