Sons i have adopted long ago but havent drawn until now bc i avoid spiky hair at all costs. It’s diff now though bc lmao fuck my comfort zone when i got ch 133
I probs wont be drawing anytime soon bc wow fuck coding

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Am I the only one who thinks Clarke is just as aware of her feelings for Bellamy as he is about his own for her?? Idk, I could be completely wrong, but I honestly think she's pretty aware of her own feelings. She may be afraid of them after losing the last two people she loved romantically; but that doesn't stop her from trying to keep Bellamy at her side as often as she possibly can since they were reunited in 3B

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(quick note: this scene had the bellarke theme for about 2 seconds before someone started screaming. and Clarke looks at Bellamy’s lips.)

No you’re not.

I think Clarke is completely aware of her feelings and has been since she went under the mountain to try and get him out after Lxa abandoned them. She COULDN’T hug him. Why? Because of what she told Lxa.

She was not ready for anything with anybody. Anybody including Bellamy. She was already in love with him and scared to death of that love. I’m sure it contributed to why she left him at the gate with just that kiss on the cheek. 

I think she spent three months alone in the woods thinking about Bellamy and about how he wouldn’t let her pull that lever alone. And Hakeldama was terrible for her not because he refused her proposition or tried to lock her up but because it seemed as if she has LOST him. 

But yeah, I agree. As soon as she came back in 3B she was ALL about Bellamy and barely took three steps away from him without seeking him out.

I don’t reblog things I think are great sometimes merely because they say she doesn’t know she loves him, or doesn’t love him.

She totally loves him. She is totally in love with him.

But I don’t think she knows he’s in love with her, too. She’s still living from the place where she thinks she broke their relationship by staying in Polis. 

I had this new theory about Clarke and Bellamy and their loves in season 3. 

I think Bellamy loved Gina, very honestly, but he was not in love with her.

And I think Clarke was in love with Lxa, very genuinely, but she did not love her. She did not trust her, she did not open up with her about who she was, she was forever playing political games with her, she kept her guard up the entire time, even while they made love. It was kind of sad that they had this love relationship that was so guarded.

However, Clarke and Bellamy both love each other…. and this they know. They know how much they care and how much the other cares for them. They are partners. The believe and trust in each other.

BUT THEY DO NOT KNOW THAT THEY ARE BOTH IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. They don’t recognize that the other is as devoted as they are. They don’t recognize that they are staring at each others lips…. although I think they’re picking up on some hints, just always doubting. Particularly because Bellamy sees that she was in love with Clarke and he recognizes that and is being respectful of that and I think Clarke is reading that respect as reticence, because of her time in Polis and relationship with Lxa. Which is kind of true. 

So here they are, both loving each other and being in love with each other and they haven’t gotten on the same page yet.

So when will they get past all this reticence and start believing that they feel the same way?

You did not expect this much, did you?