My Heart Will Go On


ahahah this is terrible cx

anyway, this is for all of you who waited and waited and waited, my amazing stydia fandom. enjoy the details in good lightening ;) this was inspired by the lovely @rememberiloveyou (your edits killed me) and is also dedicated to @stydiaisofficiallycanon @stydiaislove @slowburnotptrash @lydiamartins @tylerposet @stiles-lydia @you-make-me-wander @redstringbanshee @stilesbanshee

Thank all of you for everything you did and still do for the fandom!

A list of songs Dan and Phil attempted to sing during the new gaming video

Phil-My Heart Will Go On

Dan-Dan’s Diss Track

Phil-Danger Men at Work

Dan-We Are Number One

Phil- Welcome to the Black Parade

Dan-I Write Sins Not Tragedies