Shark bite! One of the Tiger Tank of the schwere Panzer-Abteilung 502 is painted with tiger shark’s teeth on the muzzle brake, summer 1944. 

A Panther unit as viewed over a muzzle brake. The Panthers belongs to the elite Panzer Lehr Division. Following D-Day in June 1944 it fought British and Canadian forces near Caen delaying Allied seizure of vital towns and objectives by weeks, and in July Lehr was moved to battle the Americans around St. Lo. The photo was taken immediately after the invasion of France.

New muzzle brake for the AR.

It’s a XM177 replica. (I know, it’s not EXACT)
The threads are directly behind the ports. So the brake slides over the barrel quite a bit, but it gives the appearance that the barrel is a lot shorter, even though it’s still 16 inches.
The muzzle brake itself is 5 inches, but only adds about 1.5 inches to the barrel length overall, compared to my other brake which was 2.5 inches