everybody always has to go. what’s it like knowing good people who can physically be there? all the time? no breaks, in between kind words, that let the bad feelings creep back until those good people return? is that nice? I bet it’s nice feeling ok and not left alone. it’s nice right?to be able to hear their words clearly in your ears and maybe be able to believe the good things they say. surely that must be nice.

It must be nice to feel so safe, you have to invent new ways to put yourself in danger

Rudy Francisco

I very smart person made me understand this so much more. 

I wish I could take a vacation from a vacation. Seriously, must be nice. But not everyone is capable of working as had hard as Jen.

Don’t even bother anons. I’ll delete ya. I just really don’t give a shit.

stop sending me these fucking messages about trump. period. 

you know what i heard the entire time during the first debate? hillary actually speaking and communicating very clearly the details of what she thinks and intends to do, sounding dignified, professional, and presidential. meanwhile donald can only seem to talk about money, throw attitude and insults and raise his voice and interrupt the most qualified woman, let alone person, to ever run for the presidency.he  cant explain why he hasn’t released his taxes or even ever paid federal taxes on his over 600 mil income in one fucking year (must be nice donald), cannot effectively lay out even one detail that makes any logical sense about what he intends to do in any issue not relating to wealth or money, and refers to human beings only as economic assets. “oh I know the people in this town or that town, they love me there, I have a resort there, I have buildings full of minorities” what the fuck. he has zero, 0, zero experience or tact regarding diplomacy, foreign policy, national security, the systemic racial problems this country faces, religious differences, renewable energy, global warming, the systemic gun control problems this country faces, immigration, women’s rights, minimum wage, or equal rights. I have YET to hear one logical word out of his mouth about anything beyond his obsession with china, russia, trade agreements, hackers, wealth, or his fucking resorts. he doesn’t just “say idiotic things,” his views and very public racist and sexist comments/mentality have literally caused his followers to commit hate crimes and acts of violence. the man is a fucking disaster of a candidate, he endangers lives, he is the most unqualified person to ever run for the presidency, and he doesn’t know how to effectively communicate his own policies that you seem to be in love with. you must be blind to every other issue facing this country, as well as to morality and humanity, in that case.