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(via Adam Driver is bringing Emo Kylo Ren to ‘SNL’ this week, and we can’t wait)




“The one product we own, exclusively, is music! You mean to tell me that hip hop is a black product, trillion dollar economy, and we don’t control no share of that? That’s insane! Imagine if we controlled black music. Its the second largest export from America. If we controlled that every community would have what it needs. From hospitals to jobs and so on. We got to look at how we ( going back to our issues of loving everybody else and not loving ourselves enough) why do we create so much and pass it over to people outside the culture. Then when macklemore and eminem get album of the year or considered the best rapper of all time we get upset but you are the one who made it comfortable to come in and colonize your artform. Because you said ‘all music matters’ and not just black music matters. If you notice cultural product, most cultures they build a protection around it. You don’t see jewish culture being exploited. You don’t see Mexican culture being exploited. You don’t see east Indian culture being exploited. The only culture that gets exploited on the globe is black culture becuase we feel there’s something wrong with saying that this is for black folks primarily. You can partake, but we the be all end all in this.” - Dr. Umar Johnson

You gotta listen to this brotha speak. I agree with 99% of what he’s saying. Even though i didn’t agree with the other 1% that didn’t make me disregard anything else he had to say. This man is speaking pure truth and every black person in America needs to watch this video and soak up all this knowledge.

He also speaks on the boys school he is planning to open for young black boys. As well as a girls school he would like to open right after as well. After hearing is explanation for his plans and his goals, i am on board. I’ll be donating as soon as possible and ill probably donate multiple times. If after watching the video you would like to donate, the link to his gofundme page will be below.

160109 Musical & Healing Concert : Donghae wanted to ask about the musical and he gave the mic to a girl and she was his fan! He asked her about the musical and the only thing the girl said was ‘I LOVE YOU’ . She said she came from far away and that her friend gave her the seat and she just kept the mic with her and donghae was like ….ehrm. He ended up laughing so hard cos the one interviewing was her instead of him, she asked to shake hands haha. He was like ‘ehrm..  no time’ and she apologized to the audience but didnt give the mic and was like ok ok i will cut it here XD [c]

Darling, you’re hurting.
You’re hurting so terribly
And I bet it feels like your heart isn’t there anymore, right?
That walk home when he ended it.
When you just ran upstairs and broke down.
Saying it’s worthless, you shouldn’t be crying.
Stop crying.
But darling, it’s ever so okay to hurt.
It’s okay to want him still, no matter how long you’ve been apart.
It’s okay to believe he never wanted you
But you must remember that it gets better.
—  You must, you must, you must.

Cutest short film ever and no one can tell me otherwise

movie masterpost yeaaah

alright so since I’ve reached 400 followers (ilyilyily) and the fact that I’m very bored I thought that I could do a movie masterpost


A - C

Aladdin ★ Alice in Wonderland (1951)Alice in Wonderland (2010)The Aristocats ★ Arthur and the InvisiblesThe Art of Getting ByAvatar Bambi ★ Beautiful Creatures Beauty and the Beast ★Big Hero 6  The Breakfast Club Brother Bear ★ Boyhood ★ A Bug’s Life ★ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ★ Cinderella (1950)The Color Purple ★ Coraline 

D - G

Dark Shadows ★Dear John ★ Dear White People ★ Despicable Me ★ Edward Scissorhands ★ Elizabeth: The Golden Age The Fault in Our Stars ★  Fight Club ★  Forrest Gump ★ The Fox and the HoundFrozen ★ Garfield ★ Grave of the Fireflies ★The Great Gatsby ★ Grease The Green Mile

H - J

Hamlet Harry Potter  Heathers  Hercules High School Musical  The Hobbit ★ Home Alone The Hunger Games  Ice Age I Love You Philip Morris The Imitation Game Interstellar  It’s Kind of a Funny Story  The Jungle Book 

K - M

The Karate Kid Kingpin Kingsman  Kung Fu Panda ★ Lady and the Tramp ★  Léon: The Professional ★ The Little Mermaid  The Lord of The Rings ★ Madagascar  Mary Poppins Mean Girls ★ Men in Black Monsters vs Aliens  Mulan

N - P

Nanny McPhee Night at the Museum  The Nightmare Before Christmas ★ The Normal Heart  Oliver and Company ★ Oz the Great and Powerful The Perks of Being a Wallflower ★ Peter Pan  Pitch Perfect Pride Pride and Prejudice 

Q - T 

The Ring  The Rocky Horror Picture Show ★ Selma  Sherlock Holmes The Shining  Sleeping Beauty Slumdog Millionaire The Sword in the Stone  Tangled Tarzan  Temple Grandin Thor The Truman Show

U - Z

Up V for Vendetta WALL-E Warm Bodies What’s Eating Gilbert Grape What’s Love Got to Do With It  Where the Heart is The Wizard of Oz X-men  Yes Man