I cannot explain how excited I am for this to release tomorrow (7/7/15) I’M CRAZY EXCITED! Everyone needs to read this. Srsly my favorite book, ever.

MAYBE IN ANOTHER LIFE by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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A Girl in Prayer. Jeanne Philiberte Ledoux (French, 1767-1840). Oil on canvas. Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle. 

The inscription (”A. Genneveive [?]/Greuze”) suggests that this painting may have been copied from a Greuze, of whom Ledoux was a pupil. A young girl is praying beside the corner of a table, on which there is a letter she must have just read, implying some sort of personal drama. This is a typical subject for Ledoux.

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Dear Duke, how can I study Literature outside of college? I mean, self studying. Do you have any books to suggest? Theorical books, must reads, anything. I had to leave university but I still want to learn about Literature. Thank you.

Hi. So, this is one of those really broad questions that’s hard to answer with specifics. Literature is an enormous unwieldy thing, so I can’t really recommend specific books without knowing what type of literature you’re interested in. If you just want kind of a general education, you can find a lot of these lists of great works of literature that would give you a fairly good idea of where to jump off. 

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So I know it's a difficult question but I need more fics and I was wondering if you have a favorite Barduil fic?

I do! :3

My special favourites are Phosphenes and Shakespeare Does A Funny Thing, forever and always.

But then special mention to bury my heart on the coals and The Wounding and Healing of Man which crush my heart in both bad and good ways at the same time whenever I think about them. Both must-read.

I actually have other faves which you can find in my fic rec masterpost!


{{ incoming mail from Singapore }}
Surprise surprise! I have the most thoughtful penfriends ever. Who would’ve thought i’d still be receiving gifts about 3 months after my birthday. And have i mentioned how they put so much effort into gathering whatever thingamabob they’ll be sending along with their heartmelting letters (?) well, they do. Obviously.
I’ve been going back and fort at SM north, patiently waiting for Paper Stone to open - (hello paperstone (?) any plans yet? It’s been more than a month!) Anywho, my penfriend, Masturah, must’ve read my thoughts cause hellooooo paper stone goodies! plus a huge Alice in Wonderland notebook, adorable? Yes, definitely. And the awwww-est handmade cat origami envelope with an overwhelmingly thoughtful birthday card.
She also sent a Cotton On tote bag with the cutest owl on it, that i’ll probably post a picture of, soon. - cause i forgot to, ooopsie!
Last but not the least, a 2 page heartfelt letter that i enjoyed the most.

To the anon that sent me a TA about my snailmails - probably ages ago, i’m so sorry i haven’t answered it yet. I’m actually planning to have an individual post about it soon. I hope you’ll be around to read it. Again, so sorry for taking so long.

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Sorry for confusing you, Duke! I was asking for a list of literary criticism on ancient works!

I mean, this is one of those things where is sort of depends what you’re looking for criticism on, but Mary Beard’s Confronting the Classics is a must-read–as is Classics: A Very Short Introduction, and if you’re into theatre the Cambridge Companion to Greek Tragedy is a good idea. If you’re curious about ancient military strategy Soldiers and Ghosts by J. E. Lendon is a pretty interesting read. Again, get back to me on what specifically you’re interested in if this isn’t helpful.
Reading Under the New Moon: Murakami's Magical Realism in The Strange Library
The Strange Library Haruki Murakami Knopf December 2, 2014

The Strange Library combines two things that I love dearly: libraries and strange supernatural occurrences. The story begins with a boy returning his books to the library. When he asks the librarian for help finding more books, she directs him to a confined room in the basement where a small old man helps him locate three gigantic volumes on tax collection in the Ottoman Empire. However, when he tries to check the books out, he is told that he must instead read the books there, in the reading room, from cover to cover. Now trapped in the library, he must find a way home without arousing the suspicion of the librarian.


In which Carmilla make a deal. Her total loyalty to her vampire family against Silas’ (and therefore Laura’s) safety.


The dust of dust.
We are the apple of God’s eye.
We are infinite as the universe we hold inside.

“Let there be light, let there be light, let me be right.”

With golden string
our universe was brought to life,
that we may fall in love
every time we open up our eyes.

Sleeping At Last - SUN


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