Here’s my breakdown of what happened at C2E2!

I spent Friday attending professional panels for the comics industry, which probably deserves a post of its own, but I don’t think anyone is interested in me talking shop. But Saturday was devoted to Agents of SHIELD stuff with Iain and Liz. I had an amazing time and so many awesome things happened. Truly it was the best con experience I’ve ever had and, as @bigfunnywords (HEY Tumblr finally let me tag you!) said, I lived my best life. I’ll try to do the tl;dr version but this will probably get long.

Putting the rest behind a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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“Let’s study together?”

Lovelive! Sunshine!!
Mizuki(me) as You Watanabe
Photo thanks Tsuki

Photos from yesterday. I am really glad to take cosplay photos in my old college…that is nearly a dream!!
Thank you JCS for holding this event ;o;;;

I bought this new wig for better styling and color, however its color looks like the same as my old wig after photo retouching…(but its color really nice and exactly as You-chan if u see it by ur eyes!!)

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