if everyone could please spread this around, i would greatly appreciate it.

last night, in fruitland township, michigan, two pit bulls were found lying dead on the side of the road near an elementary school. a man by the name of joe weaver found the dogs and covered their bodies so that children wouldn’t see them on their way to school. the link leads to his facebook page – which is open to the public – where he has been keeping everyone up to date about the dogs. when he found them last night, there were no footprints in the snow, suggesting that the dogs were most likely thrown out of a car and left to die, if they weren’t dead already. we believe the dogs may have been used to fight, and they were underfed.

my mother contacted mlive, WZZM 13 (the grand rapids affiliate of ABC news), pound buddies, and woodTV 8. two of her friends who don’t even live in michigan contacted muskegon police, giving anonymous info about the incident. over the course of the night and early this morning, this story has popped up on WZZM13, and has been mentioned on local animal rescue facebook pages. a news caster even posted on a facebook page that this case is currently undergoing investigation.

i want this to get spread around in hopes that whoever did this can be caught, and we can get some justice for these poor babies. no animal deserves this treatment. today, after joe weaver found them he decided to name them “moody” and “george”, after the military base he served at. he is hoping to get the bodies back after autopsy, so he can give them a respectful burial.

please, please, if you can, reblog this and spread it around. even if you don’t live in west michigan, or michigan at all, please get the word out so we can find whoever is responsible. if social media is good for anything, despite all its toxicity, it’s stuff like this.


Do you have a best friend?  One you do everything with and turn to when times are rough?  

Then you know exactly what George and Weezie mean to each other. They were dropped off at Muskegon Humane in Muskegon, Michigan in a wire crate and really, that’s no way to treat two sweeties like George and Weezie.

The shelter got them shipshape in no time.  They do require meds, but are great at taking them, and are ready to share some cuddles and hugs with faithful and loving humans - like you!

This dynamic duo have been through a lot together, and would really like to spend the rest of their time relaxing and getting all the affection they deserve!  Call (231) 773-8689 or email to meet George and Weezie!


House on Jefferson by Brandon Bartoszek
Via Flickr:
A house in the Jefferson Street Historic District, Muskegon, Michigan