China is putting Uyghur Muslims into Concentration Camps

This is one of the greatest attrocities and oppression taking place in the world today yet still it is one of the least talked about issues. It’s estimated possibly over 2 million Uyghur Muslims have been put into these concentration camps which China calls “re-edcuation camps” and the goals is to wipe out and clean them from their cultural and religious identity. They have built dozens of these camps with fortified walls and barbed wire fences which they hide from the world media.

China sees Islam as an ‘ideological disease’. Many of the people put in these camps don’t make it out alive due to to the harsh living conditions inside. Many leave behind children who are then sent to government run orphanages and are brainwashed from a young age removing their cultural and religious identity.

Uyghur Muslims can be arrested and put in these camps for the smallest of reasons and every step they take is monitored by the authorities. Facial recognition cameras and high tech equipment has been deployed in East Turkestan turning it into a complete surveillance state. This isn’t fantasy or 'fake news’. This is happening now in East Turkestan. Don’t let history repeat itself. Share and let the world know the truth.

All Of The Firsts From The Midterms

Did you catch all of the amazing firsts last night? If not, we have you covered. ⬇️

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

There will finally be Native American women in Congress…

…as well as Muslim women!

Jared Polis became the first openly gay governor…

…and Ayanna Pressley became Massachusetts’ first black Congresswoman.

Plus, Texas is sending it’s first to Latinas to Congress. 

For all things midterms, head this way ➡️, and a huge thanks to @kylehiltonillustration for these amazing drawings 🎨

I’ve been doing OCtober instead of inktober–basically where I draw a new OC every day of October! This was from last night: an Iranian American mom and her kids returning from the mosque, based on stuff I see when I frequent the masjid near me. More illustrative than a character-design related work, but an original character is an original character nevertheless!

ليسَ لنا مِصْبَاحٌ في الليالي المُظلمَةِ، إلّا وجهَه.
—  حليمة السَّعدية تتحدث عن طفولة النبيّ ﷺ

I think part of the problem is that people think of religion as sort of a side-gig that only encompasses a marginal aspect of your life, as similar to contemporary Christianity as it is practiced in the US.

This is not true for almost everyone else, especially for someone Jewish or Muslim, our religion isn’t just some simplified belief system that can be readily disposed of, it is an aspect of our core cultural identities as a people. Asking us to abandon this in place of your perceived “rationality” is really no different from the Crusaders demanding the same thing back in European history; you are demanding assimilation under the pretense that your way of life is superior to ours and fuck you that’s not going to happen.