Phanniemay Theme 2: Dream ☾

I had everything. Friends, a loving family, and I have to admit my life wasn’t so bad. I should have died, but I was spared, and given a second chance. My powers were both a gift and a curse, but I couldn’t deny the wonderful things I could achieve with them. Truly, I had everything. With the secret out, I was free, and for the first time in my life I was genuinely happy…

Well…That was until I woke up… to find my body was burried long ago, my friends and family were moving on, and I had been dreaming of the life that was stolen from me in a cruel twist of fate. I’ve embraced the nothingness that is my death, and happiness is nothing more than a dream.

30 day cosplay challenge - day 6: Your favourite cosplay (that you have done)


not technically just one cosplay, but i just love this guy so fucking much ok. actually i counted, and from the beginning i have put on dave cosplay 17 times (not including some of the times when i had short-ish hair and just put on shades for a single pic). i cosplay dave so much (and back when i rped regularly, rped dave so much) that me and nathaylee often joke that i am dave.

dave was my third ever cosplay, after terezi and rose when i realized that i wasn’t in any way restricted to cosplaying girls (and since then i’ve flipflopped to mainly cosplaying guys. AYY) so my early attempts were a bit ehhh mostly due to a complete lack of cosplay experience. but as far back as last fanexpo (the 4th pic) i can honestly say i’m pretty satisfied with my dave.


I’m a serious cosplayer…