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Honestly, if this hasn’t already been said, shout out to the mentally ill people who are constantly told someone else has it worse than them. Shout out to mentally ill people who feel like their trauma isn’t “enough”. Shout out to mentally ill people who feel like their feelings have been invalidated. You’re important and you’re experiences are valid!


The Voltage Older Man Appreciation Post

  1. Maximillion Levaincois (Be My Princess 2)
  2. Kazuki Serizawa (Finally, In Love Again)
  3. Jin Namba (Her Love In The Force)
  4. Johji Chakura (Dreamy Days in West Tokyo)
  5. Ginnosuke Oguri (In Your Arms Tonight)
  6. Hiroshi Kirisawa (Metro PD: Close to You)
  7. Tadanobu Nomura (Metro PD: Close to You)
  8. Kunihiko Aikawa (My Forged Wedding)
  9. Daisuke Katsuragi (My Sweet Bodyguard)
  10. Hiroto Chitose (My Wedding & 7 Rings)
  11. Ayame Suo (Our Two Bedroom Story)
  12. Jinpachi Yushima (Serendipity Next Door)
  13. Nozomu Fuse (True Love, Sweet Lies)
  14. Hiroki Eniwa (My Last First Kiss)

A mix of ojisan, men appreciably older than the MC, and men appreciably older than their love rivals.  The Older Man is frequently identifiable by his goatee, for some reason.

(I’m sure I left some out.  Feel free to add any I missed!)


tbh i constantly feel like everyones a threat. or my life is a competition with everyone. my friend is talking to someone else? theyre going to leave me for that person. someone else is being more funny than me? everyone hates me and loves them more. i need to be better than everyone. i dont even want to but i need to try or i’ll feel so damn inadequate.