Hetalia ~in the new world~, the musical which ran from July 15 - August 2, 2017 at the NHK Osaka Hall in Osaka and at Theatre 1010 in Tokyo will be released on DVD in Japan on November 29, 2017.

  • Initial First Press Benefits include: Cast bromide and Lottery application for participation in an event
  • Bonus Footage: Backstage footage of the musical in the making, The final show curtain call, “Ad Lib Collection“ HetaMyu Special Talk
  • Animate Pre-order Original Benefit: A Postcard drawn by Hidekaz Himaruya

<Animate Limited Edition Postcard drawn by Hidekaz Himaruya>

In addition, it will be released with a “Panorama view ver. Musical Composition Collection” containing the tracks:

  • “The Promise Under the Tree ~in the new world~” (「約束の木の下で~in the new world~」)
  • “A Drop of God” (「神様のしずく」)
  • “Marukaite Chikyuu ~Hetamyu NW Medley~” (「まるかいて地球~ヘタミュNWメドレー~」)

The DVD is listed with the unit price of ¥8,900.


Preview for the DVD of the stage musical Hetalia ~in the new world~ slated for release on November 29, 2017.


Bobby dresses up like Santa Clause every year when the families get together for Christmas, to ‘surprise’ the kids, tell them how wonderfully “nice” they’ve been, & to hand out gifts… and even though the older ones know it’s him, they all play along, and the littler kids always get upset because he has to leave before “Their Bobby” gets to the party… and April swears the only reason he does it is so he can hear the kids talk about how much they love him but really Bobby just likes to be the purveyor of Christmas Spirit and his favorite part is when they all run to him after he ‘arrives’ and tell him all about how happy they were to see Santa and how much they love the presents he gave them.

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brianraynorris: Photo representations of what I wanted my acting to look like tonight to what I suspect it actually looked like tonight…… “mistakes were made” It’s all a work in progress😜 #spongebobbway #mrkrabs #selfdeprecationistoteshealthyright?

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Hey! I saw your version of the smol Hunters and there was one detail I really liked about Duke. You know, the one about him being best friends with Martin. Since I love your art and Martin is my baby, can you draw either Duke and Martin being cute whilst in kindergarten or Duke making up to Martin, present time, and becoming friends again?

The tables have turned… They were friends to the end with a little but of a rough patch

All I want for Christmas (Evan Hansen X Reader)

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Summary: When the Secret Santa game rolls around again, you don’t know what to get Evan. Well, didn’t, once Jared shared a bit of information you finally got one hell of an idea.


Secret Santa: a true tradition within the squad. Every year, Jared would bring round what you would call the ‘ceremonial hat’. Within the hat there were pieces of paper with every ones name on: You, Connor, Jared, Zoe, Alana and Evan. Whichever name you picked out you would give a present to. This year fate had chosen that you’d be Evan’s secret Santa, at first you thought you had this in the bag. Just get him a plant. But alas, it wasn’t so simple, a plant would be a bad gift (despite Evan loving plants) and you were too good of a friend to give a bad gift. The time you had realised this was when you were hanging out with Connor, Zoe and Alana, and Jared. Evan was at a therapy session so he wasn’t able to come, this was unfortunate, but also lucky for you.

“I need idea’s on what to get Evan.” You say bluntly, rolling an empty beer can across the floor. Connor decides to give some 'help’.

“Get him a plant.” He states, his eyes slightly red due to marijuana, you sigh.

“Thought of that already.”

“Evan has a crush on you if that helps.” Jared says, shrugging his shoulders. The comment wasn’t extremely helpful but you could have fun with that, right?

You’d never say it out loud, but you did sort of also like Evan. Maybe that’s where your new idea stemmed from. Perhaps your present could be you confessing to Evan? Sure, it was stupid but it could work… you’d just need a big box. You could jump out of it and confess..

“That’s a great idea..!” You mumble, throwing your idea notes in the bin.

At the time, it seemed great, but now that you were sat in a box that Zoe and Alana had attempted to seal, it didn’t seem so great. There was no backing out now, you hadn’t anything to give Evan, plus he’d be joining the crew at Jared any minute now for the gift exchange. The box was a small space to sit in, it was small too, that’s not the best combination. You were on the verge of wanting to cancel this, that was until your heard the door click and someone enter. Everyone was here. The exchange was going smoothly, upon Evan asking the question of 'where’s y/n’ he’d get the reply of a shrug and 'they’ll be here later’. This made you smile, the fact that Evan cared as to why you hadn’t arrived. Ten minutes had gone by; it was Evan’s turn to open his gift. A bit of light made its way into the box, it was opening. You smile, as the box opens you begin to stand up. You were wearing pretty much all red, your outfit just had to match your little Santa headband/hat thing! At first Evan seemed confused, then he was blushing. Whether it was good or bad you couldn’t tell, but here’s one thing, you didn’t stop. You smirk and untangle the tinsel that was around your neck. You wrap it around Evans waist and pull it closer, in a panicked moment of embarrassment, Evan kisses you. It’s was like this for a while, it only stopped when there was a hushed whisper of,

“So would saying 'y/n and Evan sitting in a tree’ ruin the mood?”

Jared fucking Kleiman.

Next time you listen to a musical soundtrack, listen to the orchestra. Not just the actresses/actors and singers. Support the background. I’m tired of having to struggle to find the names of people who play In the orchestra of my favorite musical. That one main trumpet that plays the perfect notes during newsies??? Hell ya. Support ur musicians y'all

The singers are doing great but I’m just so tired of no one noticing the orchestra behind it

The trumpets and piccolos, violins, percussion, saxophone, oboes and everyone else.

Without the orchestra, all we’d have are voices in notes

Orchestras are so much more than background music, too

They’re a family

It’s a lot of work than you’d think

Just. Pay attention to them, too. Let them be known

So I just saw Mean Girls the musical

•Ben Cook signed my playbill and I’m still in tears
•We got to meet the whole cast and honestly Barrett Weed is so sweet
•Um they’re all so pretty?
•The iconic “You go Glen Coco” got so much cheering and standing ovations
•As did “you can’t sit with us”
•The mall scene was so amazing??? The lighting and the setups??
•They made it in 2017 it was so funny
•Barrett (Janis) yelling “get off my dick” and raising middle fingers to the sky
•Ben Cook (an extra) saying something like “i elbowed her [Regina’s] boob once in science”
•There was an interracial lesbian couple at the Spring Fling????? And i loved it???
•Apex Predator was such a good song uggghhh
•Justice had us all in tears
•The cast was so pretty and so nice and they answered a bunch of questions!
•World Burn was fucking insane, Regina was screaming and stomping and holy hell Taylor Louderman is such an AMAZING actor???????
•Damien in general oh my gooooddddddd during the scene where all the girls were in the gym, everyone was dying how he sat in the background hood up and glasses on
•”Who was the one who said those things?” Everyone points at Regina
•Never thought I’d have emotions for Regina’s mom but we were all almost crying for her
•Gretchen sings a whole song about how she’s worried Regina’s giving up on her
•Something like “I feel like an iPhone without a case… I know I’m expensive and have a lot of features…. but I could shatter any moment”
•Regina’s skirt falls off during Jingle Bell Rock and steps on Gretchen’s face while exiting
•Did I mention how perfect Barrett Weed is??????
•Sadly they didnt do the part where Janis tells Regina she has a huuuugggeee lleeeesssbiiiaaan crush on her
•But Damien was still “too gay to function”
•Janis and Damien didn’t kiss
•Aaron acts drunk to let Cady and the mathletes into the dance and I nearly had a heart attack
•The entire freakin’ audience was hanging onto every word
•Honestly I’m not sure what I was expecting but this was not it at all
•I’m in love with it
•The background changes it’s all electronic and oh my god
•When Regina gets hit by the bus, I’m pretty sure everyone forgot about that part bc they gasped dramatically
•Plus the entire stage goes dark and then there’s just a b u u u u s s s and Regina goes flying
•I’d seriously go see that about twenty more times and it’s midnight
•Taylor Louderman is such a darling and she’s so pretty oh god
•During when we talked to the cast, the guy who played Jason was laughing so much it was adorable
•The party at Cady’s house, in the song they go “Who’s house is this? No seriously, WHOS HOUSE IS THIS”
•Karen convulses on the floor during that scene
•Karen also makes a huge impact on Cady about the whole Regina and the bus rumor and it was so sweet
•Did I mention I’m in love with Ben Tyler Cook?