My Babies !


One of the moments that make me ship RyuAnn so hard, is that at Shido Palace, I mean, this scene is so beautiful, epic, sad…
The way of who they look each other once that Ryuji made it to the top, how Ann was too shocked about “Ryuji’s dead”, how she start to screaming and panicking… for him

Dude, I’m such a RyuAnn trash, but I really love all the feelings on this part


Remember when Jess said ‘yeah commitment’s hard for alex’ and Alex said 'well at least I have the ability to try something new’ LIKE WHAT DID HE MEAN BY SOMETHING NEW???????????? WHAT HE DOO???? ISTG THIS IS WHERE JUSTLEX STARTED YOU CAN FIGHT ME ON THIS

Justin vs. BTS

I see all the comments and reblogs on this video and y'all are really killing me 😂
and I shake my phone at the end of the video bc I waS SHOOK AND I ended up screaming and I thought I’d save ur poor ears from that