Clexa | My heart will go on


So… it turns out that the Age of Ultron trailer syncs up PERFECTLY with Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On.

My …lord …it’s …so …beautiful.

Thank you wonderful stranger who figured this out.


My Heart Will Go On - Charles Lee


Please watch this video in its entirety

Putting SucroCorp labels on the creamers was a necessary part of the visual storytelling, and production designer Jerry Wanek emphasizes that there’s always a reason for what they do. “Like in the episode with Fate, we have E. J. Smith Travel because Edward John Smith was the captain of the Titanic, and we have an iceberg on the label of the beer you see in the opening,” Wanek points out.

“We play around with a lot of things like that, but if something isn’t cohesive with the style of what we’re trying to do, it gets thrown out. For us, it’s not about putting something in there to be cool - I don’t think that’s good storytelling, I don’t think that’s good design. For me, it’s really important that you don’t see something that makes you stop and go, ‘What was that?’

—  Knight, Nicholas, Eric Kripke, and Christopher Cerasi. The Essential Supernatural: On the Road with Sam and Dean Winchester. San Rafael, CA: Insight Editions, 2012: 166. [x] [x]

My Heart Will Go On - Vintage ‘50s Jackie Wilson - Style Celine / Titanic Cover ft. Mykal Kilgore

have I ever mentioned how much I love Postmodern Jukebox