🐉 Hanzo time 🐉

Collab I enjoyed working along with my great friend and great artist @marscarat ❤✨

She will be at Marseille Chanot, at the Japan Expo on France this weekend (24th to 26th February, 2017), and she will be selling A3 prints of this Hanzo and more Overtwatch and original prints at the fanzine/merchan stands.

If you are going to the Marseille Japan Expo, go and say hello to @marscarat and give her all your love 💕


I remember when I first met you. I hugged you and I didn’t want to let go.

We discovered new things.

Had fun.



Met new people.

I remember that you bought a dog, even though you didn’t want one. But you did it for me.

I remember your smiling face making me laugh for the last time.

And after all this time… I still remember you

And I will, until I will not be anymore.