Before, when you all confessed your feelings to me… I took advantage of your kindness and made all of you wait for my answer. But… I finally realize what it is. To think it took all of this for me to get it… I hate how clueless I was, but… I finally know now. I love Mutsumi-senpai.

Retired artist Flynn Carsen is dragged back into the world of music by an up and coming singer named Eve Baird, when she asks him to be the manager of the band her friends and her have formed. Little does he know that these four artists would soon be taking the entire world by storm, every week, twice before friday. 

Women who want to understand magic…in between space and time. Just people, women. Chosen like you. When you learned to walk between worlds, you proved ready to join our Circle. 

Science and magic. Long ago, we of the Lake realized those two practices would eventually become one.