So, as I said I was one of the Lucha Libre guys. But lucha Libre wasn’t only comic books, we also did some vinyl figures with the Muttpop compagny (originaly founded by Jerry Frissen Robert T Silva and Nicolas Forsans). The designs By the are Catfish Deluxe team of course (me for the téquila, El Panda & Mini Gobi characters), and sculpt by the very talented japanese sculptor Monster Five.
I’m sure you can still find one of those babies…. Here for example.

"The Crayon Monster" custom Tequila by Jenn & Tony Bot!!!

NEW POST: Jenn and Tony Bot recently completed a Muttpop Tequila custom they are calling “The Crayon Monster”…for obvious reasons, of course! As always he is completely sculpted and covered in polymer clay and the crayons in his box are removable… I am blown away by this piece, it’s so clean!!! According to the Bots, this is the first Muttpop that they have worked on… and hopefully it won’t be the last! Unfortunately he isn’t for sale as it was a commission for a private collector, but nonetheless, we still wanted to share it with all of you readers!!!


Item has been sold.. sorry!

I know I just got this figure and don’t get me wrong it’s gorgeously made and all but I just don’t have room for it so I’m going to put it up for sale.

I’m looking for $20 (shipping is included in price)

I’ve provided pictures and a battery for size reference. The figure will be sent in it’s original box (with lots of padding so it won’t be scratched) also.

If you’re interested in purchasing drop me a note. Payment can be made to my Paypal:

I will not accept international orders.. US only.. sorry! (It would make it very expensive..)

Mumm-ra from ThunderCats on a 8inch Tequila vinyl toy. Im working on a big set. #tequila #muttpop #tequilamuttpop #customtequila #custommunny #kidrobot #funkopop #pop #custompop #vinyltoy #art #sick #thundercats #cartoons #villains #evil #rask #inkbombers #customvinylmation #dunny #sculpting #monsters #airbrushing

Avatar666 transforms Muttpop's "Tequila" into a Samurai-inspired "Boba Fett!"

NEW POST: Some customizers would be worried about being considered one-trick ponies when they did the same thing over and over again, but Méxican artist Avatar666 is rapidly becoming a frontrunner for stand-out customizer in 2013 just from his _Star Wars_ inspired pieces. Take, for example, this impressive feudal Japanese Samurai meets bounty hunter Boba Fett commissioned custom: crafted from Muttpop’s Tequila platform, Avatar666 did an amazing job merging the two aesthetics into one. I really like the addition of the tusks to the face, similar to those on his banner, and the cool accessory details added (pair of katanas, the banner, a backpack and a pair of braids). Absolutely killer!

El Panda Original 8-inch vinyl  - by Muttpop

Despite not speaking the language and asserting that ìChop Sueyî is a traditional dish in Mainland China, El Panda believes he is Chinese. His distorted interpretation of Chinese culture has developed through obsessively watching dubbed kung fu films and regular visits to China Town. El Panda refuses to speak in any language other than Chinese. Unfortunately, El Panda does not know Chinese. El Panda communicates through indiscernible audible gibberish that he has hired an elder Chinese man to translate for others. Since El Panda isnít really speaking Chinese, his Chinese translator invents translations as he sees fit. El Panda and Tequila have been rivals since elementary school. Their hatred for one another has grown greater with age, much like a fine bottle of Shaoxing rice wine.“

Available for $59.99 (USD) @myplasticheart