As some of you know, Zlatan and Mutu are good friends. Matteo Morandini wrote a book about Adrian Mutu called "Like no on else" and I found a few paragraphs dedicated to Zlatan.

Adrian Mutu, who is also known as “the brilliant” in Romania, remembers in his book that one night, Zlatan woke him up at 3 am.

He woke me up, telling me he couldn’t sleep and that he wants to ask me something. “What happened?” I said. And then he asked me: “Who is better? Me or Ronaldo?” “It’s 3 am, you moron!” But he was insisting. “No, no, tell me who is better”. “You!” I said, not because he is my friend, but because he really was the best in that moment.

This is from the chapter “The renaissance”, from the book I mentioned.