I normally don’t post Go Fund Me links but this is for my one of my sister’s rescue dogs. Without this surgery she will continue to get worse and struggle for every breath. The surgery is very expensive! It is $4,500! Yikes!!! If you can help out, please do. I would definitely appreciate it and so would Winifred. We have affectionately nicknamed her “Wheezyfluff”. 

Helping Winifred Breathe

View more pics of Winifred on instagram by searching the hashtag #wheezyfluff 

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Senior dog is flying high and looking for a new leash on life.

You can see his profile for adoption here at Muttville.

I follow Muttville on Facebook even if I don’t live in USA and really needed to share that beautiful picture on the plane. (You should follow them too if you love dogs.)

He’s so adorable, if you live in San Francisco you have the lucky chance to foster him for the rest of life and give him the love he needs.


“A Christmas Tail” from Muttville! Muttville is a senior dog rescue that basically makes me cry every time they email me. I just want all the old heads to get homes! They are so cute!

“What’s something rewarding for adopting or working with a senior dog?”

“Well we have a tagline here, ‘It’s never too late for a new beginning.’  A lot of these dogs have been really well loved all their lives, but for whatever reason they’ve lost their homes. So the most rewarding part, it’s kind of hand in hand. The most horrible when they show up, but it’s when they go home. The stories we get from the families who say they love their senior dogs, and that they’d want to only adopt seniors from now on. Sometimes these are dogs that no one would care about, and some end up dead. So with stories from the families, that’s probably the most rewarding part.” #PeopleProjectSF

up on my soapbox

Dear friends,

This is going to be another dog post.  I like them better than people; sorry.  Anyway.  

My Muttville obsession is very well documented by now.  The future of my emotional health has become increasingly dependent on knowing that Augie Doggie is adopted by someone who will love him forever.  

Just LOOK at him.  He’s been on the site for a long time now - as have many other dogs - and it just kills me to think that he goes to sleep and wakes up, and doesn’t know where his person went.  Poor little thing.

So, first of all: California friends, please consider Muttville if you’re interested in adopting a dog.  They’re in the SF Bay Area, but they say they’re willing to bring the dog up to 10 hours’ worth of driving time away to make sure it gets a home.  These are older dogs who would likely be euthanized if they were in traditional shelters - because most people just want puppies, and so they either buy directly from breeders or pet shops, or they opt for younger dogs in shelters.  I’m happy for every dog to have a home, but senior dogs are very often neglected, and Muttville is doing a really great thing.

Second of all: everyone who lives everywhere else, please adopt shelter dogs.  There are so many options, so many puppies who just want people to love them and happy homes.  Obviously, there are ASPCAs all over America; and RSPCAs in the UKAustralia and New Zealand; and the good old SPCA in Canada; those shelters are all great options, particularly because the shelters are so full that they often euthanize perfectly lovely animals (it’s breaking my heart just to type that).

However, I would also strongly urge all of you to consider adopting greyhounds.  If a racing greyhound is lucky, it will have a short, successful career and then live quietly and happily with a loving family for the rest of its 10-14 years.  If a racing greyhound is unlucky - and more of them are unlucky than lucky - it might not be fast enough, and thus killed when it’s a year or two old; or it might be subjected to brutal racing conditions and inhumane living conditions; or it might be a perfectly respectable racing dog, but then killed when its career is over - at age four or five; or it might be placed into an adoption program, but killed anyway for being “unadoptable” - i.e., failing a personality test designed and administered by racing-affiliated greyhound adoption programs, possibly made so strict because they just have too many greyhounds and not enough homes to put them in.  Greyhounds are gentle, affectionate dogs, and the fact that they’re treated as if they’re expendable is atrocious.  

I would also encourage people not to believe all the awful hype about pitbulls, but I’ll save that rant for another time.

Some of you are already proud owners and lovers of rescued pets, and I tip my hat to you.  Some of you - like me - live in buildings that don’t allow any pets, and so you have to wait until your living situation improves.  But I hope that some of you are in a position to share your home with a dog - whether a mutt or a greyhound or a pitbull or any other number of animals who need homes and love - and have been somewhat swayed by my embarrassingly sincere pleas. 

The puppies thank you for your time.

Save the dates! Every Thursday in December over 40 comedians will be donating their talent to help dog rescue organizations at Comedy Bodega. Admission is always free at Comedy Bodega but in December we will pass the tip jar to help dogs get adopted and fostered. Please don’t bring sweet dogs. We only have space for humans with cash for dogs. (checks accepted also) 

Here is the schedule for the dog rescues. The List of comedians will be up soon.

Thursday December 6th  Northern California Family Dog Recue

Thursday December 13th  Rocket Dog Rescue

Thursday December 20th and 27th  Muttville Senior Dog Rescue,,

The January 2011 SF Vegan Bakesale: SUCCESS!

Thank you to everyone who came out and bought things on Saturday! You helped us raise $2,000 for the benefitting organizations, Mickacoo and Muttville.

A king pigeon modeled a fancy pigeonkini!

People were thrilled about these cashew-cheese-filled, chocolate-covered dates!

We went from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at which point the leftovers consisted of maybe three jars of Frankie’s amazing pickled carrots, exclusively*. Thank you to Speesees for letting us take over their sidewalk–did anyone take advantage of the 10 percent discount for SFVBS customers?

If you missed the whole sale well, first, TOO BAD, and second, you can still donate independently to Mickacoo and/or Muttville–they can always use the extra money. Us, we’re going to split that $2,000 to hopefully help out a lot of pigeons and senior dogs. We’re so grateful to every one of you who came, to volunteer, to buy, to drop off delicious treats and leave–you’re all lovely human beings, and we hope to see you in a couple months at the next one. If you want to be on the baking and volunteer list, email Laura!

*Next time everyone buy these because delicious.