My Hysteria

Don’t you get it, my pain overrides my butterflies.
You’ll never be loved properly because I’m still attending to my wounds.
Blunt force trauma to my mental & gashes to my heart.
Hysteria is the only passionate feeling my body seems to be about.
—  A.R.
The doctors say
my uterus wandering
through the darkened
upstairs of my home.

It weighs 50 grams
and tilts towards my lover,
looking him full in the face
when his mouth lies
between my legs.

If I’d been born
in this country
before last century turned
maybe I’d have
caught my uterus,

would have strangled it
as it pulled my hair towards the moon,
the sun creeping across the wallpaper
during my long rest as leeches
suckled my bloody children.

Now I,
sob & laugh into my clenched fists,
clock my love in the nose,
and walk the path my uterus wandered
when it was last within me.

When it hadn’t been 50 grams
of red muscle on a tray
that a nurse took away
as I slept,

of how the sun lives at night.
—  Crystal Vega-Huerta, “Hysteria,” originally published in Window Cat Press

Katharine McPhee performing Lick My Lips (acoustic) at the Z100 Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Lounge in New York.

hectorpriamides asked:

bela talbot, light of my life, fire of my loins, etc was an actual formative influence and is one of my favourite characters of all time, and she deserves so much better than what she got, both from the show (though a woman in spn getting screwed is a given) and the fandom. SIGH. so glad someone understands.

I will always be bitter and bereft. Bela Talbot was the first great love of my television-watching life. She gave the thing I love its Name. (You know how almost all your favourite characters tend to be essentially the same character? You can, the same way, see all my women of choice clearly refracted through Bela). Best, brightest and biggest. Too big for a single trope. Bigger than all the tropes. The Anti-trope. Uneasy feminist deconstructions that pull no fucking punches and do not work to make you feel good why the fuck should they?


Katharine McPhee performing Lick My Lips on the Kelly and Michael Show
♫ Who To Hear ♫: Song to Watch- Katharine McPhee "Lick My Lips"
Katharine McPhee is back (not that she ever left). She recently released the first single off her new album "Hysteria" out July 21st via EntertainmentOne Records . "Lick My Lips" sonically reminds us of the 70s, but also has a modern twist to it. Isabella Summers, part of Florence and the Machine, wrote the song. "Lick My Lips" is the perfect recipe for a summer anthem. The music video for "Lick My Lips" seems somewhat like a satirization of "Blurred Lines" and is done well.

I had a dream that I literally caused over a hundred accidents and mass hysteria with my driving but since I was escaping this terrifying mental hospital and I explained that to the officer he was like “alright alright, lemme just pretend to write you a ticket okay, now you be careful out there!” and then I somehow made it home alive.

Diagramming Wisteria

Your calico knit warms this conjuring kit.
My mists of hysteria wrangle the wisterian racemes,
purple pendulums of good and bad deeds,
into an Olympian ring:

Our wistful intersection may very well be.
The space in the Venn Diagram,
where you and I intersect,
is the space in my brain that sadly invents.

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Hi! I'm putting my first and middle name since my first name is so short... hope that's okay! :) - Kiah Marie

Hi Kiah! It’s totally okay! Your name is super pretty btw :)

Kill All Your Friends – MCR
Implicit Demand for Proof – 21p
Are We The Waiting – Green Day
Hysteria – Muse

My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark – FOB
America’s Suitehearts
Ready to Go – Panic!
Isle of Flightless Birds – 21p
Exogenesis: Muse


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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favourite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool) :D Please have FUN whilst doing this! ♡

I was too sad the past days but now I am okay ish again so here we go.

  1. My hair color usually, I like it changes so much.
  2. I am a GOOD FRIEND DAMNIT. this is an issue right now okay, I really am a good friend. ME NOT GOING TO PARTIES IN EXAM TI- okay I might not have calmed down yet.
  3. I like I am not ashamed of my ‘childish’ hobbies. Collecting my little ponies, KPOP hysteria, loving my BJD. 
  4. I like my writing.
  5. I am very happy, usually, with my grades. I work hard and usually get a good grade back and that is something I like. 

Anyone who wants to do this, feel free. However I ask chiaku, youngmin-des, hyun-seong, youngmar4 & takemeawaytoseoul to do this!