My Precious


You were at a loss for words. The person standing in front of you was of uncanny resemblance to the boy you knew many years ago. It was a frightfully accurate mirror image, except this reflection of your past had much longer limbs and a slightly more defined physique…

But, even with the evidence standing stock-still in front of you, a large part of you was frozen in disbelief. This couldn’t be him. It just couldn’t be.

However, you couldn’t quite force yourself to turn away. Not for a second.

“Atsu… Atsushi?” His name fell from your trembling mouth like a stone flung into calm water. Your voice was too quiet to be heard by anyone, even by yourself. Your eyes were almost as wide as his as you answered his shocked stare with a tearful one of your own, your throat clogged with suppressed emotion. Everything else became a foggy blur, a white noise like no other, and yet this boy was the only thing that had your full undivided attention.

Everything else had slowed down to a painful halt around you, and all you could do was stare.

The pale boy seemed to become even paler, his steadily moistening gaze never leaving your own. Even with your eyes locked and unmoving, you could also detect the smallest flutter of a smile forming on his mouth, and you absentmindedly noted that he appeared brighter, happier than before.

He was happier than you had ever thought him capable of being.

“… Are you…” He licked his lips, voice tight. “Are you really [Y/N]-san?”

your celebrity crush by sign

Aries - Lee Pace

Taurus - Lee Pace

Gemini - Lee Pace

Cancer - Lee Pace

Leo - Lee Pace

Virgo - Lee Pace

Libra - Lee Pace

Scorpio - Lee Pace

Sagittarius - Lee Pace

Capricorn - Lee Pace

Aquarius - Lee Pace

Pisces - Lee Pace

Can we take a moment to look at the way Jensen’s face is when the crowd reacted to seeing Jeffrey.





He honestly looks like he is glowing, like that inner child is shining through him. He just looks so happy. He is precious. He loves this cast. He loves Jeffrey, and he loves all of you.  Look at how happy your reaction made him? How happy seeing Jeff made him? is this not the most adorable thing you have ever seen?     (X)