god its funny i was (and still kinda am lol) such a sensitive kid like srsly super minor things that happened were psychologically damaging its ridiculous

idk How i survived thiz far in my life considering how stuff like finding a picture on google images of pikachu with ms paint blood and a black eye with the caption “die you pikachu” actually made me have an intense emotional breakdown at age 8

i always think im a wimp but i mean its good to know im stronger than little kid me was! i got sent pictures of actual mutilated bodies a couple months ago and it was uh pretty scarring but i was just kinda like “yikes :/ real mature” where that pikachu image is still in my brain as the most cruel disturbing thing ive ever seen. how did i make it this far xD

Today Would Have Been Emmett Till’s 76th Birthday if a White Woman Didn’t Lie on Him

Emmett Till would have turned 76 today, July 25, had a white woman not lied on him. Roy Bryant’s wife, now known as Carolyn Bryant Donham after having divorced and married a few times (something not afforded to Emmett, by the way), broke her silence and admitted that she made up the most damning part of her testimony.

The 82-year-old confessed about 10 years ago to author Timothy Tyson, a Duke University senior research scholar, who was working on the book The Blood of Emmett Till.

That part’s not true,” Donham reportedly told Tyson about her claim that Emmett made verbal and physical advances toward her.

Conveniently, Donham claimed that she didn’t remember exactly what happened in the store.

But Emmett’s family and much of the world were well aware of what happened to Emmett after she accused him of inappropriate advances. The terrified 14-year-old was kidnapped from the home of relatives by Donham’s then-husband and Milam. Emmett was beaten, mutilated and shot to death before the half brothers sank his body in a local river by tying a 75-pound gin fan around his neck.

Meanwhile, more than 60 years later, Emmett’s family is still seeking justice on behalf of their loved one, with his surviving relatives asking for the case to be reinvestigated after Donham admitted to lying on the teen.

One thing that’s always bothered me was that stories and events like this were never really shown or discussed in public schools. When I was going to school it was always: MLK, the Civil Rights movement, sit-ins, the boycotts etc. Schools never really showed the truly horrific stories that came with in this time of American history: the Emmet Till Murder, the Medgar Evers murder, The 16th St. Baptist Church bombing, Nat Turner’s uprising and many more. There are soo many stories like this to be told, yet are never discussed.

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like. a thought. it's post hell tournament. ren is home safe, and he's become pretty good friends with yuu. yuu, being the ~big scary delinquent~ he is, gets into a fight with some other young punks. gets out numbered. gets his ass beat. ren steps in like a 5'3" avenging angel and Wastes Those Punks like it's nothing. yuu is in shock, love, and awe. he thought he was the knight in shining armor.

He’d most likely get traumatized.


24 states have no laws against female genital mutilation. Here’s why that needs to change.

  • Under a series of new laws signed Tuesday, Michigan became the 26th state to place a criminal ban on female genital mutilation, or FGM, according to NPR.
  • The new legislation imposes a prison sentence of up to 15 years for those found guilty of performing FGM, and doctors who carry out these procedures may have their operating licenses revoked, NPR reported.

  • The laws come shortly after a Michigan doctor was federally charged for performing FGM procedures on multiple young girls.

  • While many anti-FGM advocacy groups across the country are celebrating Michigan’s new legislation, the laws also shed light on a grim statistic: 24 states have no laws banning FGM. Read more. (7/14/17, 10:49 AM)

Alan Turing, the man who saved the world by deciphering the Nazi Enigma code, committed suicide after a year of being forced to undergo chemical castration as punishment, because he was a homosexual man.

The man who saved the lives of millions was, although not quite, mutilated and tortured. Why? Because he was gay.

This is one of millions.

Don’t you ever come to me whining why there isn’t a straight pride day.

Pride is for the LGBT community because we have endured years and years and years of oppression and injustice and hatred. We’ve been tortured and killed and denied of basic human rights because of our sexuality/gender identity.

Since you all seem to want it SO BAD. Take the LGBT pride march, take the pride month, take whatever you fucking want and give us the systematic and social freedom that you have in return.


Warning: pictures graphic to sensitive viewers.

Yes that is a pit of dead cows. Yes I totally crawled into it.

I’m currently hanging around this creepy ass town in the middle of nowhere Arkansas, area is known for animal mutilations and being down right creepy.
There’s a certain spot I like to hang around though, there use to be a train track that had came through , strange cryptic sighting, you find hundreds of cows skeletons around, and other creatures.
The pictures above of the pit is the easiest spot to get to during the summer, and has some of the most complete skeletons I can find.
It’s strange though, scavengers avoid the area as much as they can, and nothing has tried eating them. Flies keep away to. But I loot what I can, there was approx 30 cow skulls at varying ages in the pit, most of them underneath the bodies.
Since it was a long walk and I had to climb down some cliffs, I only took one skull with me, the large bull skull next to the female with her jaw intact. I would have loved to keep the female but carrying a fragile jaw and skull down cliffs didn’t seem very smart. So I set the female on a post I found in the field to look out at the yellow flowers that were growing.
I may or may not go back at some point, but stranger things are happening. The area that the bodies are located are usually avoided by the cows, but I found tracks from a day or to back deep into the area running through brush, yet no tracks in pursuit. A strong smell of death lingered, but I couldn’t locate anything dead except for a few chicken feathers.

  • Shiro, exasperated: Keith, stop rearranging your dinner into the shape of Lance's face then stabbing it
  • Keith: I'll have you know, some people take out their romantic frustrations on alien food goo to cope

Serial killer Albert Fish was a confessed sexual predator and cannibal, but the activity he enjoyed indulging in the most was sexual masochism: Fish would hurt himself in a variety of ways to become aroused, and often could only reach orgasm while suffering extreme pain.

Fish explained to police after he was arrested for the murder of Grace Budd that he became fixated on pain as a young boy; he grew up in a harsh orphanage where the caregivers would hit naughty children with paddles while the others sat in a circle and watched. Fish would become aroused at the sight and sound of the beatings, and noted how the nurses seemed to enjoy administering this pubishment.

As an adult Fish fathered six children (whom he never abused), but continued to hurt himself in his restless search for pleasure. He would stick the stem of a rose up the shaft of his penis and masturbate to the image in the mirror. He would beat himself with paddles stuck with nails. He shoved cotton wool into his urethra and set it alight with lighter fluid.

Most disturbingly, Fish would take long carpet needles, shove them into the flesh behind his scrotum, and acheive orgasm whenever he felt the needles move inside his pelvis. Perhaps unsurprisingly, sticking needles into his genitals caused him a number of health problems, and an x-ray of Fish’s pelvis while he was on Death Row revealed over thirty needles nestled in his scrotum. The presence of so much metal in his body apparentely caused the electric chair to short-circuit when Fish was being put to death.