My Chemical Romance

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1! 2! 3! 4! [drum set collapses]

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When people ask me what my favorite song is im just like??? can you be more specific??? favorite right now??? most listened to??? top 10??? what i listen to at different times??? what i listen to when im sad?? when im happy??? be more specific goddammit 

nobody ever talk shit about my chemical romance. yeah they were overdramatic but gerard way GRABBED and COMMITTED to his aesthetic for each album in a way that the rest of us can only DREAM of.

gerard way decides he and his friends need to be red and black goths and they do it. gerard way decides he and his friends need to be black and white marching band goths and they do it. gerard way decides he and his friends need to dye their hair and larp in the desert and they damn well do it.

he LIVED each aesthetic throughout each album’s era. if you could live that life why the fuck would you not. god bless

If someone talks about a song they really love, go listen to it. If someone mentions a song that reminded them of you, listen to it. If someone sends you a song that they think you would enjoy, YOU BETTER GO LISTEN TO THAT SHIZ AND APPRECIATE IT.

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The fact that it’s almost Christmas, Here is a playlist of Christmas songs sung by bands/arists to ROCK your Christmas :)

My Chemical Romance - All I want for Christmas is you (Cover)

Blink 182 - I won’t be home for Christmas

All Time Low - Merry Christmas, Kiss my ass

Fall Out Boy - Yule shoot your eye out

Dallon Weekes - Please don’t jump (It’s Christmas)

Panic! At The Disco - White Christmas (Cover)

Green Day - Xmas time of the year

The Brobecks - Christmas Drag

Dallon Weekes - Sickly sweet holidays

All Time Low - Fool’s Holiday

Sleeping With Sirens - Christmas on the Road

Tyler Joseph - Oh come, Oh come, Emmanuel

Patrick Stump - This Christmas

Simple Plan - My Christmas wish list

New Found Glory - Nothing For Christmas

My Chemical Romance - Every Snowflakes different (Just like you)

Panic! At The Disco - Feels like christmas

And a bonus Christmas song of Fall Out Boy singing “What’s this” lip synced by Phil Lester!

(in a gentle new jersey accent) you like dnd, audrey hepburn, fangoria, harry houdini, and croquet. you can’t swim, you can’t dance, and you don’t know karate. face it! you’re never gonna make it!

(in a heavier, more tortured new jersey accent) i don’t wanna make it. i just, wanna,